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Look like celebrity photo mocker Celeste Barber has a competition. 31-year-old Irish guy Senan Byrne is also recreating silly famous people pictures, and they are just as hilarious. This time, however was a little different. His wife joined the fun too.

I have been doing internet things’the last 4 years, Senan told Bored Panda. I was originally on Vine back in the day. But Vine died and now I’m desperately seeking validation from strangers on other platforms.

Byrne started recreating celebrity pics with friends just for fun. And he thinks that the key to making the uploads worthwhile. Some creating try and make it their job and source of income. Me and my friends just do it for fun. I think that virality or ‘going viral’ is a byproduct and not the only reason for making videos [or pictures].”

I came across the picture by my wife who had seen it on some social media,” Senan added. “I assumed many would be dressing up and posting their attempts to look like J Lo, and I wanted to go further and parody those attempts.” Scroll down and check out what he came up with overnight...!

Recently, Jennifer Lopez made a bold fashion choice
She wore denim-looking Versace boots while strutting around pantless
This guy, Senan Byrne, decided to recreate the look
His wife surely did not expect that
jennifer-lopez-funny-fashion-photoshoot-senan-byrne-3-5b67f055793d4__700 (1).jpg
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