Indian Rail Solar Power

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Asia's biggest sun (Solar) powered controlled rail arrange

Solar Powered New Delhi Railway Station ( India )

Solar Power New Delhi Railway Station ( India )

The 1600 HHP sunlight based DEMU train

The New Delhi(India) railroad station utilizes the sun to help control the 400 trains that cross its 16 platforms each day.

July 15, 2017.First Indian Railways has presented a situation benevolent train. The 1600 HHP sunlight based DEMU train is an extraordinary advance towards a spotless and green future and will have a positive monetary effect as well.


Guwahati railway station is the first in North-East to run completely on solar power

The railroad station is presently creating its very own perfect vitality, saving money on its power bills, and furthermore guaranteeing a low carbon impression, said Matthew Mendis, a vitality master with the U.S. organization Nexant. His organization is included with the undertaking, sponsored by the U.S. what's more, India, that introduced sun based boards on the railroad stations' housetops.

More then 800 railway stations in India currently depend on sunlight based to help create their own spotless vitality. This is an aid for Indian Railways, Asia's biggest railroad arrange, which moves around 23 million individuals consistently — almost the whole populace of Australia.

Indian Railways is as of now the nation's biggest vitality buyer, and request by its buyers and others will increment in coming years. Actually, generally speaking vitality requests in India are slated to develop by in excess of 250 percent by 2050 as the country modernizes its foundation and economy and ways of life rise.

The New Delhi station venture was a piece of a bigger, six-year clean vitality program started in 2012 by India, the U.S. Office for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Bureau of State.

Presently finished, the program, called the Partnership to Advance Clean Energy– Deployment Technical Assistance (PACE-D TA), produced $793 million in clean vitality interests in India, including the establishment of 225 megawatts of sun based housetop boards — enough vitality to control more than 330,000 homes in India.

Another interesting Fact about solar power


India Built World’s Largest Solar Plant,In 8 months

The world's biggest sunlight based power Plant or Park is situated in the Kamuthi in the Indian territory of Tamil Nadu. Spread more than 2,500 acres of land (10 sq km, 3.9 sq miles) and comprising of 2.5m sun powered boards, Kamuthi is evaluated to make enough power for 750,000 Home.capacity of 648 MW


Size:(10 sq km,or 3.9 sq miles)


India has an eager sun based vitality objective. In 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reported plans to increment sun oriented power ability to 100 gigawatts by 2022


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Amazing. As in India, solar electricity is widely used. What are built huge solar panels. Their scale is simply amazing. Great post.

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