How Would Alien Contact Influence Human Life

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Making contact with an alien civilization has to be one of the most interesting and awaited events for us humans. We have been wondering about our place in the universe and asking why it is so lonely for centuries now.

Watching all those movies where we make contact with a highly intelligent civilization and the series of events that ensue make you wonder how it would happen in reality if aliens ever just showed up.

Well, it would depend greatly on whether they are malevolent or benevolent. If they bore ill will, well, nothing could stop our destruction, that’s for sure. But if they were friendly, which is more likely the case according to experts, then the possibilities of our own species could be endless.

Let’s suppose, for the sake of this post, that one day an extra terrestrial civilization show up in droves, that are hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than us and that they are friendly. How would that affect humanity in the long run?

Scientific and Technological Impacts


If a species of alien race is able to reach us from its home planet, several light years away from us, rest assured that the species will be highly advanced one. It would probably be thousands of times more advanced than us in terms of science and technology.

So, if such a species contacts us and shows active interest in our development, we would definitely see an influx of scientific and technological knowledge that will transform our species within such a short amount of time that it would almost seem like we have time travelled into the future.

The only question is how much they would be willing to share with us. Just because they have that know how doesn’t mean they would be willing to share it all. There could be several reasons for this. Maybe for some of that knowledge, we just aren’t “intelligent” enough or maybe if given to us, we could simply lose control and go nuts!

In any case, even a small percentage of their knowledge would be such a big boost to our civilization and maybe we would be able to solve the most difficult problems we have, like diseases, energy crisis, poverty, global warming, etc. Plus, it would be so cool to know about where they come from and their part of the universe.

World Peace Finally A Reality?


If a highly advanced alien race does decide to finally contact us, rest assured it is going to do so to be at least somewhat involved in our development. What would be the point in just saying hi and leaving forever, right?

How deep that involvement would be is another question. Futurist Allen Tough thinks that a friendly alien race may take one of three approaches with our civilization. One, it may intervene with our activities in the extremes of cases when we are in danger of wiping ourselves out.

Two, they could act as advisors where they would be more closely involved with the world leaders, sharing their own pasts with us and as such helping us learn from their experiences, maybe steering us away from the path of warfare and establishing a much more friendly geopolitical landscape.

Third, they could forcibly intervene in our affairs but only to help us and for our own benefits even though we are not able to see it at first. This could be done to prevent us from our own destruction by taking over some of the key areas which we simply do not understand.

Cultural Amalgamation


There is no doubt that if the alien race becomes more involved with us and establish a permanent presence on our planet, in any of the various ways it can be done, there would surely be some form of cultural amalgamation.

At first, their way of life would give us a cultural shock which is not such a big deal because that happens when people travel to different countries as well, so it is obvious that would happen for an alien race from a different part of the universe.

But then as we become more aware of their culture, philosophies, ideologies, we would be more accepting of them and their culture and maybe we could see some of them being followed by a lot of people as well.

We have already seen it happen with our own race throughout history, so there is no reason to believe that such a thing won’t happen in their case. That would be the true beginnings of us feeling a part of a bigger universal/galactic family and it will be awesome!


They are already exists everywhere......

Do you wish they show up?

News flash; they have many times.

Our ET brothers and sisters and androgynous representatives of the light are with us.

Seperation is Maya; an ego created fallacy.

Some people can't see the forest for the trees :)


I often wonder what people think AI actually is...don't we realize yet that we are "the ghosts" that have been seeded (by these aliens/angels/insert your word preference) into "machines" that we know as organic bodies? (Sure, AI is advancing in other ways too, but it is shocking to me how so many simply miss the obvious.)

These things have been well documented in many texts that go ignored.

You know what? That is a really very interesting point you make and it is something that I have thought about quite a bit. In fact, I even did a post on it some months ago where I explored the idea of us humans being nothing but an experiment of an alien race.

I'd love to read your article on that!

And yes.

I have heavily researched these topics on my own to find that many studies have been done about our earth's composition over many thousands of years, in conjunction with various historical and spiritual/religious texts.

When we take a step aside from the dogma that has forced certain concepts and look at facts, it's plain to see there has been extensive accounting of how the human was constructed, as well as reasons why.

It's interesting because I have read a ton of articles and conspiracy theories that make the claim that they are already here and have been for decades now, if not centuries (influencing even the ancient civilizations).

But, what I was imagining was an open announcement that they are here and here to stay.

Where are they hanging out? I wanna say hi.

Primarily in space ships and on planets...

A photo is worth a thousand words. Well done!

It would be awesome... but I think they have been here...AND earthlings do NOT want to listen to anyone but themselves. I also don't think they would want to live in this messed up world...BUT I can think of a few people I would like to send with them to their galaxy far away, and THAT might bring world peace.

First, yes, there have been many signs that they have been here and sometimes I really believe in it too. And sometimes I don't also. Really conflicted about it to be honest.

Second, yeah, more so today we just don't want to listen but I think alien beings showing up would change all of that because then we would have questions, and a lot of them, and the only way we would get answers is by listening.

Third, It's because this world is messed up that they could try to intervene as I stated in the last segment.

Fourth, trust me, I have a long, long list of people I want to send to a galaxy far, far away too ;) LOL

P.S. Always great to have your comments on my posts. Thank you for taking the time :)

Hay its seems like time we are talking about some science friction movie of alians and we do conversation over it. Well possibly are limitless it may also possible that we r the most advanced Alion in this universe. Well there are many evedience of alians we find earlier but not anyone is veryfied.

Yes, it is like conversing over a sci-fi topic and it is very interesting. I however, think that considering ourselves to be the most advanced species in the universe is simply far-fetched. The universe is really old and a lot of civilizations could have been born millions of years before us.

I was thinking about this the other day too. I was imagining how aliens and humans would be able to communicate with each other. Than I had a nice idea, which is to let a human or even an alien child spend time with both aliens and humans, so that when he grows up, he can act as an interpreter, and teach both humans and aliens each other's languages.

Or maybe just use the highly advanced technology that the aliens would have to simply translate everything in real time ;)

alien,is it true

This is always a very interesting thought! Alien contact could go so many different ways since there's soooo many galaxies out there.. anything can be possible

Yeah, but overall two possibilities. Good or bad. Hope it's the good ones ;)

I see no reason an advanced alien life form would want anything to do with Earth. I know a lot of movies, books and stories portray a benevolent alien life form scenario. But if one looks at Humanity's so called benevolent cultures and regimes, there has always been ulterior motives. Also culturation runs both ways, and I am sure that a truly advanced benevolent alien species would be aware of that.

I wonder if teenagers, (hormonally young), of the Alien Species would be similar to our teenagers, and have that bad boy/bad girl syndrome, and the attitude of "nice guys finish last".
I would like to know and still be around when Aliens do come around, good, nice, bad or indifferent, it would all pretty much in the end be the same. One of two options, we survive or we die. Only two choices.

Yeah, I totally agree to your point that at this stage in our evolution, they might not even bother with us because from their perspectives, we may just be chimpanzees to them.

But for the purposes of this post, I assumed that they, for some reason, decide to show up regardless.

haha! Alien teenagers with bad attitudes? Hope they keep them away on their home planet! :P

Stephen Hawkings is of the opinion that if aliens bother to cover the vast distances required to visit us, they are coming to take our shit.

I disagree with him. The universe is a really vast place and there is literally abundance of anything you could possibly want as a species. Why then would they bother traveling so long just to take our shit, when they could easily have gotten their hands on the same things (elements, resources) much closer to them!

This way of thinking is most probably inspired by Hollywood.

Or, we are alone in the universe as the only beings created and the space explorations are all just fairy tales to spark your imagination. And Earth is an enclosed system with no entrance or exit for anyone. Maybe the 0 evidence found that ET life exists actually shows that it doesn't, and that all the stories of people being abducted or encountering aliens is just that, stories from people desperate for attention. Give it some thought and research.

First of all, it is statistically impossible that we are the only ones in the universe. Thinking that way is just human arrogance. (I am not pointing at you, just speaking in general). The size of the universe is so huge that our tiny brains can't even fathom it. So, to say that there is not one single species out there is just ridiculous in my opinion.

Second, just because evidence is not found yet, doesn't mean it won't be found in the future. The evidence for gravitational waves was found 100 years after they were first proposed. If they had given up on it's search after just 10 years, saying, no evidence has been found yet, so it probably doesn't exist, would have been a mistake.

Add to that the previous point I made about the size of the universe. It is so large that we haven't explored even a tiny, tiny fraction of a billionth of it's size and to come to a conclusion based on that small sample size, would again, be ridiculous in my opinion.

This is a really cool article! Have you seen the stuff that Tom Delonge is doing at To The Stars Academy? It's crazy, you should watch his episode on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Thank you :) No, I haven't heard about it.

By writing comedies? :)

looks like we have something in common "I have followed you in Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me too.

They're already here. Probably got here before we did

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