"They were abused children"

in #life2 years ago

Driving down the road today, I remembered a situation I had with a couple "nice" pilots while I was in my initial stages of flight training.

After we landed, my instructor and I, got to talk with two pilots who were packing up. I didn't know these fellows, and neither did they know me. They asked me how my flight was, to which I replied that it was fun. They somehow assumed I was a licensed pilot, as I didn't have the opportunity to explain I was a student (even though my instructor, whom they knew, was standing right there), but as I proceeded to talk about my flight, and what basic maneuvers I did, they realized they were talking with a student, and interrupted with an outburst of laughter. I thought to myself, "what jerks!", but I brushed it off, and moved on focusing on the positive things of that day's training.

Then, later that day, I learned how these guys almost caused a serious accident by their negligence during landing!

Soo, paraphrasing good Goose (from Top Gun), "They were abused children".

Moral of the story: let us not be like these pilots. And, don't fly with such, for with their arrogance they may end up killing you!tumblr_mv3j5r4FMz1qd8t1xo5_1280.gif


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