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We have heard many stories of people going on journey or voyage in a bid to "finding themselves". This is because we are often misled by what is going on around us; we go through everyday by constantly experiencing different things, learning and unlearning them, only to be shaped much by these external factors who seeks only to confuse us.

Imagine a world where everyone was born with a purpose, a dream, a passion in mind, but only to be "forgotten" by going through the education system.

We have been taught the importance of looking within, understanding ourselves so that we can first discover ourselves before we can discover the world.

But !

Many people who practice this or even attempted in doing so find themselves in a loop, they fall under the impression of "having to have found themselves" after going through the "soul searching" exercise, only to be disappointed at the shocking reality lying ahead.

Imagine life to be a video that is constantly playing, taking a snapshot (discovering yourself) is merely capturing an image at that point of time; it simply is no reflection of what you may or will be in the future. Human are complex beings that are comprised of multiple life phases, there is simply no way of "discovering yourself" by merely looking at just a single state.

Now you may wonder, if there is no one true self; how do we ever decide what is the best for us then?

The answer is simple: we don't.

By living life while being untrue to ourselves, we live in such a manner that we are always evolving.

The habits that we are so used to doing; the cigarette that we thought we can never escape from; the morning coffee that we must consume; the gym sessions that we have always procrastinated, these are all habits that were formed by getting too used to ourselves, we thought that this is gonna be us, the ultimate and final us.

Only by breaking out can we realize that there are so much potential, so much opportunities around us that we have often neglected by living under the assumption that we are already what we can be.

It is essential to understand that the world around us is so volatile and fragmented that the only way to lead a more fulfilling life is to be able to manage things on a micro level on a daily basis, and flourish from there.

Living As If


Great advices here, mate! As my mom always say, how you do the small things will determine how you do the big things in life. Looking forward to more content from you! Followed you too.

Thanks Maverickfoo, I am glad you find my content worthy of your time !

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