Let's Create Your Own Happiness

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1. Want to be happy? Let your heart accept happiness 


If you really want to be happy. so, let a lot of things in your life to make you happy. Do not let yourself sadness. yes indeed This life may be too heavy for you. So a lot of problems toward you. But that does not mean you can not allow your heart to be happy. A time to smile in every misfortune. Undoubtedly happiness will come into your heart. 

2. Happiness does not have to wait, make your own happiness 


You want to wait for happiness to come ?? Do you not want your happiness to come soon? So Fetch your happiness! Never give up to make yourself be happy. Make your own happiness without destroying, without having to seize from others and without blocking the happiness of others.

You also need not wait for happiness toward you or wait for the rest of the happiness itself. You just need to look and make it real. Only a very simple thing. Smiling face of the world, sincere the face of temptation and never give up. Then one day, you'll make your own happiness

3. Throw away the sadness  


Sad is something that could never be inevitable. However, you can throw away from your life. The trick is to bring a sense of patience and gratitude in your heart. There are still many people out there that are far more entitled to be sad from you.

If your sadness could not unstoppable, then accept. Naturally, why are you sad. Naturally, you also crying, because you are only human. You have tears indeed show that you have feelings. You should also remember that God will never test you beyond your abilities. You also need to emphasize in you, that you should not keep sadness. Because, life continues and should continue.

4. Be assured, someday you will find your true happiness 


You know, that God is always fair. For that, you have to believe that someday you'll get your true happiness. Oh yes, but of course everything should you try first.

Maybe like, have a happy little family? Living peacefully in an old small town with a live well? Make parents happy? Or you want to pursue an education that want to keep you reach or the social world that is filled with devotion? Grab whatever be your true happiness and rest assured that you can. Whatever it is, whatever you need to do it. The most important thing is the happiness that you can interpret and appreciate life.

Thank you all, may be usefull

Hope You Like It 

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I agree with you @odyprabowo, happiness is just a matter of choice. Most of the time sadness is a result of too much expectation which gives the conclusion that sadness is a self-inflected state of mind.

yapp, thats right @juvyjabian,. Thats all about choice , The choices in our hands, Happiness or Sadness,.
:) Btw, thanks for upvoting :)))

Nice post. Happiness is there for us to choose. It is up to each of us!

thank you @team101,. Glad to hear that

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