Whatever: If This Hardfork Fucks Me Over As A Content Producer...

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I'll quit producing content, curate as best as I can with my 26000 SP,
and call it a day.
Easy money.

Ow My Ass.jpeg

I Remember

The previous hard fork.

Everyone was bitching:

Oh my god! Oh my god! The little fish! The new members! They won't be able to do anything without RC! This is an outrage!

But it was a perfect opportunity for everyone to say:

Well, I guess I better get out there and start voting up some noobs so they'll have enough RC to be able to contribute.

Who said that?

While everyone else was panicking and threatening to leave...

Who said:

Does the success of a new member depend solely on Steemit Inc.?

All of you folks saying these new members won't be able to get anywhere; is that just a fancy way of saying you're not going to be out there helping?

If a new member spends their valuable RC on my blog, to say something important to me, they're getting a vote. That vote will lead to them having the ability to say more.

These people are only stuck at the bottom if we hold them there.

I noticed some of you out there who are unhappy with these changes have your SP placed in the hands of someone else.

Make up your minds. Do you want to be there for these people or do you just want say you're there for them while collecting a bit of money for doing nothing?

Your SP can and will help these people, so please use it wisely.

I said that.

Right here:

Screenshot (576).png

I'm sorry.

I don't have the same short attention span so many on this planet seem to share.

Already I'm seeing the panic set in again. The same words, all over again.

"The little guy!"

"The little guy!"

"The little guy!"

"But what about the little guy..."

"Okay so it was 75% but now you'll get 50%. Then there's that other 10% deduction on top of all this, the reward curve changed, plus I'm not going to change my ways and you'll never see a vote from me, so yeah, the little guy is taking a hit so let's panic and pretend to care about the little guy!"

They can hardfork the platform but they can't hardfork your brains.

We don't need a hardfork to solve some of the problems many content producers currently face.

Did thousands of people decide to delegate away their SP, effectively making their vote useless to the content producer who wants to earn? Yes.

Did much of that SP fall into the hands of a bidbot. Yes.

Does that mean thousands of potential votes were centralized into one paid vote? Yes.

But wouldn't thousands of potential votes placed on hundreds of posts lead to the success of more content producers? Yes.

So why did we do this to ourselves? Because you saw an advertisement on the trending page but didn't realize it was an advertisement because it was on the trending page, mistook the concept as popular opinion, got duped, someone made a metric shit ton of money, you were left with practically nothing, and you still don't know what hit you, even after one of those guys thought it was funny to tell everyone he sucks his own cock.

I lurk in the shadows.

I read your comments, check your wallets, I look to see if you're purchasing votes.

Oh yeah you're putting on a fine show. Standing up for the little guy with words, potential SP either dumped on the market or delegated away for minute superficial profits from a system designed to place selling pressure on the token, paid votes on every post.

Can't vote for the little guy and as soon as they post you'll make sure to downvote their work into oblivion with your paid votes that boost you up nice and high above everyone else, while nobody pays attention to you or your work, as you dump last weeks endeavors down the drain.

"I paid for visibility!"

Says the silly man on the trending page with no comments under his work.

Yes, visibility. I can clearly see how delusional you are along with a few other things that kind of make it look like you don't have much upstairs. Thank you for making it obvious. Makes my life so much easier.

Whatever, everyone.

With 26000 SP, I can't do much.

Not long after the hardfork, the vote sellers will go all in. Doing and saying anything it takes, your money will be back in their hands, but only because you put it there.

They will promise you wealth beyond your wildest dreams. You will line up and say, "Here you go! Take my money! Make me famous! Please! I beg of you! I need to be popular! I don't care if I don't make any money! My money is your money!"

And because you made it worse than it ever was, it'll be worse than it ever was. Your wish, is their command.

Then we get to argue for another two years!


$5 will be the new $0. The value of the token will reflect that.

Just to post here, you will pay someone who doesn't own the place $5, voluntarily, because they convinced you that it would help and you didn't ask questions.

You will demand a higher portion of the reward pool as you give a higher portion of the reward pool to vote sellers who are paid to look away. You will not be able to figure out why nobody is voting for your post, even though you encourage and actually pay people to not vote for your post.

They will take their 50% curation reward you've paid for, so they don't have to curate, and they will earn the other 50%, for doing nothing, because you paid them to do nothing. Since many people will be duped into contributing to this future disaster, all those involved will find themselves unable to purchase "visibility" because everyone will blend right back into the crowd of others doing the very same thing. Nobody will notice, for two years.

You will still want my free vote, as you contribute to a system that gives a few people thousands of STEEM per day, so they can sell it, effectively lowering the value of my free vote, and giving yourself less in the long run, because you paid for it and wanted that to happen.

You will then blame everyone else and the platform for your mistakes, before leaving.

The rest of the people will leave. The community will die. All projects on the STEEM blockchain will no longer enjoy the benefits of the readily available and vibrant community anxious to try out new things. Developers will still pay the vote sellers a healthy price to advertise on the trending page, hoping someone might see it. Look at the page today, and you'll see very little engagement; expect that to get worse.

Developers will stop developing. Those who sold the votes will be the last ones standing. They will have nothing to show for it.


We can learn from our mistakes and build castles in the sky!


Prove me wrong. I want to be wrong. I've never wanted to be more wrong in my life.

We've made mistakes, we can learn from mistakes. Change is the on the horizon, change brings new opportunities.

Freaking out does nothing. How are you standing up for the little guy, when you're busy scary the living shit out of them? Show them you're going to be there for them if standing up for them is your thing!

I'll carry on. Business as usual. I'll do my best and some of those days might be my worst but I don't care because tomorrow is a new one. Fuck it.

Have a nice day.

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"Stay calm!!!!!!"

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I really like what you wrote in your post. I saw so many of these "they are stealing my author rewards and reward the worthless curators with it"-posts so it's good to see a post like yours

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I've been through everything, seen it all before. When it turns into a horde of people all saying the same thing, then you know they're not really thinking and it's time to look at what they're missing. Something like that anyway...

Yep. It's funny that they are thinking the voting behaviour will be the same and that they will will get the same votes after the hf...
If curating offers more rewards then more ppl will do it -> more votes for authors (if they aren't voted only by upvote bots haha)

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Strange how the part about how voting practices should change once offered incentives to do so is left out when people feel like panicking. They're basically saying, "I will not be voting for anyone!" ...and most of them don't have the SP anyway, because they cashed out. So what if those with SP get more. They decided to hold because they saw value in it. Now they'll be encouraged to pass that value around, and be rewarded for it. Will a good majority actually do it though? I don't know. I certainly won't be voting for things like the shit post on trending now receiving $60. I don't even understand why vote sellers feel like they deserve to earn nearly $60 from that post and can't figure out why people would want to defend this disaster we're currently in. I don't understand why that post deserves far more than my post, or the posts of those fearing change. I don't get people.

Haha yep. I can understand if an author who only gets his rewards by using bid bots starts panicking a bit but if the author is creating good stuff then he will still get good rewards and most ppl are forgetting one big point while screaming how bad the hf will be: an author is also a curator and his votes will benefit by the hf. Will both rewards be the same in the end? Nobody can tell that for now because it depends on a lot of different things.

But I know for sure that the trending page will change a lot after the hf and that alone is priceless haha

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if the author is creating good stuff then he will still get good rewards

Only if he writes in a certain category. You can write the best post of the day in "anime" and still get less tahn 50 cent. Make a auto-generated Bitcoin chart post like thousand others and get 2 dollar.

Ok if the rewards are now not that good they won't be much better after the hf xD

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Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote. alt-Text
Zusätzlich kommt von @lanacharleen noch ein kleiner Upvote. Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

I'm sure the trending page will look a lot different. We'll see though. I highly doubt I'll be seeing much in the form of new votes. Others will. I've been outspoken about the issues so those who benefited from holding content like mine back over the years, they won't be visiting me. I'm sure they'll make damn sure I'm struggling. Oh well.

They're basically saying, "I will not be voting for anyone!" ...and most of them don't have the SP anyway, because they cashed out. So what if those with SP get more. They decided to hold because they saw value in it. Now they'll be encouraged to pass that value around, and be rewarded for it. Will a good majority actually do it though? I don't know.

I think part of the problem is that people are so used to consume narrow information they can no longer process complexity. The outrage culture of the internet doesn't encourage nuance, but does encourage populism through polarization.

Some will change their behaviour by choice, some necessity, some force. Behaviour will change though I predict.

I share the same view, and have for a long time, that behaviors will change. There are also things I could point out that could happen, more predictions; but I don't want the wrong eyes to see it. I won't even say if it's good or bad!

Well, at least the "interest game" should change as good or bad, people will drama over it.

You know what? That's the first time I've ever seen you not make any sense. Or maybe it's me. I'll blame me. Huh? Why is it, when I read those words, I can't bloody well understand what you meant? LOL! Sorry.... it's late.


Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote. alt-Text
Zusätzlich kommt von @lanacharleen noch ein kleiner Upvote. Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

I am calm yes. But with they would not have fucked with a good thing. Over time it gets messed with more and more and eventually either needs REAL fixing or abandonment. I have diversified into Weku as it is a more pleasant environment and what Steemit used to be. Seems almost like dating two women. LOL

I don't have the time to venture out. I'm not really interested in knockoffs either. I'm more about building foundations. Something like Palnet is right up my alley though. STEEM is the foundation, now we got some floorboards with Palnet. Building the house, slowly.

I don't know how it's going to shake out, but everyone seems to think they can predict human behavior and what the response will be. I will continue to do what I've been doing, try to identify the gross behavior and make sure my vote doesn't reward it or reward people that reward it. I'm not perfect though, I'm learning more and more every day the ways people try to extract value from other people on here. I gave my witness votes an enema recently. Perfectly good content passes through my feed I don't upvote. If I see an open bidbot upvote your stuff I'm unfollowing you. I'm trying to create my own little personal bubble of honest actors. If everybody did the same, I think it would dry up demand for a lot of these scammers and exploiters.

With limited voting power to use, there's not much I can do. There are some good folks who produce content I've enjoyed for almost three years. I don't plan on turning my back on them. I tend to look for personalities I enjoy and the content just comes with their territory. I'll support curation efforts as well, like when someone seeks out musicians and I see their post with multiple videos. They're promoting members for free, so I'll pass them a vote as a courtesy so they keep it up. That's one of the best ways to get those smallest accounts off the ground, give them some eyes.

I'll be downvoting scammers. I don't give a shit what they think of me.

LOL. No one gives a crap. STEEM is 60whateverish in MC and a reshufling of who gets how much doesnt mean much. Unless it gets seen by whales of crypto and they get super interested.. which wont happen..

Not much to see here. What you said in your first sentence. Just quit producing content and curate stuff to fill up boredom.

Honestly maybe thats better. Most of the content on Steem is complete garbage. Vast majority of it isnt worth the space on the chain.
Maybe this leads to shit posters to stop posting their trash on chain and become content consumers instead of $$$ chasers.

I dunno, i still think 50/50 is retarded but i dont have the will to speak about it anymore.

That's just the crypto world. Arts and entertainment is bigger business. More money. Probably a good time to start looking at those billions instead of what the crypto crowd can offer. I've been saying that though for a long time. Hate repeating myself.

The crap on the chain only exists because of the people who sell the votes. If you're ignored for posting crap for six months, you'll probably either improve, or leave. Paid votes place the low quality performers above the high quality performers. Anyone can push a button and buy a vote. That was designed to cater to those with no talent right from the start, which is why it was marketed to those who were struggling and unwillingly to recognize the fact their target audience wasn't interested or the market for their offering was too small. You can place your stuff as high as you want on the trending page or hot list but if you market didn't exist in the first place or if your stuff didn't appeal to anyone before, buying votes won't change a goddamn thing. That's the part they don't tell the amateurs who would first buy the salespitch, then the vote. All they did was offer a miracle diet pill and people expected to lose weight without working out. They're loss, vote sellers gain. That's life.

50/50 is fine. Palnet is doing a fine job of proving that. One of my recent posts earned more USD value in Palcoin than STEEM. That's only because more were willing to vote, so I received more votes, took a smaller percentage, but earned more, because of more votes. A very simple concept. If more people were interested in curating on steemit, that post would have done better on steemit.

curate stuff to fill up boredom.

Get paid to be entertained. Genius.

The crap on the chain only exists because of the people who sell the votes. If you're ignored for posting crap for six months, you'll probably either improve, or leave.

Yup. 6 months though, ain't nobody got time for that... except you, and a few handfuls of folks I've tried to engage with frequently.

One of my recent posts earned more USD value in Palcoin than STEEM. That's only because more were willing to vote, so I received more votes, took a smaller percentage, but earned more, because of more votes.

Glad to hear this simple concept is showing early results.

And it is still early. And I should reword that. More votes with power. We spoke about that a long time ago. What would it be like if all those powerful votes were back on the scene and actually voting. It would be better, for everyone, was the basic conclusion. Right again!

I understood and have passed this information around today. It's big news, and very encouraging for authors and palnet.io

Surely some will pull stake from the bots (taraz mentioned doing so recently) to see how 50/50 compares. Knocking trash down a few notches in tandem to this, and there is hope at least.

All our content is crap. Theres basically 3-4 people on Steem ( And im being generous) that have content that is remotely competitive with what is out there.

Tried to engage, except you, etc.

Its time to stop with this idea that community respected individuals have good content because the only metric is:

How good is it in the global market? Do you have the potential to be great?

I dont give a damn if a Jimbo can beat Greg in a fight down by the pub. Can he beat Tyson Fury?

Can he beat "the man"? Is the potential there? We can pat each other on the back and say this guy and that guy is cool but is he/she really?

Its time to make our own pewdipiepies. I think Nonames is great. I think youre great. I think Taraz is great. I think i can write a compelling post.... but in the great scheme of things all that content is basically worthless and cannot compete.
Dont get me wrong. I respect every one of you.... but can you go out and stand in front of me, look me in the eye and say:

Im a great one.

No. Youre thinking in Steem terms. And thinking in Steem terms is what makes us stagnate.

We need to create greats and im not seeing anyone focusing on that.

Bookmark this comment, save it, copy paste it, print it, mail it to yourself because thats the truth.

Ill trend something tomorrow or in a few days. Use the bots to push it to top trending even though i completely switched to your opinion on bots (if you remember our discussions months ago). People can be wrong and wer all people.

A content quality metric in my opinion. A harsh metric.

Im a guy thats extremely critical of myself. Shit, i could have been a NCAA caliber player if i moved to US, maybe even made the NBA, i made the top European defensive player at the time look silly at 18 years old. If i wasnt a lazy fuck who knows where i might have ended up.
Thats when you learn your place and where your place is in life. call dr.phil LOL

My content is crap, all of our content is crap. But some isnt. Youre a blogger and you might have done well till now... But can you be great????
Can you be a great influencer, can you be someone people can admire on the global scale.

Months ago i told you that you should start a youtube page (at least a vlog on Dtube).... One step from writing blogs is making vlogs.
I know you wont listen but standing in place wont get you much.

Youll end up like me. Like the guy that could have been ....

Dramatizing a bit but yeah. :D

I played hockey. If you could buy the championship, would it be worth playing the season? Go ahead and buy your fake "trending" status. All it does is defeat the purpose of needing to do well and pushing to do better.

I know you think your plans for my life are better than the plans I have for my life. The issue I have with that is: You don't know what my plans are.

Not my point. And the trending thing wasnt about buying a place somewhere. Its about raising the point of how we fucked ourselves with self-gratification.
Pointing out our opinions of being deserving of votes was wrong.

I like you but you need to place your content in the grand scheme of things. Thats the real metric. You, and all of us are focused so much as to what our value is in terms of steem when we are talking about content..... I think thats wrong.

Whats your worth on the global scale? What is your potential? Can you be great? Do you have potential.

I think people need a cold shower and we need to start focusing on supporting those that can be great. Dlive bought Pewdipie but we can make one.

You, and all of us are focused so much as to what our value is in terms of steem when we are talking about content

Speak for yourself, not me. I've produced a massive catalog of artwork. Do you think I did that just for a few eyes on day one, and only for STEEM? It seems like you can't see my potential, or think I want to only be here, now, doing only this.

I wrote long ago about how wise it would be to stop looking to the outside and start looking at the talent we have here. What would Youtube be today if those first people, who are now famous, but were once virtual nobodies, what would youtube be if they kicked those people to the curb.

I like you too, but you're kind of annoying some days, and I don't say that just to be a prick.

We both write extremely opinionated comments so annoyance is bound to happen.
I never find annoying people that never step out of bounds and never say anything worth interacting with.
But thats no fun is it?

Maybe i am underestimating you, but im someone that thinks that blogging is internet 1.0 and that the potential of blogging in the grand scheme of things is very low.

Posted using Partiko Android

We both write extremely opinionated comments so annoyance is bound to happen.
I never find annoying people that never step out of bounds and never say anything worth interacting with.
But thats no fun is it?

Fair point and I wasn't taking a shot at you; just being opinionated LOL!

So, there's an old form of blogging that fits with the old internet, then a new form that coincides with the new internet. I guess it's up to the people of the time to take advantage of the changes. That old blogging evolved into Facebook status messages. Now the writer needs an authentic personalty that's a touch larger than life, but not too much, and some talent, but not the old way of writing where everything is perfect.

What's dying are traditional web articles surrounded by ads. Just those words on the screen used as filler, often rehashed forms of common sense. Have you ever noticed how poorly those type of writers and that style does here?

"I paid for visibility!"
Says the silly man on the trending page with no comments under his work.

Spot on!

I didn't come here today to sell bullshit, even though I know people will buy it.

I honestly just developed a bit of an indifference to the site politics, a defense mechanism that allowed me to stick around through it all. It was just too draining to keep up the fight, which I know is what caused your long breaks and totally understand. In your case you have extremely intelligent and insightful things to say in regards to all of it so not speaking up would have to be a lot harder for you than me. I took to just watching from the sidelines and only really interacting with the people I love here and cool newbies I'd meet from time to time. Obviously I also cashed out much of my steem, though it didn't really have to do with what was going on here, there were just a few financial hardships in the past year unfortunately. If this hardfork actually does change things for the better and the price rises and there's new excitement and an influx of people, well I built up my sp before, I can do it again.

I only wrote this one to point fingers at those who like to point fingers and place blame on everything and everyone else for their own decisions. People are free to make decisions. The loud ones pretending to stand up for the little guy, all while not being able to do anything to actually help the little guy; I thought maybe it's time to address that. We can empower ourselves and be the change we want to see. You sold your SP, and I only have 26000, so I certainly can't change the world either. Teamwork though. That's where it's at. Fighting, creating division, scaring people; that's what the loud minority presenting themselves as saviors of the little guy are doing. I'm rambling.

A nice raw piece on HF21 and other things here.

I’m not the most savvy steem person around but what I see is a lot of greed and selfishness which is typical of human nature. I see new people struggle whilst certain others skim the cream from the top. I see great content earn nothing and dribbly runny stinky shit gain huge rewards somehow. I see adults behaving like retards and I see what could be a highly successful thing doings its best to fail. It’s a huge shame. And yet here we are, still here.

I post every day, sometimes with great effort and sometimes with a little less than great effort and take what I can from it...No, not necessarily financial reward because my posts are not well-noticed and nor do they gain strong rewards. I gain the satisfaction of stretching my mind, of bringing what’s in my noggin out into the world and the reward that comes through being satisfied with my efforts.

I use the OCDB thing to try and supplement my meagre financial rewards in the hope that someday steem may repay me back in some manner financially. I have also invested fiat when I had a little spare so...

I hope this thing amounts to something and HF21 can rectify some of the issues however it’s people who need to change as well and I’m not sure if that is too much to ask.

Thanks for writing your post and my apologies for such a long reply.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I don't mind the long replies at all. I think an honest post brings out more honesty in others. The place might be in bad shape but it would a hell of a lot worse if we all kept everything bottled up. I already know people don't want to be blamed for their own mistakes in this day and age but I said it anyway. Telling everyone only what they'd want to hear and saying it how they'd want to hear it gets us nowhere.

One of most important aspects of this hardfork is the fact people need to change. Some are pouting. I did my best over the past while to power through previous changes that devastated my blog. I had worked my way up from the bottom, organically, had finally reached the trending page, organically, rewards were up, people were flocking to my blog to see what's up, I had a few more trending posts, then the bots came and that was it, everything I worked for, gone. Some dude with a meme outperformed my work, in his first week here. I knew from that moment, it was over for content producers. I wasn't wrong.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

over for content producers...

If that's the case then it means the end of me 😕

I chat with another user off the platform a bit, a great content producer, and we often lament the fact our posts are not well-received (and that a meme smashes us) although that user makes twice what my posts make. It is demoralising and not just financially but from an emotional point of view. Write a great post and receive zero interaction because bots don't interact. Still, maybe it's our fault for staying around.

I'm hoping it change's because I like steem the blogging etc. and that there's a little financial reward here and there isn't a bad thing either.

Maybe I should start meming...Hmm, nah that assfuckery isn't for me. I'll just do what I do and take my pittance gracefully and thankfully.

Over was the wrong word, for sure. There used to be a ladder to climb. Bots removed that ladder. The highly motivated and driven individuals, over the span of the past two years, would have shown steady improvement, and we'd have the best of the best hitting the top slots by now, from time to time. That drive to succeed and be the best you can be is gone when there's no destination. I can work for many hours on my art, and as each hour goes by, I already know my work will not be a hit. I already know it won't succeed in advance, and I already know it doesn't matter how good it is. Back when it happened, when I hit those top spots organically, all I wanted to do then was something bigger and better. Even if it never happens to me again, seeing someone else get there, hit the big pay day and get to enjoy the spotlight, that'll be enough to make me feel good. I'm just rambling. Palnet is a good place to be now. I'd have to say I've been a lot more motivated to work harder since there's a place to work my way up again. Looking forward to the crowds.

I agree with you for sure.

A question, is there a benefit for posting via the PAL site? I mean actually posting there? I use planet as a tag in my posts but generally post from BUSY and STEEMPEAK. Been meaning to ask my brother this for a while.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I'm not sure my post would show up in my blog on Palnet if I published it from Steemit. None of my other posts I published before Palnet show up in my Palnet blog. I've been posting from Palnet so anyone browsing Palnet can see my previous work. People browsing Steemit can still see my previous work when I post from Palnet. That's been my thought process so far and I'm not even sure if it matters.

Hmm, ok will have to check it out. Thanks.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Using the palnet tag is enough, on any front-end.

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

Not a lot we can do now that stinc moved their stake into hidden accounts.
Even if we wanted to fork out the cancer they would still be here.

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

It has been determined that you are trash, therefore, you have received a negative vote.

PLEASE NOTE: If you engage with the trash above you also risk receiving a negative vote on your comment.

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

I am really against the 50/50 split!
And no it wont kill bidbots. It will make them even stronger. They still will have the biggest upvotes and the posts and will be getting a curation reward which blows our minds!
They will just have to find a way to change the metrics so that an upvote still would give a potential Roi to their users!
More people will delegate to the bots because they will give a much better ROI!
Curation bots will be invented, where the bot will upvote the delegators once a day according to their delegation, raking in lots of curation rewards. Which they can pay out of divs!

I have been blogging for 18 months here! And besides one exception I still have to be discovered by whales or orcas! This could be due to the quality of my posts. No idea. But Hf21 with the 50/50 split will not guarantee that I will get upvotes from them! Probably not. It will just cost me around 33% of my post earning I am earning now! Which is not even close to what some account do earn with selling their votes or divs they get from delegation!
So, for me personally the HF21 will hurt the growth of my account!
I have been all over the blockchain. Writing genuine comments, interacting and so on! So I did try and maybe failed!
Will HF21 change my behavior? Probably not! I will just continue like I am doing now! Only with smaller rewards!
I can understand that some big accounts do want to protect their investments but then they just have to be honest about it!
I did experiment with bots around a year ago, now I do regret that I was trying to grow the hard way! My account would have been further if I would have continued with it!
Now I am only using the ocdb service. As a vehicle to gain some extra steem!
Just my 2 cents!


Wow! You seem to be really excited about this! I just don't see why someone would buy votes! Especially when, in order to have more whales and orcas voting for free, all you'd have to do is stop paying them to not vote for free! Like I said! It's not the hardfork that'll screw things up! It's the people! And their decisions! Have a good day!

For sure it is all about human behavior! But habits are hard to unlearn, especially when those are bad habits!

Yup. The 'easy money' here is much like cigarettes. It feels good, but isn't good, and will eventually kill you.

It is going to some interesting times ahead. It is nice to see a few more people beginning to recognize that the 50/50 split is less than that when you take into account the SPS, which initially everyone was going to pay for, including the witnesses, but it looks like the witnesses got a reprieve on losing 10% of their reward pool, go figure hooray for the bought and paid for witnesses. But I could have read that wrong, on their "explanation" post.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

It is nice to see a few more people beginning to recognize that the 50/50 split is less than that when you take into account the SPS

I don't think you understand what this post was about, at all. I mean you are literally one of the idiots that "scares the little guy" with "it's nice to see that more people are scarring the little guy" among your repertoire of FUD.

Let me break it down for any other idiots out there:

75% out of ever dwindling less than 30% (being very generous) of organic votes and ever dwindling is not OK, it's not


not OK.

Trying to scare people into "they're taking author rewards away" when the intention and direction is to encourage more people to reward authors by making rewarding them as profitable or more profitable than vote selling is despicable. Y-a fucktard.

It truly is designed to give the author more. Will it work? Yes. A smaller percentage of something is more than a larger percentage of nothing. A very simple concept.

Will the people participate and push the right buttons to get the most out of this new plan? Unfortunately, I'm worried the people will screw it up. I won't be part of that club though. I'll point out the issues for a couple years like I did before, be ignored, and wait for everyone to catch up.

Some people will screw it up, no doubt about it, but will most of them screw it up? I doubt it. It all started innocently enough with @berniesanders' buildawhale (I might have that name wrong) and look where we are right now, it's almost at the point of critical mass, either we lower the rods into the cooling tank, or we meltdown, and I have been waiting for this hf for a year now, and I do have faith in people, not all, not the idiots who expose their lack of common sense by opening their mouth, but most people, I have faith that they are considerate, sensible and thoughtful.

Bernie's was more of a game though. Send money, get a random vote, might win, might lose. I tried it once. Sent something ridiculously low, not even 10SBD, got a $70 vote. Beginners luck, I knew better than to do it again, so I never did. I hate gambling. I too believe most have good intentions. Those with the bad intentions will get the most attention though. I'll get to write some new roasts and parodies I guess.

Yeah it was 2 sbd at most I think, I thought it was innocent enough as well, probably still could be.

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It was @randowhale.

oh how i miss randowhale, feels like forever ago, so nostalgic

Yes, thank you.

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@valued-customer, I'm commenting here as a way to get around potential downvotes, which is strange, but whatever.

apologize for such remarks

Which remarks are you referring to?

Reasonable people can agree to disagree without being insulting

I agree.

your bizarre lack of comprehension
were your OP not so poorly written
if you are capable of honesty and conscience

I know. Those numbers scare people. I think we've learned a valuable lesson. Don't sell an idea using numbers.

Hmm I'm one of the ones concerned about 'the little guy', but it's gonna happen regardless of what I say.. so fuck it.. bring it on. We will adapt and if the token goes to 7c again, then I'll just get some more.

I'm concerned about everyone. At the same time, I watched a lot of people fall of the face of the earth here due to the problems we currently face. I'd like to see them come back. That's a tough. How do we restore what has already been lost? Why freak out the little guys who are here, when they haven't even left yet, and we don't know what's going to happen? I hope people pull their heads out of their asses and make better decisions.

I'm still hanging on to the face of the Earth with one hand going "weeeeeeeeee".

You can find the strangest clips very quickly.

I am a collector of the bizarre.

Glad you're back, and good morning, soon.

It'll be morning when it's morning. One more night. Feels good to be back, though I do miss the crowds.

Are these changes a done deal? Will they happen for sure? if that is the case it looks like your predictions may become true

Nothing is set in stone. If it goes through, I expect a few bugs at first. Everyone will act like the sky is falling! It'll be doom and gloom! Panic! Run for your lives! Drama! Then things will settle down, and those people will eventually catch up. The thing about those predictions: That's what's already happening. It's time to fix it. If the changes don't fix it, the people will be at fault for making poor decisions and repeating history. I'm 99% sure that's how it'll play out if everyone continues down the same path. It's not up to me to stop them. Nobody did a goddamn thing for two years. Whatever, fuck it.

This is my favorite response to anything today 😂

Your response to my response is my favorite response.


I lurk in the shadows.

I read your comments, check your wallets, I look to see if you're purchasing votes.

I don't know whether to be terrified or comforted by this XD fortunately I can be both.

Is it just bidbots you're mad about or is this extending to things like voting trails and community bots too?

I won't upvote posts if there's bidbots I recognise on the list. Last year I cleared out repeat offenders, haven't had to do that this year yet as most of my follows seem to have had enough and left.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It's mostly those promoting junk for profit, which hurts the actual content producers, making them leave. I've been saying it for years. Actual curation, whatever. I removed most of the vote buyers from my list as well. Especially the artists, because I had been supporting them with massive votes, and they were using that money to buy votes and make my work invisible, then coming here and being friendly with me. That's what a broken heart feels like, I guess.

I'd run screaming but I don't think that would help so I'll just sit here and hope I don't get noticed XD

I do remember you talking about this kind of stuff previously. And oof that's rough, I think I would have done similar.

There are people who care for new accounts (after hf20 fiasco) actually. I started offering a little delegation (as i dont have much on my wallet) here and there for newbies, so they can at least post once per day. Hf20 sucked but we survived, many did power down, left, and bitched as you said, but many also stayed, and many new ones signed up.

What am not looking forward is the downvote problem which hf21 hopefully can tame it down, but can it, really?

There are people who truly use their high sp for weird shit. We leave a comment, we get downvoted. And the comment itself actually has nothing to do with anything bad, but that the original post one commented was using bidbot. That is scarying newbies who know nothing. It even scared me 🤣

It will be interesting to see hf21 and the aftermath.

I am traveling in 2 weeks, if the date is set during my travels, my witness server will be a little late to the party, god dammitt, lol

I thought about delegating but then decided against it due to the fact so many show up, post a couple times, then vanish. I'm not able to find time to always be checking in. I know people care but that's often drowned out by all of the noise by those in a panic. The panic is also contagious and makes it difficult for people to commence rationalized thought processing again. It becomes unfashionable to say the right thing especially when your peers are flying off the handle.

Downvote problem? Youtube videos have thousands of downvotes. I was once downvoted by that freedom account, twice actually, way back when I started. Probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I wrote a profanity piece. It was meant to humorous, and many laughed. That helped get me noticed around here. The flags gave me a reason to write about the freedom of the arts. I felt like I was being censored or punished for doing something that can sell out entire theaters, under different circumstances. I couldn't figure out why someone wouldn't want that here. I didn't throw a tantrum though. I just gave me something to talk about and people ended up enjoying what I had to say about that as well.

Yes, i understand and agree to what you are saying.

I wish to say more on the downvotes, but its 2.31 am here. This momma has to wake up in a couple of hours 😳 wish this was summer break already, so no school, and i get to comment more lol

Have a great Thursday! - hope tis not windy where you at. Bloody windy here, trampolines gonna fly away soon, yikes.

'hooooooold your horses cowboy!!'

I am curious how this HF will play out, and if your scenario will be the one that will take over, or that it will help in this end....for now..it aint looking too sunny :(

But would that be the hardfork's fault or the peoples fault? Choices. All I'm saying is now would be a good time to start making some good decisions instead of repeating history and looking for all the shortcuts that lead to nowhere.

I guess in the end it will always be the peoples fault..from nature we are greedy selfish little monsters and will in general will have the worst of us come out in an 'semi-anonymous' environment.
you can make the perfect hardfork but something will always try to bypass the system. but now....the content creators (which a lot of those are doing this just for fun) might get seriously discouraged..

They might get seriously discouraged. They might be pleasantly surprised. Isn't this fun?

until then.....wait and see and maybe re-evaluate my witnesses

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Am I a terrible 'head in the sand' type of person because I understand nothing about this whole crypto business or hard fork or whatever and just post and hope I get some votes and maybe make a few dollars?

There's nothing wrong with that. Most people drive cars but can't explain what fuel injection is.

People are never content with new ideas. Change is always a PITA, but it brings something refreshing, so I'm all for it!

Change is a freaky thing to some, yes indeed.

On thing I really like to do is reward everyone who writes a relevant or meaningful comment on my post with a 0.023 or so upvote. Right now that is around 20% vote for me. I'm worried the changes will make this a 45% vote for me. Whenever it gets above 30% I start getting really reluctant and guarded with my upvotes. It's not even about curation for those because they aren't posts.

We are definitely destroying this kind of SNS aspect to Steem.

But you do raise good points about being selfish, over-using bots and self-voting. I use bots a lot. I self-vote 1 time a day. I even have a few friends who I can rely on to vote for me and I do the same. I also like helping the little guys if I find sincere ones I see struggling. I'm more concerned about the combination of all these changes and forcing them all at the same time.

Actually, I don't mind switching to a curation-based system. I'm fairly active and devoted around here. I'll figure out how to enjoy the new stuff and get more curation. Actually, I probably waste 3 or 4 full votes a day just upvoting comments I like.

I've always enjoyed upvoting comments as well. To me it's like offering someone a free coffee for coming to my shop, plus the smaller voters didn't get much for curation reward. Recently, a top 20 witness named @thecryptodrive told me nobody would speak to me if I stopped voting for comments. So I didn't upvote comments here today, and more people spoke to me. It's actually quite common for people to upvote comments and hopefully this hardfork doesn't interfere with that behavior too much.

As for worries though, I think worry is just a fancy way we all trick ourselves into thinking we can predict the future. We can't predict the future though, so don't worry! I just hope it doesn't take another 2 years to address a few problems if there are problems.

There are really too much changes to predict. I would like to see SMTs out first. I like Steem Engine Tokens, but are we creating a rival Steem Inc.?
I figure it will harm tipping behavior which does add up. It will help stop those 'hello here is a picture of my shoe' posts amd other mild abusers. It will likely concerntrate power and delegation in curation bots. Actually who knows? I've monitored how much roi I can make across several types of behaviors. It takes atleaat an hour or two to write a post I am not ashamed of promoting. If that changes I'll quickly figure out something to do with my time.
Inflation is around 10%, Just delegating to bots is around 17%. Simply upvoting yourself (or trading) is around 22%. After we start getting into content creating and engagement up to around 25%+. Ive never tried only curating, but I imagine it is around 15% from accounts I've analysed. Maybe it will go up to 20% for the small guys and 25% for the big bots (and exclusive clubs or pools or persons that pretend they are individual actors)

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I just want a place to perform my little show, and a large audience. I don't need to worry about all that other ROI stuff.

"Here you go! Take my money! Make me famous! Please! I beg of you! I need to be popular! I don't care if I don't make any money! My money is your money!"


American record industry (1877-2019)

I work my ass off and take a massive percent loss to get my shit out there, lifetime. Forever. Cost of doing biz, I have been told, again lifetime. I have never made much money and have mostly destroyed my life for this stupid shit. I just presume people surrounding the release of creative content will always act in the least altruistic way possible and I find myself rarely surprised. If I'm gonna put 20-30 hours into something to post only to Steemit, which is already ridiculous, I'm probably gonna spend the money to promote it. It is too demoralizing otherwise.

I will absolutely stop using bots when there is a better way to organically build followers on this platform. I also look forward to my free unicorn.

Also: it is pretty badass how much engagement you get in the comments section. Encouraging even.

Also: it is pretty badass how much engagement you get in the comments section. Encouraging even.

That's what NOT using bots for nearly three years will get you. I didn't buy those votes up there. My entire blog, everything earned, all followers on the list, all organic.


Read that. If everyone could pull their heads out of their asses long enough to get the ball rolling, instead of sabotaging the place for a few thousand worth of tokens, we could have billions pouring in and give that music industry a run for its money.

I’m all for it. I curate DSound literally every day, and I actually listen through people’s tracks. Definitely more active than any other non automatic voting trail.

I wasn’t implying you botted your way to the top. I do think it is valuable to consider the perspective of creatives like myself who onboarded post discovering of Steem in nov 2017 and are putting mad time in to build a following on here. Three years is a long time and I wish I had known about Steem when good content had a prayer of finding followers on its own.I genuinely don’t give a flying fuck how much “money” or “tokens” I make in the process, as the idea is to have the following in place when it might actually be financially worthwhile to post, circa the futur. I’m here to get as much exposure for my music on what is (insanely) currently the only game in town for crypto music. I would genuinely be interested to hear what you think I could do beyond the piles of posts, discord networking/post sharing, cross platform networking blah blah blahhhh I’m already doing that will have a similar impact to boosting my shit to the trending page so -maybe- somebody will actually see my shit and start following. I do NOT want this to be a necessity but if I slave over a track and the same 130 people see my $2.35 post, I’m getting almost no return on writing music for DSound. I run a studio full time so the level of comittment I’m already making to this stupid platform is already running me ragged.

In June 2019, It’s either my shit I spent 20 hours writing, video-ing, mixing or publishing, or its this piece of shit taking other people’s work and throwing his money away botting it to trending:


If the new fork disincentives shit like this obvious copyright honk fest, I’m one hundred percent fine with never throwing money away on bots so my actual work gets seen.

I’m the little guy. Still hanging.

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Hang in there little guy!

Just stop paying authors. The author just has a vote right at the start of the post (without the <15min loss).
No longer bitbots.
People fighting over curating good stuff to earn.

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Words in the heart

Perhaps the hot page should be used for those getting the most interaction on their posts. That would be closer to the mark as a judgement of what is doing well. Or maybe it should be that for trending, and the bot ones in hot, seeing as it's the trending page that newcomers land on...

I should probably get some sleep, it's way past my bedtime, stop distracting me...

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