The Shit That's Bugging Me: Episode Four

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I'm freakin' out, man! Actually, no. I'm not. Cool, calm, collected.

It has been a long week though.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Drama.jpeg

Drama taking center stage once again.

Is anyone else noticing a pattern?

Never a dull moment, they say. So, I'll get right into this.

I like to vent. I'm an open book. In life, I tend to keep it contained when I'm around others. I don't always succeed.

I'm not alone either. People get frustrated. Even the ones who are masters at keeping their cool slip from time to time. I don't hold that against anyone. Let it out!

So the first thing that seems to be pissing me off lately is: It bugs me when drama and internal politics take center stage on this platform.

It always has. Someone out there who doesn't feel like getting involved wrote an amazing article, produced a great video, shot some stunning photographs, or joked about a teacher getting a lighter pulled out of his ass for no apparent reason at all. Did you notice? Probably not.

Creators, don't give up. Your efforts are still appreciated.

The big players of this game are all doing their thing, taking care of business. This time around I think the drama is actually quite beneficial.

Nobody on the outside gave a shit about those whale flag wars in the past that took center stage, unless they felt like laughing at and mocking how dysfunctional we can be here.

These current events running rampant and going viral all over the platform are also extending on to the outside world. There's no such thing as bad press and oddly enough, we're actually getting a lot of good press.

Deal with this mess.

Embrace this fucking disaster.

STEEM is so hot right now.

It would be so easy now to go around pointing fingers and blaming others for the events that led us here.

I'm not going to do that. Sure, I think things could have been handled better but really, who gives a fuck.

I heard Elon Musk say something like, "It's better to be an optimist and wrong than it is to be a pessimist and right."

So true.

"I told ya so! I told ya so! I told ya so! I told ya so!" Ugh. So annoying. You're not helping.

I saw a few former members of this community suddenly show up to rub it in. I say former because they had already pulled that stunt where they simply can't leave in silence, peacefully. Nope. Gotta make a big fucking scene first.

Why come back to make people who are already hurting feel even worse? As if someone planned this disaster and if they did, wow, they don't teach that in school.

I'm impressed with the real community.

That push to get witnesses reinstated was truly remarkable.

That's something we'll have to do in the future as well, again. How many of you out there had voted for witnesses that weren't even active anymore? How many were not even voting for witnesses at all?

It's necessary to participate in these things. The system doesn't work as good as it can without the people actually contributing. Now we know sometimes people just need a good kick in the ass to get them motivated to do something.

Maybe every year, beginning of March, to commemorate this, whatever the fuck is going on here thing, we can give everyone a good and healthy kick in the ass again. Why not?

March Madness

You like it?

I like it, too.

But I didn't like Justin's post. You know the one, right? Number eleven? Ringing a bell?

Actually, that part was hilarious.

His actions, the f-bombs. That stuff didn't bother me.

I refuse to believe that guy is an idiot.

Honestly, if I wanted to see who is honest and who would sell out at the literal drop of a dime, I'd probably write a post like that.

It's unfortunate at least one seemingly prominent member took the bait, if it was bait.

I've said it quite often: Only a friend can stab you in the back.

I might even be kind of a loner because of that belief; but it's true, unfortunately.

So yeah. It pisses me off how these current events are creating a divide in the community.

People are turning on one another. Yeah. That's not good.

Folks crack under pressure. Pobody is nerfect.

Just like the time, way back in the day, when I was super pissed off about the vote selling disaster that took control of this platform... I won't be holding a grudge.

I might be angry or frustrated with some people now, in the moment. I won't say who. I won't say why. I won't hold onto it forever.

I really want this place to shine. The spit might be disgusting but it sure does do a fine job of polishing.

I produced some art.

Nothing too extravagant though.

NoNamesLeftToUse - What a Mess.png

I call it: What a Mess

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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Creators, don't give up. Your efforts are still appreciated.

Aaaaaaah! Yes.

You are so right that it makes ordinary right seem like a fly on a cows ass. You are beyond right. You are correctomundo right.

I better go upvote posts that are not about this current situation.

Yeah this drama earned enough. Some of the witnesses tend to capitalize on these situations as well. Go out there and make someone's day.

Go out there and make someone's day.

I hope I don't have to talk to people... I like my dark cave too much. Is upvoting from the distance enough or do I actually have to say some uplifting things too? Original of course. Oh shit. That too. Perhaps I won't even upvote. Such a hassle.

Pushing buttons is so hard.

'It's unfortunate at least one seemingly prominent member took the bait'

Green Eggs; can't be trusted ...

These are strange times, my friend.

Lovely calm, soothing colours with bowed heads. Good idea!

I'm always surprised when people see so many things.

I wonder how I do that...

What a mess is a good name for the current situation, but the very first thing I saw when looking at it, (the picture), was gift exchange. It just looked like an open hand exchange between two people on very first look.

The Tron Trauma/Drama has been kind of fun, until it started setting community people against community people. Wait for it to end, then de-vote/re-vote, for now though it is in hands a lot bigger than mine.

There is definitely a hand there. People as well.

For now, things will be a bit rough. Whatever happens, happens.

And like the line in an ancient song,(1967), "the beat goes on" *The Beat Goes On: Sonny and Cher

I, for one, am glad you are here and still creating... commentary. Because — whether it's about the petty internal politics or greater foibles of humanity... being Human definitely can be funny. And entertaining. And annoying. And...

I actually find today's work of art kind of calming, in the middle of the mess. I'd much rather look at that than another dank Justin Sun meme...

We're everything and nothing, all at the same time. I'm a people watcher. This place is perfect for me.

I worked on that art while listening in on the community do their best to take care of this place. It says more than I'll ever say.

Memes. I don't know if I'm a fan of memes but some are well done. Too many copycat artists in that business though.

That was quite the post he put out. I am like you though, I do not think he is a daftie that would just start fuck fuck fucking all over the place. More cunning than that to him.

And yes, unfortunately it did snare a couple. Ah, this place is the place for learning, that is for sure

That's one way to provoke honesty out of people. It's an old trick. I used to do it at work all the time, whenever I'd have to sit and listen to pissed off employees. Or maybe the dude was just drunk. I don't know.

I had fun saying my piece. I wonder if he muted me like Zed did.......

Haha, oh the mutes!

It is an old trick and a good one too. I might have to dust it off in my work. It's been kinda stale there too. Maybe the world is just turning to shit!

That dude muted me for being NICE! But I'm not mad. I honestly don't care.

I dedicate this song to Justin, in honor of the world going to shit.

Ha, I haven't heard that one. I likes it!

I have been muted many times. I remember one in particular was an alt of a popular person who I occasionally talked to and I wondered, were you just too chicken to mute me from the account that you interacted with me on fucking madness

Sometimes I feel like the only ICP fan here. This shit has been making me happy for 20 years....

Muting is an odd one. Here, put this condom on your microphone for me. Thanks.

I just wanted to comment to say that I actually read your posts. Good work my man.

Thanks for reaching out. During times like these that means a hellavu lot to me.

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A beautiful mess. I must admit i like when things get messy around these parts.... i dont feel as comfortable in a clean perfect room.

I usually prefer a bit of chaos and disorganization as well. I cringe when I get baited into reading a self-help article and the author suggests writing a list of tasks. Who has time to write a list? Just do it!

A mess indeed.

It's slowly coming together though.

Peaceful blue lady resting her hands on the wound of a big ugly mess. Very pretty.

I think if there was next to no politics in my feed and a lot more entertainment, then this place would be worth a lot more to me.

It's an ironic piece.

And I 100% agree with you there. Personally, I don't mind going out to search for the facts, so I'm at least informed. I don't need 50 opinions though, especially when there's nothing new. The same message constantly. The witness voting thing though was totally necessary. Even I got in on that and normally I don't follow the herd.

Blues and greens are meant to be calming right? Nice choice of colours and completely does not look like a mess (unlike some other things around here XD).

You don't hold onto grudges forever? Sounds much healthier than me, I put up with a hell of a lot more than reasonable people do and if I develop a grudge (which by the end point will probably happen) it lasts forever (or at least years).