Still Pissed Off About That Time You Did Something Awesome and Nobody Noticed?

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Yesterday my experiment finally got a name.
Now I'd like to take a moment to explain the concept but first, a warning:
Leave now if you're a shitposter or someone who does the absolute bare minimum in order to milk rewards out of the pool. This is for actual content producers deserving of a second chance.

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For a lot of us, that's a damn good day to relax.

Are you a content producer? If the answer is yes, we have a lot in common.

Were your first days here full of 'where the hell is everyone' moments?

Did you spend eight hours writing an epic post, only to discover nobody noticed your efforts, all day, as you sat there, hitting refresh, while working on your new future drinking problem?

I'll tell you something! Even after nearly three years of producing content for this platform, I still experience those quiet days.

It can be heartbreaking but at the same time, it's quite normal. Head on over to Youtube someday, pick your favorite content producer with a large following, and look at their views per video. Imagine how it must feel producing something one week, seeing nearly one million views, then the next week there's a video there with only a couple hundred thousand views.

Now look at the views rolling in for a content producer with a tiny following. Not much and some days, nothing.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Seventeen Years.jpeg

That's life.

And here, our market or potential viewership/readership is much smaller.

Sundays on this platform are notoriously quiet. Sundays are also a good day to relax. Legitimate content producers push themselves too hard. Maybe part of the reason some people quit is because of the stress and potential burnout they experience trying to put something new and exciting out, daily.


Instead of killing yourself.

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Use Sundays to breathe new life into old material.
As a way to promote yourself and what you do best.

Yesterday, which just so happened to be Sunday, I decided to post three previously published short stories in one shot. I felt it would have been spammy to re-post only one, even though at the time of the original publishing, the short stories by themselves were solid and could stand on their own.

I have my doubts new followers have read those stories. I also felt placing three in one post would do a finer job of showing people exactly what I'm capable of when I'm in the zone. Choosing some of my favorites also gave curators a chance to just kick back on a slow Sunday while they enjoy some proven quality material, making their life easier on a day meant for relaxing.

This approach is quite normal in this industry.

Screenshot (665).png

The benefits of producing timeless content.

It holds its value and remains relevant.

Artists, photographers, creative writers, musicians, etc.: I see your usual approach. I'm a curator as well. I can safely say, after being here for three years, some of you are struggling and it has more to do with your approach and presentation than issues with the platform or general lack of interest.

With these most recent changes there's now a huge push for quality over quantity all while more and more curators are stepping up to the plate, looking for value, and hitting that upvote button. In order to make up for any losses you may have experienced recently, you'll need to step up your game to attract more eyes and then, hopefully, votes.

I'm not here to tell anyone how to run their blog but if your usual approach is to simply share one image and very few words — as a curator with a limited number of votes to hand out daily (ten at full power) — it's very difficult to choose your simplistic post over the one next to it with plenty of photos and commentary or the artwork/creative writing combo next to that.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Where I've Been Lately.jpeg

I can almost guarantee if you decided to take your best photograph from the past, then used the same low effort approach to re-post it, you'd get the same depressing result. Please carry on doing what you do, how you want to do it, but please don't be afraid to step out of that comfort zone sometimes. That's why I'm suggesting, if you find yourself running into problems getting eyes on your work, going the extra mile, putting the best of the best all into one amazing presentation from time to time can only help improve your situation.

And I'm sayin' Sunday

That's the day to do it.

Use the tag 'showcase-sunday' and let folks know you're either re-posting something awesome or producing a compilation best of style post.

I hope this catches on, since so many of you have felt like you've wasted time. I also hope people don't abuse it. Re-posting too much of the same material will only annoy your following, so do it in moderation. I'm not even sure if I'll do it again this Sunday or just take the day off.

NoNamesLeftToUse - I'm Missing Something.jpeg

You're doing it right if:

  • It's Sunday.
  • You used the 'showcase-sunday' tag.
  • Fixed typos in the original article, slight improvements maybe.
  • You're not just doing it to be lazy.
  • It's one of your best posts ever and you're proud of it but didn't have to create the entire thing from scratch.
  • It makes you and your work look good.

You're doing it wrong if:

  • It's a shit post.
  • You heard about a tag and thought you'd earn free money so you used the tag on a Wednesday.
  • You did it to be lazy.
  • You post the same damn nonsense every Sunday.
  • You lack self-awareness.
  • You used bidbots thinking it would be wise to bury others, placing them and their work in the same damn position they were in when their work was overlooked the first time.
  • You're just a spammer and don't care about anything.
  • You suck at following suggestions like the one at the top of the post asking you to leave since this wasn't for you to begin with.

All kidding aside.

It's a simple concept.

My goal with this crazy idea most people won't be interested in is to make Sundays seem a little more lively around here. Give content producers a chance to take a bit of a break but still put out quality that was once overlooked or made them shine in the past, long ago. The tag also gives curators an opportunity to find quality work they've most likely never seen, on a Sunday, when it's sometimes hard to find good stuff. Then, maybe that Monday morning trending page will look awesome but of course, that's just wishful thinking.

To conclude.

I didn't want to publish a boring post today.

But at the same time, I don't like seeing people struggling. That two year old post you wrote when you just started is awesome and maybe, this time around, with some subtle improvements, it'll get some love, especially now since curating is a thing again.

A selection of your favorite photos or artwork from that seemingly never-ending stream of one image say nothing posts along with some commentary might actually impress a few folks so they follow along while not assuming you'll just be spamming their feed ten times per day. Wouldn't that be nice?!?!

Anyway, I'm just being a smartass. If you're interested, I'll be looking for that tag this Sunday. Maybe it'll catch on, maybe it won't. Maybe more curators will want to help, maybe not. Can't blame a guy for trying.

Have a nice day.

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All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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All content within this blog is 100% organic ACTUAL CONTENT and contains no paid vote additives!
"If you like the idea, don't be afraid to help get the word out. Support the posts if you see them."
"And don't be afraid to use the 'creativecoin' tag as well, if it's suitable material."

Images © 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


Hey man, I have many posts I've spent hours and hours on, that mean a lot to me and figured it would be wrong to repost them. This is a good concept though and provided they identify it as a repost I reckon it's a winner - And follow your guidelines of course.

Since curating for curangel I've been looking a lot harder for good content but I just can't promote a single blurry photo of a flower with the text A flower at the bus stop or some such thing. I see so many posts that with 150-250 words of thoughtful text, an explanation maybe, I would be happy to promote and upvote. Many are just lazy and so I leave them to their 0.04 payouts and move on. It's a shame but a reality of the environment now I think. I can't count how many times I've seen a single photo post and said in my head just write some damned words!

I'm not sure if I'll repost any of mine...Time will tell, but I see it as a good opportunity for others. Hope to see some good ones.

Good post mate.

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We all have those posts. Now that you've built up a larger following and hopefully this concept gets rolling so a few new eyes browsing the tag can see, on a day that's meant to kick back and enjoy some long form content, why not show it off again. Most will probably want to make it better as well. Combinations of shorter posts, maybe with a similar theme, why not make a post of it. To me, when done responsibly, it's normal. Even with movies one can watch it with commentary, or with the deleted scenes included. So many different variations of the same content. I trust people will be able to find ways to make old stuff work again.

Those simple one photo one liner posts... I've voted for some in the past but now it's like — I can't. Not when the post next to it probably took the producer a few hours to put together and that time doesn't even include the time spent producing some of the content within, like artwork, or processing actual photos, editing video, whatever. I don't mind a one photo with a decent amount of interesting words post at all. I've done that with my art quite a few times. The art probably took half the day to produce!

Your bro did a post recently where he took some photos that he's used here in the past, arranged it all, made it look cool... and I was thinking why don't more people do stuff like this? I was impressed with that post, even though I'd already seen some of the content. It was still a new experience.

And yeah, it's totally up to you. I don't think I've annoyed you folks with a repost before? Some of those are jokes. It sucks if you already know how it ends. I try to be careful. There's also the part about me not seeing a lot of good stuff from the past produced by others. Most of the folks commenting here today, and plenty of others, I know for a fact I haven't seen all their stuff. I'm hoping to see some interesting stuff, maybe.

I guess we'll see how it goes.

You convinced me...I'll make it happen and see how it goes. You make some valid points about my greater following and the promotion of this tag so yeah, I'll find something I like and make something of it. Thanks for the inspiration.

EDIT: P.s. @nonameslefttouse I tried to start a tag #whereonwednesday a while back. Tomorrow my ninth one will go live. I thought it may give people a good excuse to post about something in their life...Anything. Anyway, I do it and enjoy it. I see your tag as a good opportunity and hope it catches on. I have one picked out for this Sunday already. Will work out how to present it. :)

Well, I'm happy to hear that. I'll be voting only for that tag on Sundays. We all know I don't have the most powerful vote on the platform so I can't make people rich! I just hope it catches on and more curators help make it worthwhile. I mean, I'm already looking forward to Sunday now and for me, that's a day when I actually have time to focus on reading and curating. Most days I'm in a rush.

Since this post is currently trending, I'll upvote your comment to the top and maybe that'll get some eyes on your tag. #whereonwednesday!

Thanks mate, I hope you like what I have selected. I'm working on it now actually and will post a link to the original also. I'll post it Sunday my time, Australian CST, not sure where you are so you might have to search for it. :)

All I'd have to do to find it is write #showcase-sunday in the post editor, click the link in the preview, and away I go to the Showcase Sunday trending page. Or I can come to this post and click the links here. Different time zones might mean I'm late but I'll be there... eventually!

Cool...Surprise surprise mine's an historical post...A topic I'm passionate about. You'll see. :)

I will see but for now, I think it's time to catch some z's. Been a busy one here today. Might have to hire an assistant...

@whatamidoing has (or used to have) a dead post contest where on his comment section you would share posts that you thought were great but didn't get attention for whatever reason.

It was lots of fun.

You can make some improvements to the old post and label it "2nd Edition", with the proper link to the first one so that cheetah doesn't get you.

Yup, that's true and very good advice. I haven't run into any problems with cheetah but it might not be the same experience for everyone. As a matter of fact, I totally forgot about that little helper who can be quite confused some days. I'll vote this comment to the top so people see. There's some good stuff, good information being added in this comment section. Thanks for the help!

Thanks. Always watching for the big cat.

Thanks, @snook for presenting this post on @pypt #pypt

I've been a content producer for quite some time.
It's always interesting seeing what others are going thru... some of the issues, and struggles, too.

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I'm still rather new here, but struggling working for an audience is difficult no matter where you go, for sure! I've tried to start a couple things of my own that have slowly - very slowly - begun to catch on, but it takes work and patience. I like the idea of showcase-sunday. Not sure if I have enough "old stuff" yet, but I like the idea.

I concur about needing to put words around an image and not just dropping it (unless you're @axeman, then your pictures speak for themselves). To further that I think it's also important to try to interact with the people you're voting. Personally, I always try to leave a comment when I vote, even if it's just a sentence that lets the person know that I have actually read their work and I appreciate it. Hopefully that begins to come back around.

Working. That word is important. Everyone, everywhere, started with one account and no followers.

If you don't have enough old stuff, I'm sure you can still find ways to make yourself look good using commentary, letting people know this old work exists, even linking to old work. Hey I'm here and this is what I've been up to kind of stuff.

Some photographers can do it like that with the one photo approach. If it's working, it's working. But what works for one won't always work for everyone.

And of course getting to know people is beneficial. Posting, then sitting and waiting for a miracle vote to fall from the sky makes life difficult. If a blogger falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A good idea. Here you need to seriously think. I’ve had to do something out of nothing more than once in my life... :)

Nothing wrong with a bit of ingenuity!

I agree, this is interesting on the contrary.
A new look at the old rags :-))

That's a lovely idea!! I'm sure we all have some deadposts that we worked hard but never got any attention because of the lack of following at the time of posting was sunday. I might revisit some of them, I guess I never thought of it as an option or recycling some of my pieces from 2 years ago. I may not participate every week but on occasion I don't see any harm in making an appearance. I still remember one of my Metallica concert posts that got 6 up-votes, I was kinda

I heard Lars was replaced by a drum bot that doesn't drag tempo? 🤗 Metallica only 6 upvotes! Ridiculous !! that material should get at least 20 nibbles on this master of sock puppets platform..

Haha @skramatters!! Probably :) I was too far away to tell the difference!

I know right!! deserved more than 6 votes! To be fair I probably had about 50 followers with mostly older ladies posting flower photos. My blog and following has evolved quite a bit since then (thankfully!) It was a good show ad they even made a cd of the entire live concert in Edmonton and sent it to everyone that attended, it has become our roadtrip cd, we just blast it and relive the show.

Exactly. We all have so much that could be slightly reworked into something greater, or even stand alone posts like you said, that nobody saw. I just don't want to see folks doing it to be lazy. Over time we all end up improving how we format, even the way we originally worded things could be improved for the second go. It's our material and these are our blogs. We can do whatever we want, as long as it's done responsibly and not in a way that will annoy people. I've been experimenting with it now for quite some time and I haven't had any complaints so I feel it's safe now some of those who aren't as established as I am could possibly give it a go. I don't do it all the time though. Too many reruns and people change the channel. Another thing: I always tell people it's something old as a little sidenote. Sometimes I'll even give the exact date it was published. Things like that, just so they know I'm not trying to pull a fast one.

Totally agree, shouldn't be a full re-run of the entire life of a blog week after week but like you said, it is our blog. If I repost something I will make sure that it is clearly stated, why I reposted it and include the original link to the story as well. We all grow overtime, I'm sure there is always something we can improve on every post. It's probably a nice journey to go back to the past and see where we have evolved and where we still need to evolve, like a self discovery journey all at the same time. at my anniversary or the new year, I do like to make a post that includes some old photos and the links as in a "best of posts" (or when the blockchain is down and most can't post but I some reading material!!) and they are generally well received but it's not something I do very often. I have enough new material that I never posted yet and some even dates back like a year!! I do my best to work on the newer stuff I don't post. If you have experimented and gotten no negative results if done responsibly then I will trust your word. You are way more established than I am!

I have some work from way back when that is so shitty, I'd never even think of embarrassing myself like that again. BUT, it would be humorous to put it all together and show folks what a miserable failure looks like! That's something I've already done though... and nobody complained! Something like that, I'm taking a page right of the Simpsons book. We've all seen those shows where they'll make a new episode using clips from previous shows. They even did a show making fun of themselves for doing something like that; but really, it's normal. People can get creative and find unique ways to present old stuff. It's still work. My previous post took a few hours of scanning through old stuff, finding good stuff, then narrowing it down, checking for typos, formulating the post, then still sticking around to shoot the shit and talk with people after.

I can only think of one piece I did That I kinda regret and wouldn't embarrass myself like that, being a photo blog I'm already kinda picky about which ones I post. At the beginning, I definitely was the one picture poster with barely any text and wouldn't do that again but I still like the photos. Didn't take me too long to figure out the vibe around here and started doing better early on. I also don't take my blog too seriously, I just have fun with it and whatever happens happens. The best part is the conversations with online friends that follow, it's so rewarding and made so many genuine lasting connections with people from around the globe.

I bet that would be pretty funny to make a "worst of" post and crack a bunch of self jokes. I think it's also inviting others to be silly on the post too. I bet some of the jokes would be hilarious. I think sometimes people fear the flag wars and are afraid to be themselves both in posting or commenting. That's mainly what I look for tho, posts where folks are being true to themselves and just have fun with it. After all, this is social media not an official professional publishing house.

I run my blog like a business but a lot my business is fun. I noticed early on, rather than simply sharing my art, I could combine it all with interesting words. Maybe fiction, a lot of humor, sometimes telling life stories, whatever. So I can be an artist, but still appeal to those who don't even like art. I often tell folks to add their personality into their posts somehow. I think I like to follow artists more than just art. That goes for photography and music as well. Without the social media elements somehow mixed in, it's hard for me to stay interested. People follow other people, not posts. I prefer to see it more as a publishing platform that is as professional as you want it to be, with social media elements combined.

Each and everyone of us has a different definition of what steemit means to us and it's functions, that's the beauty of this place, so many possibilities in so many directions. It has the potential of being something for professionals use one day but a lot of things will have to change before that can happen but we don't need to get into those details. Like you say, I much prefer following people and artists rather than just art. I feel the same , without the social aspect ,it takes away from the full experience. I follow many that I may not necessarily be into their art but the personal connection makes them worthy of my full penny up-vote based on the fun had with them.

By sharing both your art and humor, you are also taping into a wider audience rather that limiting yourself to one thing. Your art Is nice by the way, I forgot to mention that in the original comment!

I'm not saying I don't see a future in my photography and blogging, I try not to go full tradesmen on it and degenerate my brand, I would probably scare half of the platform away, then again I would probably attract the other half...LMFAO. I have a career in the oil and energy sector and that's my main focus for now but my photography/stories is a potential retirement path/hobby that I'm slowly paving the way for myself. Maybe if I build an audience first, when I'm ready to be more serious about it, I will already have a base that I slowly built overtime. I find the old connections and support goes a long way rather than the insta-fame the disappears as quick as it came. I'm kind of an introvert in nature so social media stardom is probably not really a priority or something I will achieve quickly. I feel burdened and it takes the fun out of it when I have to think of something to write about everyday.

Some of this art was first released years ago. That's another thing I've been doing lately just to spice up my posts and breathe new life into old material. I've produced so much, I basically have my own Pixabay, so I may as well use it. Thank you for the compliment.

I was beginning to see an incredible future doing this blogging thing, back when the tokens shot up in value, making my account value worth almost a third of a million Canadian... and here's the part where I can't say any more about that... LOL!
Just laugh it off...

We all go at our own pace. I tend to burn the candle at both ends, get extremely tired, then take a break. Out of the three years I've been here, I've probably worked about two years, maybe a little more. One post per day, sometimes but rarely two.

Insta-fame.. pff. One hit wonders. I've been underground here for most of my stay. Those tribes popped up, suddenly I was making the trending pages there. This hardfork happened, suddenly I'm trending on Steemit. All I did was work and try to be entertaining most days. Nothing special really. Certainly don't take anything for granted either. Each contribution is still me just grinding away, trying to get higher. No comfort zones.

Definitely! See you Sunday!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else posts!

Could be interesting, could be a total flop, might take a few weeks to catch on — I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'll definitely jump in on this. I have a ton of work buried in the long long ago. What I'd been doing was decorating my posts where I'm talking about other stuff with old art to let some of that stuff see the light of day. I did also used to do recap posts at time milestones, but I stopped keeping track of how long I've been here. I think it'll be two years in Dec. Anyway, great idea.

I've been decorating as well lately. Even did it here in this post. Made my own image catalog over the years, so it's probably a good idea to at least use it. I'll usually do my once a month post that includes all of my recent artwork. Other than that, there's a mile long list of material just sitting there, and we all have that problem, while everyone is scrambling to find good stuff.

Glad to have you on board.

That's a pretty cool concept! Awesome man!

Thanks! And I think as long as folks use it responsibly, as a way to make their blog look impressive, or something, then I hope it helps.

Yes, I agree! I think #newsteem forces them to use it responsibly :)

Well, I was going to include a little tidbit in the post about how I'm not afraid to use my downvotes...
but I wanted it to be a surprise.

HA! I just hope people can respect an opportunity. If they do good and still run into problems, I can probably get that sorted out.

I thought the same hah :) Nevertheless, I think most will respect it!

Brilliant Idea!!

I was looking back at some of my old video songs yesterday wishing I could post them again but......I guess I should have read your Sunday post instead LOLL

Resteeming this so maybe I will not forget by next Sunday!!

Thank You for sharing your idea!!

Thank you also for the ticket upvotes. They did not go unnoticed. <3

Hey @snook! Thanks for visiting.

I'm sure you could throw in a few videos, maybe some lyrics or commentary, maybe even talk about how things went originally when posting the first time. There's a million ways. I'm hoping to see a lot of long form posts where the stuff has already been created and now it's just being reworked into something more. I feel my previous post with the three included short stories like that is one my best posts lately. Still took some work to put together, certainly wasn't being lazy, and now I'm satisfied.

As for the ticket upvotes, well, I felt a bit odd sitting at the top with a joke, because I can't go, I just wanted to make people laugh. When I wrote my comment I didn't realize the post would be sitting so high and seen by so many. It only felt right, after being a goof, to push other people up with a few votes and I'll probably go visit again soon to see what's new in there.

First I have to say it's good to know I slept for about 7.5 hours. My comment above was the last thing I did before going to bed.

as to the post, yes, I was already grouping the videos in my head of what ones went together and why so I could tell a new story with them. I have been here too long to just copy and paste an old post. LOL

and I loved your story on the ticket post. It did deserve to be on top of the comments. < had to reword that 3 times

Happy, "OMG what day is it?

Interesting this somewhat reminds me of a couple attempts in the past people have had. I forget what it was called like “dead posts” or something.

People would link to a post they created they felt got unnoticed and was at least a couple months old. Those partaking than would upvote the comments of the ones they liked. Comment on the old post itself. There was also a couple Steem tossed towards the posts the person running it thought where the most over looked.

Since a couple bid bots are now manually curating with unused VP perhaps they will check out the tag and drop a couple votes.

As far as my older content I still get the joy of sharing it off site and people coming across it when searching for stuff. There is a certain satisfaction when content can live past 7 days. I can only hope New Steem can embrace that even more.

I’ve been meaning to reboot my index post again and make it more current. That and fix some linking to a dapp I no longer use. I’ve noticed Steempeak has a “pin in blog” feature. I’ve yet to test it but I hope it does what I’m thinking.

I remember hearing about that, but never actually stumbled across one of those posts. I think setting a date and time and asking for the best of rest makes it a little easier to look for. I don't even know if this will take off. I might be the only one hunting! It's still wise to share it all to the outside. I still try to do that and now with my previous post I can gets eyes on one link instead of three. A package deal. There's more meat on the bone now and that outside viewer can spend 15 minutes on the site instead of 5.

outside viewer can spend 15 minutes on the site instead of 5.

I sometimes drop a couple links to older work at the bottom of my posts. I’ve been a bit lazy as of late doing that. I usually go back at some point and edit them in when making light updates and I have more similar/better relating content. Keep an interesting viewer going for hours without having to pack peddle into the main blog or exit the site hehe.

I've been meaning to add simple buttons 'previous page', 'next page'. That wouldn't be hard at all, except I have 805 posts...

That's an interesting idea. I wouldn't do that for all my posts but it would be great for posts on the same topic...

That's really great and I do sometimes that. I've been here for more than 2 years and I have so many good old posts to share again. It's too hard to find them with steemit engine, but I use esteem one. When I write there my username, I find my best posts, try it and you may find them as well. I see there some of your two years old posts and they seems to be the most engaging. Wow ever 3 years ago. I hope that will be useful for you. Thanks for the inspiration. ☺

There are quite a few hidden gems in my blog. In the early days there were times the posts would get upvoted by curation teams with powerful votes, but even then only a small handful of people actually saw them and read them. I'm sure plenty of folks share the same experience.


I think next sunday I will post my fictional LIBRA story again.

It was so thought out, entertaining, apocalyptic, and ignored.

What the heck, I am a great writer, why doesn't everyone just bow down to me? Maybe they will on Sunday.

I've been thinking about a lot of the folks writing chapters. Those are often short. This could give them an opportunity to combine many short chapters into one, things like that. One of my first ever reposts was 12 episodes of something that failed and I never finished. It's nice to have it all in one link though and the story reads a lot better.

I look forward to reading that story. I can safely say I haven't heard of it... hence, this concept of cleaning up old work, fix it up, make it shiny, try again.

And Sundays are a great day for reading long juicy posts. Lots more time on Sundays

I have a couple of publications I'm proud of, it was a surprise for me to get them.

One of them may have been seen by some and another may not. I'm sure they didn't pass the $5 reward. I'm still relatively new here, but that time I was a little disappointed by that.

It's amazing to be able to work on them and show them again, but let everyone know about it. Congratulations on your idea!

I hope to contribute on Sunday haha!

It's tough to get the ball rolling. A lot of us didn't want to get lazy either, so we'd keep posting what was our best at the time, hoping it would help the blog gain traction. Others gave up and shit posted but even a big combination of former shit posts can be gold when put together neatly into one package.

The best thing you ever said. "So the publication doesn't just die."

There are many things that we have written and by the very fact of experiencing new things, maturing in our perception of the world. I'm sure we can even give a broader focus to what has already been written, perhaps.

There's always room for improvement.

On a side note, I must insist you don't waste your vote power on my comments. Let that charge and save your votes for the posts and producers you enjoy.

I've been thinking that your idea of reposts is a good one, and yet never really considered doing it myself. Now that you have spelled it out for me, I will do it too, one of these Sundays. We all certainly have posts that have not gotten the attention we would have liked, but I wonder how many of us have something that was made (at least a year prior) when we first started that we would want to share now? I'd be curious to see how many people arrived on scene with a good idea of what they were doing and accomplishing it well. I know for certain I'm not even looking at any of that first year shit from my blog. Lol. But I know there are lots of things from after that rough time period that I could rehash.

Actually, this is a fun idea. For the writers out there, I wonder also how many are fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants kind of writers, like I am. Nothing is ever formatted prettily, and is generally written less than one hour prior to posting. For of us write as we go folks, going through and formatting posts will be fun and inspiring.

We all kind of have to feel our way around in the dark when we first get rolling, but even portions of those earliest posts all bundled into one could still look good. Like I said in another comment, it's at least something to laugh about.

And yes, taking a moment to add all the bells and whistles, reword a few things, add a few things. One step closer to perfection. Totally normal as well because some books are sold, then the second edition comes out with changes. And I know the ones who take pride in their stuff will find ways to improve things. I remember when I had reposted that story about This Man walking through the wilds at night, I seriously sat there considering if I should just write it all out like a normal writer, do it as me, then add in more details. That's something I still could do. I wouldn't do it soon though as it all too fresh in everyone's memory.

Doesn't it seem like we all worked a little too hard when we first got here?

I had to remind myself that this was not a space for evergreen posts, but a space for the everchanging now.

This idea really can make sence... Im usually in quite a strange situation, since not many people really understand how many efforts could be put in a single art photo. Starting from concept and visualisation, passing through some actual photoshoots involving models, makeup artists and dress designers, and finally the photo retouch taking normally at least 15-20 mins for a single photo.... im always try to leave at least certain comment with every shot, but afterall im a photographer and not a writer and as it said above, let the photo speak by itself ;)
So back to the topic, combining some highlights for the passed week in some additional post maybe really good idea worth to try... at lazy sunday (which is actually never too lazy here in steemit). Will see...

not many people really understand how many efforts could be put in a single art photo.

I've run into that problem before. People see the finished product, not the hours that led up to it. All of my digital art starts as a blank digital canvas and I go from there. Upload it, add 50 words, then get accused of shit posting. "$10 for fifty words?!?! This post would take me five minutes to write!" And somehow they missed the eight hours I spent on the art right under their nose. That's happened to me on a few occasions so I'll often feel forced to do art/writing combos, but I don't mind, and I think the writing helps people get to know me better, or at least leave feeling entertained.

The one photo say nothing crowd literally puts up one photo, and says nothing, or very little. They don't even indicate if the photo is theirs. Often the photos are snap shots of the sky from a cell phone or something equally simplistic. What those folks do is actually make your experience here, as a professional, much harder. When I'm on the hunt and out curating, I have to sift through a mountain of junk. It becomes tedious and the actual, real photographers, with the quality work, don't get seen. It helps to do things that'll make your work stand out from that crowd.

Every month I'll put all my most recent artwork into one post. 20 to 30 pieces if it's been a productive month. It has helped me over the years. If you're putting out a lot in a week, a followup post with all of that work in one space and some commentary would most likely allow others to get to know you and your work better.

Oh well.. as curator of Photostreem i'm passing through a shitload of such snapshots daily :D Hard task yeah!

Good thing we all got a raise!

the hell is this?

Line o'coke?

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baking soda?

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Digital art. Looks almost real!

Challenge accepted @nonameslefttouse

You've really opened a can of worms with this one. 77 comments and counting 😆

As to myself... I can't tell you how much decent fiction I've put on here only to feel that disappointed when a dollar or two lands on the post rather than a reasonable level response for sometimes days of writing, editing and polishing.

I even produced a small (meant to be) 5 part novella in the crime drama called 'dirty old town' which only made it to part 4 due to how disspondant it made me feel to have such elaborate creative writing ignored by everyone other than some of the other fiction writers on here.

Lol, anyway this isn't about me having a good ole moan. I'm already thinking about how to make this Sunday's post really unique, adding additional value beyond the fiction I plan to share. One of the new skills I've learned while blogging on steem, is a reasonable level of photo editing to make digital art using Gimp photo editor. I'm thinking about making some new images to compliment what I'm highlighting 🙂

77 comments is about 300 shy of my record.

By the sounds of it, you catch on quick. It's a time to take old work, make it perfect, and damn I hope it catches on and people see the quality, and vote. I couldn't think of an easier way. One tag, on a scheduled day, so people know to expect it. Damn. I really hope this catches fire, in a good way.

Every. Single. Time.

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I broke your rules. But on Sunday I will die on the Internet and rise in the forest. My post is simply in support of your idea. Have a good weekend

This is a great idea yay!

Seems to be a lot of folks interested so I guess we'll see how it goes. It's been a few days. Hopefully they didn't forget!

This is a great idea and as a content creator on Steem for two years I appreciate that you are using your earned success to help promote others.

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Scheduled quality posts and easy to find with a simple click of the tag #showcase-sunday. Looks like about six posts came up today so far. I put mine out today with included links and info so hopefully this takes off. I can't do much with my limited voting power but I certainly can lead eyes to the prize. Then, I guess it's up to everyone else, but I'll keep pushing. Can't really make it any easier for people, plus this beats singling people out with mentions and links to individual posts.

For some strange reason, yours isn't showing up in the list when I click the tag. It could be because the tag isn't one of the first five tags. I'm not really sure what happened there. Just growing pains I guess. It's only the first week!

Hi. It was my fault I think. I had a capital letter in the tag. Fixed it now and moved it closer to the front. Thanks

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Think @whatamidoing tried something similar sometime back called deadpost initiative or something to that effect. It's a good idea given that we don't have perpetual payouts (which I think should totally be a thing but I don't know if that's something would be able to retro in if the people doing the coding ever decided it should be a thing).

I won't do it coz I don't like reposting things x_x

I'm also not too fussed about quiet days but I probably don't worry about a lot of things I apparently should be worried about.

I'll post on Sundays sometimes if I don't manage the progblog on Friday. I think otherwise if it's not a rest day Sunday might be a sports day for people who do sports or have kids that do sports, like in my area comp season is upon us so there's been a few insanoweekends.

And I don't know what it is about that middle pic (the symmetrical one) but it really jumps off the screen and punches you (or at least me XD) in the face (in a good way), perhaps it's some combination of shapes/form/striking colours, as all the other pieces are just there peacefully waiting to be admired XD

I'm hoping, eventually, we'll get a cut of the ad revenue. The first day that ever happened, those with the interesting blogs would be generating a lot of views and potential clicks. For now we have to deal with this incredibly short attention span Steem is known for.

I think it's a bit odd to write a post that tells people to go another post. You're writing a post. May as well just make it the post you want people to see, with improvements of course, and not done so much it annoys followers.

That image you're talking about took me way too long to make, but it's always been one of my favorites. Sucks how much quality I lose when posting and viewing from Steemit. It's also a big pain in the ass converting all of my old work into just the right kind of png files I've found work best and look clear. I don't even think I could tell you which post that image originally came from. You know how I like to hide things....

Thanks to @snook for sharing this awesome post during "Pimp Your Post Thusday" (PYPT), the oldest curation show on Discord for posts on the Steem blockchain! The #showcase-sunday sounds like a good initiative and this well-written (and well-though) post certainly explains it clearly! Thank you! 😊

The first Sunday went well. There were about 15 posts or so, majority of them were topnotch, and some curation happened as well, above and beyond what I'm able to do alone. I hope it continues to gain momentum, turning Sundays into one of the week's best days to find gold. There's a million different ways to reuse old content and turn it into something better. Even a day where people can self promote, sell their blogs, which is something so many struggle with, can go a long way.

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I, like @thekittygirl, am glad that @snook shared this post on PYPT. I am always glad to see new initiatives on the platform. I also enjoyed your unusual images.

Found your post on the PYPT TokenBB Forum along with some other really good Blog posts!

Have a great weekend and be safe!

Thanks for sharing and engaging with Pimp Your Post Thursday.
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Thank you!

Was just pointed to this by @derangedvisions over on the Creative Coin Discord. What a great idea!!

As musicians our community really struggles with this as it can take weeks or even months to write, record, mix and master one track and as many musicians make music rather than write text I have seen a lot give up here as they cannot keep posting the same tracks again and again.


All our musicians store their music on our website and the content is generated from there so I have now made an update to suggest they create a small playlist on Sundays and the tag will be automatically included. Hopefully you should see some posts appear from this Sunday!

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 08.50.20.png

I would also like to offer some ATOM tokens for prizes if you would like them? You can find me in our Discord.

Thanks for the opportunity!

It might be a good opportunity for the musicians to not only share their work, but also say something about themselves. People follow other people here, more often than not. Personally, I tend to follow the artist rather than the art alone. I think part of the reason so many struggle is because they don't personalize their posts. They simply share what has been produced, and that's that. Artwork gets lost in a sea of images. Music becomes just another music post. If you look closely at what I've been doing here as a digital artist with an outsider style, you'll notice every post comes equipped with a write up. Most of the time I don't even talk about the art. Seems to be effective and I hope more of these artsy types, no matter what they're producing, eventually catch on.

I agree that it makes a huge difference to personalise the posts. If you are able to offer some insight into who you are as an artist then it makes others more likely to engage with you.

Unfortunately a lot of musicians find this really hard. I am not saying this as an excuse for laziness. If one is adept at writing then it's hard to imagine that others cannot do so but it is a fact that many musicians are very introverted and effectively hide behind the music and really do struggle to expose themselves to the word in any other way.
Maybe that means that they will not be as effective as they could be on the platform but I think it's important that we don't exclude people for that reason.

I agree. It's not easy to lower those walls and step out into the spotlight. That's why so many hit the bottle and other things when it becomes impossible to step into the shadows when needed. I totally get it.

Yes it is a real shame isn't it.

Yeah. I do suggest people at least try though. Posting something the second time, but doing it the same way as the first time, will probably yield the same results, and if those results the first time weren't great, I wouldn't expect much of a difference the second time, and that artist or writer, whatever, isn't taking advantage of the opportunity a second chance gives them.

Yep I agree. I keep putting suggestions in our Discord so hopefully some will at least try.

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