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I lost everything but I'm not upset.  I'm not even talking about money either.

Today was an incredibly difficult day, for me.

I'm not even trying to be dramatic.

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Man Cave.jpg
The Man Cave

There! Look!

It's a cave!

I made that.  Produced digitally, of course, because that's how I roll.  Can you see why I called it The Man Cave?  Yes, no, maybe?  Okay, cool.


That image is not what I wanted to share with you today.

No Sir Ree Bob

That was not what was supposed to be here today.

What I wanted to share with you; it's gone.  Gone forever.  Several hours of work, gone.  That file; it went kaput.

Not only that file though.

My digital art suite brush settings.

All of my personal customization.


Everything.  I lost everything.

I literally hit the bottle because of this.  Not hard though.  Just a few sips.  That was last night, when it happened.

I woke up early to get a head start on trying to fix the problem.

The problem could not be fixed.

Losing the time spent on producing a new image is fine.  I liked what I was working on, I'll miss it, it's gone forever, so what.

I spent months, if not years, fine tuning my settings.  A little bit, each day.

It's like there was a house fire, but only my stuff got burned.  Everyone else and their stuff is fine.  Mine, all of it, gone.

Most of that stuff was set it and forget it.  I don't even know where to begin.  It'll take months to get everything just right again.

Having my settings, the way I wanted them, ready for me, whenever I needed, whatever it was, easily accessible, helped speed up the process.  Producing The Man Cave today; it felt like my first day on the job.

Depressing music.

I keep hearing love songs today and it's pissing me off.

Don't these people understand how they're not helping?

I've been forced to sit in silence today because everything means something else, for some strange reason.

I know what the reason is though.  I lost everything.

It's gone!

It's never coming back.

I'll be okay though.  As devastating as this breakup has been for me, I know I'll be able to pick up the pieces and start again.

That evil bitch of a corrupt file will not ruin me.

Why did you have to take everything though!


Whiskey river, take my mind
Don't let her memory torture me
Whiskey river, don't run dry
You're all I got, take care of me


My song is playing.

Time to go.
Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"

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Perhaps it's the best sign for you to get a fresh start. Those settings you built for years don't portray what the current no names is about today...?

Out with the noname; in with the newname. There's always a bright side and as I've been messing around today, honestly, I don't mind. Maybe I was getting bored and now it's like playing a new video game. Sure, that old couch had a nice ass groove just for me, but this new couch smells better.

Your vote raised me up to Reputation 72. Cheers to fresh starts!

And to backups!

I know the feeling of never being able to get everything just so for a second time, but it is not true.

Oh man, that's rough. I can think of at least 5 places where I have my Photoshop settings backed up just for this exact catastrophe. I've been slowly adding, pruning and customizing for over a decade now, so I can understand how devastating that would be. One that's the most useful is probably in the cloud so on a Dropbox or Google Drive. That way I can always download them too if I'm on a random computer.

The program crashed, which hasn't happened, ever. Not like that anyway, with the included blue screen of death. Normally the autosave feature took care of these things. I had that set to save current projects every few minutes, along with everything else. I had a few crash to desktop episodes and every time, all of my stuff was still there. This crash corrupted every save. Had to reinstall, start from scratch with a fresh copy. All of my work is backed up elsewhere, soon the settings will be as well. What a headache.

I have had this happen so many times over the years. We use something called 'crashplan' that remotely backs up our network drive pretty much continuously. That way if files get corrupted or overwritten, I can go to the cloud and look through various save revisions based on the date.

I’ve been saved by similar software. I was once working on a client job and I used a script that I’d bought online to automate some repetitive tasks and it over wrote my main working file that had dozens of hours of changes in it and a deadline was looming. I was freaking out until I realized it had all been backed up automatically.

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Oh yeah it is really useful. About once a week my wife accidentally overwrites some critical file it seems. She works for all of the major toy companies so it's critical to be able to recover this stuff. Crashplan has saved our asses over and over again.

That sucks!!

I lost a poem the other day because busy.org didn't save my draft and I forgot to save a txt backup as I always do. I was tired and got too absorbed in writing. I wanted to cry like a baby... But hey! Shit happens every day! After the first few times you just get used to the smell and move on!
Here, have a cheerful one for a great new week!

I lost an entire post once. It was a lengthy piece of my twisted side. I accidentally hit caps lock instead of shift, then I hit tab instead of caps lock and I must have pressed something else because tab made the cursor hop as expected, but my entire post vanished as well. I didn't post that day. I rage quit. Came right back for more punishment though! We're good at that here, right?

I had to listen to the song before replying!

Ouch! That hurt a lot! Anger! Emptiness! Frustration! Some swearing, some sugar eating, some 'Steemit couch' group therapy and you're all good to move on (and keep punishing yourself a little less harsh after the blockchain therapy session).

Thanks for the tune! It made my day and I am sitting alone in the kitchen, drinking my morning coffee and singing along...

My original idea for this post was to pick a song for each of the five stages of grief, then share that. Thought it would be way too depressing though, plus I was drunk when I came up with that idea, so the post would have been a mess. Glad I waited. Enjoy your day.

That whitish face above seems to be the corrupted file whispering to you in a dream. I'm taking it all. Have a nice life. Then the little subconscious parts of you in your chest that know all are shouting Wait! Don't go! Let's talk about it!

I hope that's what he's doing. Hopefully I'm not, taking it up the ass, as they say.

Now that you mention it...

Looks like I ruined another art post...

A good ruining.

Turn off the sad songs, and on with the Christmas ones...,, on the other hand... some metal may be suit the mood better.

I know that sense of loss. I can't say it about settings but, I have lost photos I loved, places I will never be again doing things and having moments in time that will never be possible, can never be repeated in the same way.

Photos are my memories as my memory is too poor to be able to save for a rainy day.

This is like pulling open a drawer of the toolbox, nothing is inside. All those nice labels I made, gone. Open the plastic case for the socket set; most of the sockets are missing and everything else is in the wrong place. You know how you can feel your way around the house in the dark, always knowing where the light switch is; yeah, where did the light switch go? Months worth of organizing and fine tuning, gone... LOL. That's not a happy laugh. More like a going crazy but I guess I'll be fine, laugh.

I'm having flashbacks of the time my brother deleted my 99% complete save file for Donkey Kong Country on SNES.

I know the feeling but not with my drawing tools since I'm really just starting to use them. Very sorry to hear about this, catastrophic in that computer way.

It is what it is. I'm slowly getting things somewhat back to normal but it'll never be the same. That's life though. A virtual tornado. There's nothing I can do now, after the fact.

First of all, wow, there are a lot of men in that The Man Cave of yours. I assume one of them is meant to be Willie Nelson. Are they all down there in that cave drinking whiskey together? They should be, because as everyone knows, whiskey fixes everything.

Second of all, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss of settings. Since I'm not a digital artist I don't really understand the gravity of what happened to you, but I can guess at it.

At least you still have your art collection. Ain't no house fire gonna destroy that, because you put your art collection here.

What I have here are the jpegs. If I lost my project files, I'd be up shit creek without a paddle.

Yes, true, but it's still better than nothing I guess. Or maybe it's not, I'm certainly no digital artist so I wouldn't really know. However, the last time I was up shit creek without a paddle I just got in the canoe and floated back downriver to where I'd lost my paddle and everything worked out alright.

I fell off the boat last time I was up shit creek without a paddle. Some of it got in my mouth.

That doesn't sound as bad as getting saltwater in your eyes. It's why I never go to the beach.

I wonder where all the shit in shit creek comes from. Is it perhaps runoff from the shit mountains, where there are shitstorms all winter long? I need to put more thought into this.

I wonder if those mountains grow shitcicles?

Yes, I imagine they do. I bet you could go out in those mountains in the Shit Creek Wilderness and build a whole army of shitmen and have shitball fights and then freeze to death in a shitzzard. Well I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

That's sounds like fun compared to a shitnado. When you see the lightning and hear the massive farts; time to head to the basement.

Am I supposed to entertain you? Reassure you? Be a mean *&%$ *&^%$^ to you, just because it's what I do?

Umm. This is a happy comment?

If I needed the pity stuff, I'd probably be sitting here playing the victim the card, or asking for donations, or something other than laughing at myself. This sucks but you know what? A lot of things suck. Who cares.

Probably the things which are sucking.

Shit, that's rough. I still remember the feeling I had when I realized about a fill memory card of pictures didn't 'make it' somehow... Pictures from the other side of the world, pictures of which I still remember the colours and subjects vividly, pictures I'm never going to be able to do over. It hurts. To recreate all those tools... I am just going to hope that somehow it will somehow get you to create something you wouldn't have otherwise. Good luck!

When I was a kid, riding the school bus, I'd stare out the window and pretend I was taking pictures by blinking my eyes. I can still remember some of those sights, vividly. We struggle when our technology breaks down or we lose something. This must partially be what it feels like when one's mind begins to go, with old age or other illness. Wow... Not fun.

A gram of meth and one lost weekend and you'll have all your settings back.

And one hell of a hang over.

Oh shittttt, that sucks so freaking bad!! Years ago I lost an entire half a book I was writing due to a corrupted file and there was a lot of head screaming...then I decided maybe it was a sign that I should reevaluate where I was taking the story. It did work out for the best, so hopefully that's the case for you too! So sorry that happened to you!

I lost what was supposed to be a book as well, over a decade ago. I didn't write anything for many years after that.

Its crazy when technology turns our back on us and we are left wondering how did we used to do things without it, right? I am sure that this will inspire some new works that we will be seeing... can’t imagine how dark (but entertaining) they will be though

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I might even discover some new things along the way. Always a silver lining.

The Man Cave was formed when a giant man fell into a silk sheet and died.

Eventually all of his blood soaked into the sheet. Over the course of a few years his body completely deteriorated leaving behind only the sheet permanently formed into the tempur-pedic mattress by the hardened blood.

Over the course of 1000s of years, the mattress dissolved and was replaced by compressed dust leaving behind a solid cave structure.

So don't worry about the corrupt file. Just know that the man cave will live on as a symbol of hope for future generations.

I'm so glad I still have The Man Cave. I'm surprised nobody mentioned all of the faces I stashed away in there...

Well, those are the faces that he laid on top of. the reason he died in the first place is because those faces tried to eat their way to safety but ran out of air. Now they are a permanent fixture of the cave walls.

Are you sure you're not a CSI? That's that mighty fine sleuthing.

To most, I am just an ordinary forensic scientist. But in secret I am the fastest man alive.

Oh noes how did that happen D:

Well you still managed to produce something great even if it felt like first day on the job and you'll figure out all the settings again.

I always wonder whenever I look at your pics and see anything if it was something you put in there or if it's something my mind is helpfully inventing out of the swirls and patterns you made

Hell if you're like me you probably needed to rejig the settings at some point anyway. When I go the new version of Krita some of my favourite brushes were either gone or had the settings changed. I could have probably tweaked the settings to get the old behaviour back but I actually found new favourites to replace the old favourites pretty quickly so everything worked out all right in the end :)

Hope it doesn't take too long to get everything back the way you want it!

I explained in another comment how it all started with a crash.

If you're seeing faces everywhere, that's because I put them there. Man cave. Get it? This piece was more of a trial than anything. I still know my way around the place but now it feels like I'm going through someone else's closet.

It's true, what you say. I've already found a few new things I'll be experimenting with that might actually replace some of my older tools and settings.

Wow sorry to hear that. That's probably enough to give the feeling of wanting to give it up. Maybe you will have better settings as a result.

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Give up? No thanks. I can slowly get things back to where they were, plus I learned a lot while I was messing around so at least this time it's less trial and error. It's not that big of a deal. I was trying to be funny and joke about it; laugh it off.

That's good to hear. I'll be looking out for your future posts.😁

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The damn bitch corrupted your files. She probably had a virus. You need to stay away from that shit or at least use protection...an antivirus or something. It is amazing you could still produce this file. I recall they are your creations. My justice prevail. Take another sip my friend and best to you.

I can still work, things just take long. Something as simple as a folder where I'd keep my favorite tools... gone.