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Imagine this scenario: You’re best friends with someone.

You talk every other day for years.

Then all the sudden one day...

...they stop responding.

You think, "What did I do wrong?"

"Did I reach out too much? Was I not giving enough? Was I too clingy?"


Well, this sort of thing happens all the time.

It’s even happened to me.

Shocking, I know, considering what an awesome friend I am 😂.


For me, friends are the family that you get to choose.

They’re very important to me.

I place a lot of value on true friendships.

It used to hit me very hard if I lost a friend.

I’m talking crying on the floor, eating gallons of ice cream, embarrassing, slob-kebab type behavior.

Not that it happens a ton, but has happened more than once.

It happened recently, which I hate to admit but I guess that’s why it’s on my mind.

If it’s happened to you, know you’re not a loser.

If you’ve been ghosted, stop it.

Stop circling the negative “it’s my fault” and “I’m a bad friend” thoughts in your head.

Stop it right now.

Those thoughts aren’t necessarily true.

A lot of us don’t ever get to find out why we were ghosted…

…but sometimes we do.

And the lucky ones who did, have discovered that it wasn’t always them!

I read online about a woman, let’s call her Karen.

Karen's best friend Noelle stopped talking to her out of the blue.

25 years later, Karen randomly reached out to Noelle on social media.

Turns out, Noelle’s older brother is the one that wanted her to stop talking to Karen.

Karen was young and impressionable, and listened to her brother.

Years went by and she was too nervous to ever try to reach out again.

Not saying that’s the case every time.

My point in telling you that story is so that you realize...

It’s not always about you.

Sometimes the person who ghosted you did it for their own personal reasons that have nothing to do right now.

Maybe they’re picky about who they hang out with. Maybe they don’t have enough bandwidth for more than a few people in their life.

Maybe they only have time for family and had to make some cuts.

Maybe that’s not it.

Maybe they don’t emotionally have enough to give to someone else.

It sucks to lose friends.

Especially close ones.

And heck yeah you should mourn that.

Let yourself be sad for a bit.

Give it a couple of days—

But then move on.

Personally, I think I’m awesome and I’m not going to waste my energy letting that crap bother me anymore.

What I’ve learned that helps make it hurt less

The reason losing friends doesn’t hurt me so deeply like it used to is because I recognize now that my worth isn’t based on someone else’s actions.

Because one person out of the billions in this world decided that our friendship wasn’t beneficial for them anymore…

…doesn’t somehow make me a worse friend.

If it happens to me 3 or 4 times…

…it STILL doesn’t make me a worse friend.

Maybe it makes me bad at choosing stable people to be friends with, but I can deal with that.

I know I’m a good friend.

I don’t believe the lies anymore.

The lies that say, “Wow, this person dumped you. So did that one. You must be a sucky friend.”


I’m a good friend, and I know it.

I’m a bit flaky at times if I forget to look at my calendar and commit to something to soon without realizing I’m already busy.

That has frustrated people in the past.

But I got lucky and had a friend who was honest with me about what was bugging her rather than ghosting me.

So I learned from it and made sure to actively work on not doing that to my friends.

But I know for a fact I’m the type of friend who will drop what I’m doing to help you.

I’ll literally give you the coat off my back and I’ve done it before.

I won’t go into the reasons I think I’m a good friend…

…but the point is I know I am.

And if I do something sucky, tell me and I’ll do everything in my power to fix it.

I learned something else

Part of my problem is I trust people to soon.

It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize that, but it’s true.

In my mind, if I have hours and hours of deep conversations with somebody, and I’ve been vulnerable with them…

We are now friends for life and totally trustworthy.


But remember that quote “actions speak louder than words?”

Well, it’s true.

You can tell someone ALL about your struggles.

They can be understanding and supportive.

But, lets say one of your struggles accidentally effects them negatively in some way.

How will they deal with it when it comes down to it?

I’ll just give you an example that happened to me so you’ll know what the heck I’m talking about.

Story time!

Within the past few years, I had a friend who I told all about my ADHD symptoms after I’d been diagnosed as an adult.

She was so understanding!

She didn’t say, “ADHD isn’t real.”

Or any of the other stuff you don’t wanna hear.

I thought she was supportive.

Well, fast forward a couple of months later.

We were getting ready for an event together at my house.

She came over and we got all dressed up, did our makeup (well, she did mine because I don’t understand how that stuff works lol) and all that.

The next day, she texted me saying, “Hey, I left my shirt in your room. Can you give it back to me when I see you tomorrow?”

I said, “Okay I’ll go look for it. I haven’t seen it.”

I looked around my room and found 3 other things she’d left behind.

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the shirt.

I told her this, and she got very passive aggressive.

My gut was screaming at me, “Hey, she’s low-key accusing you of stealing her shirt.”

She’s actually mad at you for losing it, when you never even saw it/touched it. She’s actually really angry with you!”

I knew it.

I didn’t want to say it out loud, because if I was wrong, that would just be awkward to say “I feel like you’re accusing me of stealing.”

But uhh, maybe I should’ve.

I did everything I could think of.

I tore the room apart 3x.

I told her that I lose my own things a lot, but when I do…they sometimes turn up 3 months later in the exact spot I thought they were in the first place.”

I told her it would eventually turn up.

she said, “It’s got to be there. It’s not like it has legs and can walk out of the room 😂."


I know.

I never said that.

I told her maybe I’m missing it, and if she still wants to come over and get her other stuff she can help look for it.

That maybe she’d see something I’d missed.

I know if I were her, and it was an important item of mine…

…I’d want to go over myself and make sure my friend didn’t overlook something.

But I wouldn’t be mad at it.

She said to me, “You put stuff in my purse last night and I gave it ALL back to you. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is like if I were to tell you hey, sorry, your stuff magically disappeared from my purse.”

I don’t think it’s the same at all.

I actually said, “Hey, I’m going to stick this in your purse. Can you please hold it open for me while I ut the stuff in there?”

She held it open and watched where I put it.

She never said to me while we’re getting ready, “Hey I’m leaving my shirt right here in this spot. I’ll come get it later.”

I had zero memory of seeing the shirt.

But even if I had…

…she KNEW my struggle with losing things on the daily because of ADD.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I spend a MINIMUM of 30 minutes to an hour and a half daily just looking for things.

I literally have to schedule “look for lost whatever” into my schedule to make sure that i get things done on time.

It is what it is.

So, she SEEMED really understanding of the ADD stuff…but was she???


I’m pretty sure the t-shirt is why she ended our friendship.

She didn’t really talk to me after that, and even though I found the shirt 2 weeks later, she suddenly stopped responding to me and I’ve never heard from her since.

So, that’s my GUESS as to why I got ghosted.

I don’t really know though.

I’m not inside her head.

I can’t read thoughts.

But the thing is, it doesn’t matter why.

I learned an important lesson: I gave my trust too soon. I only knew this girl for maybe 5 months but felt close to her pretty fast because we hung out a lot and talked a lot.

Once it hit me that I’d trusted too soon, I instantly felt better!!

The ghosting didn’t hurt anymore.

I took 1-2 days to be really sad about it…

…and now I’m going on about my life as if nothing happened.

Because in her mind, she has her reasons.

She’s doing what’s best for her.

I can respect that.

And like her, I have to do what’s best for me now.

And you know what that is?

It’s knowing I’m a good friend and being okay with losing one.

I’ll just be slower to hand over my trust next time.

Have you ever been ghosted or ghosted someone? Did you find out why?


It's interesting to read this since you have nomadic in your name and I am a nomad too. I have moved 100's if not 1000's of times in my life. I am probably the person people think ghosted them.

But really, I cannot keep track. I am in my own head with my own thoughts and not in sync with most other people. I'm 59 now and maybe 25 years ago, a person I knew asked me how many people I kept up with from high school. None. I went to 6 of them and don't remember anyone from any of those schools except slightly if I try hard.

Most people I encounter are online. Here today, gone tomorrow. I would never dream of wondering why they came or went.

In person, I am only in the place for a short time, so I just enjoy the time with the people I meet where I meet them. I'm grateful for the time I have with them, but I know I will always move on.

I hope you wore the lady's shirt for years afterwards. Never would I ever care about such meaningless thing, much less harp on it. You are best off rid of her.

Of course... it's super hard.
Some of the best compliments that people use are things like 'they're so likeable' or 'he's really well-liked' - which is lovely, but again it ties people self-worth into how others perceive them.. actually, now that I think about it, so many our compliments are based on how other people react to you... attractive, hilarious, 'has so many friends' etc. I think I'd prefer people to say I was caring or a good listener rather than likeable now.

This is great advice though, sometimes it's us, but I think the vast-majority of the time it's not us... I have so many friends who'd disappear as soon as they coupled up... but that's fine, as long as they're happy, really.

Like GM, it's making me thinking about the people I've ghosted, which sucks, I can think of a few examples already, and it's stupid because it's not that hard to let people know that you're just too busy at the moment but that you still like them.

I think we all need to work on trying not to be people who only contact others when they need something.

but again it ties people self-worth into how others perceive them.<< so true, you're making me think deep!

You ARE caring, and you're a generous person because you totally offered your guest room to me. Does generous count as one of the good compliments?

Oh man, coupled up ghosting is a whole different story!! I've had that too but I guess it didn't bother me much, it's just kinda life I suppose.

I wonder if getting busy is different than ghosting someone...I feel like it is. I've had friends where we get really busy and don't talk for 10 months or even a year but then we get back together and it's the same...so to me that's not really ghosting. That's just proof that you're good friends.

You've got lots of good points.

I hate to say it, since you don't like this compliment...but you ARE hilarious and likeable. Oops, sorry, haha

Hmmm, I guess ghosting really means that you never talk to them again... I'm sure it comes from Tinder when you have fun chats, go on a date, have a great time.... then silence, forever. Maybe we need a whole different term for people who only pop up when they need something... ? Ghostgrabs?

Oh for sure getting busy is totally different... but with your 10 month friends, how many messages would they ignore before you'd feel ghosted? At some point you'd stop trying I guess...

Hahaha, dang it... from now on I only accept compliments that are FACTS:
"AussieNinja, you are 5'8"",
"AussieNinja, I once grinned from a comment you made. That was good."

Hello my dear! I think we all have a story to tell of a friend pulling this horseshit. I do not know why it happens but it totally hurts. It’s like a giant slap in the face...especially when there is literally no explanation.

Thanks for sharing though. Lots of us here will be able to relate. On the other hand, stop stealing clothes. Remember when you stole this scarf?!?

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SHOOT ABOUT THAT! Hahahaha ok, so btw, this scarf is lost again. Or rather, left behind and it's officially the sisterhood of the traveling steemit scarf (we need to change that name though since you're def a bro).

It's in @eoj's closet because I left it in Bangkok on accident. Case in point hahaha I guess I totally DO steal clothes (and then leave them in closets). Does this mean my stealing clothes secret hasn't come out of the closet yet?


I enjoy reading you analysis and thoughts on these types of subjects, you are a great stream of consciousness writer.

Now im wondering if I have ever ghosted people. Check that, im positive that I have.

Either way, you make people think about stuff, which is awesome :)

BUT do I make you think too much about stuff?!? hmmmm haha

I dont want to think about it

Where did you find the shirt?

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Oh man, good question. Haha so I found it in the suitcase... I guess I'd picked it up and threw it in there 'cause I thought it was mine.

The shirt was turned inside out and so all I could see was plain black, and the texture felt exactly the same as one of my shirts!

So I think I must've thought it was my black sleeveless shirt. But when I was packing my suitcase to leave, I took everything out of it to start from scratch.

I turned the shirt back the right way and that's when I was like, oops. haha

I knew I'd find it eventually that's the thing

So what youre trying to say is: you stole the shirt.

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I would say this has happened to me. The friend just stop replying my message and i was like was it that i have offended him in one way and he is not ready to tell me and so he is keeping it to himself

I'm sorry that happened to you @adenijiadeshina

Yes. But now i did not live to regret it again

I ghosted a lot of people in my life 😏

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Friendly ghost Casper style or nah?

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