The sweet and sour tastes of life

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Life is always giving us different experiences, and we are living these experiences with all sorts of reactions.......
Some days are pleasant and some are not and our mood and reactions all vary as per our experiences...

But what happens when we are going through the most beautiful and simultaneously the most unpleasant experiences of life.
How would one react then?

Yes at this point of time I am going through some similar situation At one hand I have many reasons for celebrations and on the other side my health is not supporting. I have been having this problem of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis since last 2 months which is causing a severe pain in the leg while walking and draining out all the energy out of me. And on the other hand we shifted to a new house and I am all so excited to set it up and invite friends home and socialize. Though in the excitement I have managed to put up the house but there is still lots to do. I am also travellibg back to Mumbai and back home means catching up with friends and catching up on lot of stuff that I usually miss in Muscat.
While the treatment is on, its going to take some time to heal since I am going through alternative healing therapies and not the shortcut Alopathy treatment.

I am a person who is always wanting to be on fast track in life. I always have goals set back to back. But I guess a slow down is required in life and when you dont do that by yourself then Universe has it's own way of giving you a set back and slowing down your pace. This is also one lesson that I have learned from my current situation.
Now all I can do is just take it easy, slow down and allow my back to heal. It is very irritating at times cause there are so many things to do but I just need to push it off for later.

As per the doctor the condition is very bad and he thinks that I am just lucky that I am still managing to move around and all that he advises is rest, rest and rest. And all that I want to do is go out and do a lot of things around. Within the next 2 weeks it is our New Year and there is so much to do around it, but I guess this year I need to give a miss to all of it and just sit back.


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The tastes vary from person to person
A really great article, my friend
I wish you all the best


That's true. Thank you for your wishes @roselover

One of the things I am often sharing with people is that the Universe tends to bring us precisely what we asked for, and precisely what we need.

It may not feel like that, and things may feel "unfair" and we didn't at all "ask for something, perhaps like you are experiencing. But if a person keeps putting forth the intent I need to slow down and yet does not act on it? The Universe may send us a couple of broken toes or a foot injury...

Sending healing and bright blessings from afar!


That's very true manifestations are always waiting for the right time to shape up. May be it's time for a pay off and a lesson to be learnt. And the best part is when you get out of it the feeling is so liberating. While I have a lot of pain, I have loads of good wishes coming forth and a lot of healing happening which is giving me a lot of strength and keeps me going on smoothly in this phase for which I am very very grateful to all my well wishers.
Thank you very much for your good wishes and healing energies @whitelightexpress

right, dear!
when we don't understand the signals and sign from the Universe, it can push us in more "clear" ways, and they are not always pleasant;(
I've noticed it often as well...

the New Year soon? wow) your traditions differ much;)


Yes my dear it is not very pleasant but honestly I have been very very lucky, all through out I have been receiving help miraculously and never felt stuck up for which I am very grateful.
In India you will have 10 different New Year's hahahaha....every religion has their New Year. We are always celebrating something or the other...hehehe


aah India is a country of holidays?)) then it's a sister of Russia;))
we've holidays almost every month! it seems to me Russia likes holidays more than any other country in the world;))
2 weeks of rest for the New Year time! too much I think;) though I don't work now, so I don't care;)

have you bought gifts already?)

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Sorry to hear of you back problems, it is always difficult when we want to be active and doing things to sit back and rest - but sometimes rest is the best medicine and relaxing will help you heal quicker.

#thealliance #witness


Ohhh yess, that's quite true. Rest is needed to heal and as everyone says I have wheels on my feet, in normal times rest stays far far away from time to learn some lessons :-)

good health always, success for you, @nainaztengra,☺️