Mindful Monday - The so called Karmic Life Debts

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We have many people in our lives who we wish sometimes didn't exist or crossed our paths. We are continuously struggling to break free from these type of people but we see the more effort we put in the more they keep coming into our lives again and again. And it can also be the same for us in other people lives. They may not want us but somewhere or the other we keep reflecting in their lives.

And why do we think this happens. And can't we break through these patterns.

Well through life times, we have connected with lots and lots of people and we have had all sorts of relationships with them. Relationship of love, hatred, fear, anger, give and take and may be much more. We have had partakes with these people and those are getting carried across lifetime, never ending, never getting closed. The Energy of the past experiences have deeply rooted in the Energetic body and it keeps coming back because it has not been cleared.
These energetic patterns keeps us stuck and makes us experience them again and again. Unless we are able to remove and release these blocks they will be stuck within us taking us through the same experiences. Energetically we have attached chords with these people and with the same pattern we also start attaching chords to other people where the experiences are similar and getting into a never ending loop. When you start attaching chords to other people or other people attach it with you, then you are almost mimicking them. That's the reason most of the time it is said, what you see in others is a reflection of your own self, your own character.
When we are going through experiences with different people in different ways we normally say it's a karmic life debt that we are going through. Well yes it is right but is it that we cannot get out of this loop ever?


In the very first place instead of allowing emotions like anger, fear, hatred, desperation decide the way forward for you, allow yourself to act from a space of Love. I can understand that when the circumstances are very tough most of the senses go for a toss and specially if we are dealing with the same person again and again in the same house.
My Mother in law passed away 3 years ago. Before that we all lived to together and the two of us never had a pleasant relationship. Sometimes she used to dip and sometimes I used to dip and then we would have very difficult days to deal with. Many a times she would not talk with me for days together, sometimes I used to feel why should I bother, let her be in her way but then this would really not resolve anything. Sometimes I used to go and hug her and give her all the loving energies, she would be little hesitant to accept it first but then eventually be ok and matters would resolve. I knew the solution but then there were times when the Ego was at peak and that would not allow me to act from the space of love. But at the end I would always realize that through love anything could be sorted out.

These type of clearings are not as easy as they are said but they are very much possible if the intention is there.
How does one get into this space where one can think with Love and Compassion for another person no matter what the person is.
It is very simple but not easy. One just needs to raise their energetic vibrations and then everything is possible.
Firstly the daily Meditation and Breathing practice helps a lot in clearing one own's energy and when one is able to clear their own energy automatically they elevate themselves to higher frequencies and start acting accordingly.
Color, Aroma and Sound Therapy also works very well for increasing awareness.
Spending time in nature, doing grounding, keeping away from heavy radiations.
Chakra cleansing and Spiritual Sanitation helps one to get rid of the negative patterns stored within at the cellular level.


Nothing is fixed within us including our DNA which also can be altered by making changes in our environment. But the only thing is no one else can do this for us, it is only we who can do this for our self.
Hence we need to stop blaming Karma for everything that happens in our life and for everyone that crosses our path. Yes Karma will make people cross our paths but what type of experience we want to create with them will entirely be upon us.
We have heard of many stories about a victim's close one forgiving the culprit. These people are true examples of acting from a space of love, vibrating at higher frequencies.

Today you can decide how you want to deal with your own Karma. We can clear the energy blocks stored with us giving us all the unpleasant experiences or we can just clear these energy blocks and start becoming our own healer.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Although i do not believe in Karma I believe that in the aterlife (heaven or hell) we can achieve justice and rewards or punishment for that matter based on our actions here on earth while we have the opportunity to do good for our own salvation @nainaztengra

Isnt that part of karma?

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My dear everyone has their own belief around hell or heaven. I believe heaven and hell is all here itself on earth. Anyways the more important point is that we need to get out of the rut and Love is the only answer.

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allow yourself to act from a space of Love.

I try to come back to this message all the time. It HELPS. I love the story of your mother in law being hesistant at first then hugging you back. How lovely! It must have helped your relationship enormously.

A beautiful post to wake up to.

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Thank you very much my dear. I guess as you age you automatically learn to Let Go and you want to live healthy in every way physically as well as mentally.

Bravo, dear!!
I was reading it without breathing. Just the same what I think about this topic. Totally agree with you. I like the topic of Karma and Energy, it helps to understand reasons and effects of our life events,to behave right, to make right decisions though yes.. sometimes it's really hard to overcome our Ego and emotions.
My relationships with my mother in law are very hard as well..so I do understand you.

Thank you my dear. Appreciate your comment. That's true, many a times even after all the understanding EGO supersedes. I guess this relation of the MIL and DIL is only one messed up thing...hahaha....most of the times this is the only tough relation to manage in life.

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