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Sometimes in life you come across some wonderful people who have so much to teach you. Today I met a very interesting person, more than interesting I will say knowledgeable and also very insightful. We both plan to assist a Company which is not doing very well and struggling to keep up in the market. Myself from HR perspective and he from the overall operations of the business.

When I was talking to him I was in complete awe of the way his thought process is, the way he commands to make things work and the way he gave advice. I had seen this person in the Company premises for a couple of times but never knew his caliber. It was a pleasant surprise for me, because he always carried out himself so very humbly but when I spoke to him not only did I find out that he was a Director of Multiple companies but also a person filled with wealth of knowledge, a person full of values and moreover a very very positive person.

The one thing he said in the very beginning of the conversation is "See Nainaz, nothing is impossible, if you believe in this we can work wonderfully and bring the desired change" Well I also have a similar frequency so it was not at all difficult for me to comprehend with his ideas and thoughts. He gave me some very classic He said one day his friend told him that he can never cook a straight shrimp, whenever he makes it always curls up. So this guy said ok i will make it and show it to you, the next time he made a shrimp he put a tooth pick in it and made it straight, cooked it and served to his friend the straight shrimp, I am sure a lot can think like that, but the whole point is that if we think there is a limitation and we cannot do this or that then we will never find a way to do it. The amount of motivation he gives to his people is truly a marvel. He empowers all his people in highest capacity and ensures that each one's talent is used to their maximum.


Very few people you come across who are so positive and so determined about life and I absolutely love to be in company of these type of people, what the books will take years to teach you, these type of people can teach you in no matter of time. With everything that he would quote to me he would give me an example. The other thing he spoke to me about was his hobby, he like to have pets at home and has around 40 different types of birds, some turtles, fishes, rabbits at his home. Muscat gets very hot in summer time, temperature for us right now is 50 degrees so you can imagine how hot it gets and there is a lot of humidity also. So I checked with him, how does he manage to have all these pets outside in the open. He mentioned that he has build up a whole system in his farm with sprinklers and air sprays which keeps the temperature cool even in the open space and allows his pets to be in the open. I found that very inspiring, because each one of us here keep complaining about the weather where as this man has already got his solutions and says it is not a botheration at all.

Truly these type of people display a behavior of greatness, for them there are no limitations but only possibilities. I feel they enjoy every block that they face because that allows them to expand their capabilities more and more. I don't know if ever I will be able to reach to his level of thinking but even if I can get somewhere closer to it I will feel proud of myself.

If someone has to ask me what is Leadership, I can clearly point out to these type of people and say this is Leadership.

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Beautiful that you met a person who has such a positive influence on you, and who also has such lively stories and a desire to uplift you. Never forget that the people we meet are a reflection of ourselves, so you must have some amazing stuff going on inside of you too!! x

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