What are the things you can do to bring positive energy in your home

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We spend most of the part of our lives in a place that we call HOME, where everything starts and everything ends, hence the place that occupies the most of the part of our life is the most important place for us and it matters how we manage that space for us.

Energy is all the time impacting us and energy is created and altered by us. The way we live in our house and maintain our house accordingly the energy of the house builds up. If we keep it shabby, cluttered, dirty we should not expect anything but negative energy building up, which will gradually start complementing with our own energy and give us results accordingly. Similarly if we build up positive energy in our home the same will reflect back to us and it will show in different areas of our life also.

I have observed that the energy of the house is not a very easy task to be cleared. Specially if you have moved into a home where some one has already lived before then it is all filled up with the energy of those people and it is very important to clear that and bring your own energies into your space.

We also keep accumulating a lot of things in our space, no matter whether we are using it, going to use it or never going to even touch it. Well its very very important to clear up the outside space of ours on a regular basis by removing all that is not required, de-clutter our homes and keep things only that are in use. On a regular basis we need to check for things in our shelves, cupboards, storage spaces and anything that has not been used for a very very long time, that means it is not required and can be removed.


These are some tips that can help to bring in Positive Energy at Home

Remove the Clutter: When we keep accumulating things and never use it or touch it energy starts getting stale in those places. It gets stuck in those areas, hence de-cluttering is very important.

Keeping the Corners free and clear: This is the place where the energy accumulates the most, hence when we keep the corners of each room free, there is a easy flow of energy. It is advisable to not keep anything touching the corners and keep a distance of 3 to 4 inches.

Use of Incense Sticks or Dhoop: Daily following this practice will really help keep the energy of the home clear. Specially the corners of each room and also in places where there is stuff which is not regularly used.

Soothing colors for the Wall and for the Linen: Using colors for the wall that are soothing for the eyes does help. If you have very strong colors, every time you keep looking at it you attract the attributes of that color. Like a Dark Red can evoke anger, where as a Pink shade will evoke calmness. A Dark Orange is a color of Power, You do not need too much power at home, rather you need something that is soothing. Hence the colors we use in our home are very important. The Color of our Linens also make a difference accordingly.

Leaving the windows open for sometime during the day: The best time would be morning during Sunrise when the energy is still soft and you allow that to flow into your home.
When I was very small, the house I lived in never gave me a good feeling, I would always get very scared. The house was positioned in such a way that there was no sunlight in the house, most of the part of the house was dark and I could feel that darkness also in my life. The moment we would step into the house I would feel very heavy. That time I was too young to understand all of this and my Dad never bothered about it, but it was always on my mind that I cannot accept this house. When my dad passed away the first thing we did was sold of the house. May be he would have not liked it but then there was no point in keeping it, we would have never lived there. Me and my sister could clearly sense the house was not doing any good to us. And over a period of time there was so much negativity seeped in that it would have taken us years to clear it. The position of the house was also such that may be it would have never worked for us.
Whenever I shift to a new place the first thing I see is if the house has good ventilation and enough Sunlight. I always prefer my Bedroom East facing as getting the early rays of the Sun makes a bright start of the day for me.

Playing Good Music or Mantras and Aromatherapy: The vibes of the Music and Mantra will spread in the home bringing in peace and serenity. Using essential oils at home will raise the positive vibrations of the space. Using mild fragrances helps raise the overall vibes of the space.

Keeping Indoor Plants:It is always good to have plants around at home, they help keep the air clear.

Lighting a Diya or Keeping a bowl of water in places where you feel heavy: This works the best. Any part of the house where you feel heavy, a Diya or a Candle should be lit up for a few days and you will see a lot of difference in a few days time. If you are keeping a bowl of water you need to ensure that the water is changed twice a day.

When we shifted to our new place, from 2 weeks before everyday I used to light candles in every corner of every room and keep a bowl of water in the center of the room for energy clearing. It is a new house though but there have been lot of people who have worked in building up this building and the home, they would be all flowing with different types of emotions and energies which would have somewhere been occupied in this space, hence it was important for me to clear up the space completely before moving in.


Doing Meditation at home also helps, while meditation is for own scaling up but when you scale up simultaneously you will take actions around you for things associated with you to also scale up.

A cluttered dirty house also talks a lot about the personality of the person. We will not go too much in-depth on this. But generally you will find this type of a person more messy all around.

The day you clean up your house and remove the unwanted you yourself will see how light you will feel on that particular day. You will feel so fresh and lightened up. There's a Law of Attraction always at work, You feel chaotic within, you express chaos outside in your life. You have your space cluttered up, you feel the clutter in your life too.

We should allow the universal energies to work in their best capacity by being more receptive, an open and a positive space within and outside of us allows us to manifest our highest desires and allows our thought forms to shape up easily into reality.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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They say neatness is next to godliness... Also they say charity starts from home - meaning the home is a place where the heart is, learns and nurture into humanity.

I agree with your thoughts and all your suggestion envelopes itself in what I call electric transformation.

In doing these things that you cited @nainaztengra will make every home bring positive energy to the household :D
Incense and plants really is so beneficial because of its soothing effect in the body.

Some really nice suggestions here! I enjoy having indoor plants and himalayan salt lamps, as well as beeswax candles. Soooo soothing. I'm also in the process of organising a tiny bamboo indoor waterwheel-fountain. We NEED to have the water moving indoors - helps to cool and also stops mosquitoes breeding. I so love the thought of making my space even calmer and more tranquil. Nice post.

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Those were some really helpful tips! I had never considered the color of the walls being so important. It makes sense though. I usually love really bright colors, but maybe they would be better accents then wall colors. I also never knew about the corners of the room. Kinda feel like I want to check all the rooms haha.

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