#3 - Rest - How to be fit and not die trying?

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Pals! Nachinsen once again here. Today, writing the last, but not least part of my personal guide for healthy & fit lifestyle. In case you've missed the last posts, here are the links for them:

Part 1: https://steemit.com/food/@nachinsen/1-food-how-to-be-fit-and-not-to-die-trying 

Part 2: https://steemit.com/food/@nachinsen/2-training-how-to-be-fit-and-not-to-die-trying

Food and training maybe are the most common issues all of us care about when we decide to look after our health and fitness state. But in many cases, an important matter is left behind. Any of these ones won't be effective unless we got enough Rest. 

Why it is important?

Sleeping covers many functions. In terms of fitness, there are 3 main purposes covered by it:

  1. Muscle and tissue repair --> human growth hormone is released while sleeping. The math is simple: not enough sleep, not muscle
  2. Energy consumption is lowered --> in order to have reserves for your next training session
  3. Recharging the brain --> I feel pretty identified with this one. Having a good night sleep guarantees mental alertness during my day, keeps me motivated (as i don't feel like a walking dead haha) and my muscles OK for another session

Some tips for getting a good night sleep

From my personal experience:

  • Take a warm bath: this will relax your body 
  • Avoid training during late evening: if this is the case, your blood will still be running at a face pace, making it harder to reach sleep
  • Avoid watching TV in bed: Lights will trick your brain and your alertness levels will increase too. Try with a book (kindle for the geek ones ;) 
  • Sleep 7-8 hours: so that your general well being is guaranteed

In conclusion my friends, this is the end of my very first thread in Steemit. I find the platform really useful and great, after my first "trial" month. Hope you find the content useful! Comments are welcome. 

If you guys would like me to write more about this subjects, or any one in particular, please let me know! I'll really appreciate it. 


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awesome info! Please upload #4 ! When????

Actually you should be "careful" with your tips. I do not say they can't be working - however everybody should find out for himself.

"Take a warm bath:"
When doing this too often it might also hurt your production of testosterone. Which is bad for muscle growth. Details found here: https://steemit.com/health/@theaustrianguy/instantly-boost-your-energy-2-the-power-of-cold-showers

"Avoid training during late evening:"
This really comes down to personal preference I suppose. For my part I get way more weight and/or reps done in the evening than in the morning. Therefore I should get in better stimulation. Just find out for yourself.

"Avoid watching TV in bed:" You can watch with low light intensity. There also are special apps for the evening which dim your light. However, I agree that reading is better.

"Sleep 7-8 hours: "
This one should be just adapted to your body. Most people might need 8 hours. For my part as an example 6hours is perfect. If force myself to sleep 8 hours I am way more tired than sleeping 6 hours.

You wrote "personal experience" above those things. I think this is key. There are a few things that count for everybody (like healthy eating) but in the end you should just listen to your body and do what feels right. I don't mean that "oh that gives me the best emotion at the moment-right" - I mean that feeling when you are just happy in the long run.

Good article though, thank you!

Another "personal experience" is having kids :) I haven't had a full sleepy night for almost a year... and I really miss it... :)

Oh this is a completely different world! Haha.

Hey! Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. Totally agree, everyone is different. Like i point out, this is my personal experience mixed up with my proffesor's advice. I think balance is the key.

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