#1 - Food - How to be fit and not die trying?

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Community! How are you? Today i'll write and share my personal experience and knowledge about how to manage to be fit and keep healthy without being a total psychopath of the gym and non-fat meals.   

For giving global perspective, the "cake" of fit lifestyle can be broke down into three parts:

  • 33.33% Food
  • 33.33% Training
  • 33.33% Sleep

In this first release, i'll cover Food so let's get started!

Since i was a child, i've practised sports everytime i have the chance. High school teams, local clubs or training groups, from much more "self" sports like swimming to team sports like soccer . After all, I can conclude that my personality is more inclined towards team sports. Here is where i got my best results.  When i turned 18, i found myself without a solid solid plan for my health. Just attending to the gym 2 o 3 times a week so as to keep the blood flow active, doing 4 meals per day with total disorder. 

So one day, I decided and started to draw my game plan. As I was zero organized, a close friend of mine suggested me to visit a nutritionist. Luckily, i found one really close home. By that time, my weight was around 67 kg and almost the same height i have now. After talking about my situation, we both decided to set the goal of hitting 78/80 kg (since she found me a little bit skinny for my age).

The keys for success I found (and to be clear, this is my opinion) are:

Being organized

Plan in advance your week. Search for some “health meals” ideas and try to imitate them with the food you have available. Here I’ll leave you some recipes (link) . In adittion, try to include in your lunch red meats and carbohydrates like rice and potato and leave white meats and salads for dinner. This will help you in your digestive process. 

Have 4 meals every day (5 the days you go to the gym)

Breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. This is the parchment for keeping healthy and not being hungry along day. After gym, remember to at least eat a banana or a protein shake in the best case (this will help you not to feel really starved for your next meal). Also, your muscles need something after being worked in the machines so this is critical. 

Allow the “cheat day” on the weekend

As most of us gather with friends or family from Friday to Sunday, It’s a good idea to leave those temptations for these days.

Keep a record

You don’t have to visit your nutritionist every single week. Going only once a month until you reach your objective is fine. But yes is important to track your progress and watch the balance every time you can.

Always remember that there are a lot of things in the middle. As long as you do something you like and helps you to break with the routine, sooner or later results will appear.

I hope you find this tips useful! See you on my next post. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thanks @frannco! Hope to read your content soon

Great post!


Thanks a lot for the advice. My wife actually weights 180kgs but she is trying to lose some and this recommendations are very useful for her!

Glad to read that fefein! Hope she finds the motivation. Cheers