10 Secrets of Success - Part#1

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I haven't posted this kind of material in a while, but I feel like it's time to share some of my thoughts based on experiences and what I've learned from my mentors again. When I speak of success I mean the feeling of accomplishment, the satisfaction that comes from turning ideas and visions into reality, the manifestation of your aspirations and achievement of goals, happiness, fulfillment and a journey of joy. Whatever that may be for you, there are certain key ingredients that I have noticed, when it comes to achievement... experienced in my personal life, witnessed in other people's successes and listed for myself. Now I want to share with you some of the points that stuck out to me the most.

Sure, this is an endless list, but I cut tried cutting it down to 10 main points and split it into two digestible parts for you.

I hope you enjoy the read.


Recognizing opportunities is a big one, especially in the era we live in. Our economy is changing and shifting at a rapid pace like never before, and if you are one of the first to recognize and opportunity AND act upon it, before anybody else believes in it or thinks it's the right thing to do, you can win big time. Being one of the first is always scary, even though there is little to no risk in many cases. It might not work, but there is a chance it does and one thing is for sure... If you wait until it works for others, it's often too late for you. I don't regret any of my decisions, but looking back.. I realize that  I was one of the first few people who spread the word about Youtube when I was really young, I believe it was 2009. I made a few videos with friends for fun, but at the time didn't realize the opportunity and missed it. You can imagine what would've happened if I had built a following all those years, yup I'd be a Youtuber now. To be honest I'm glad I didn't and chose a different path, but this is a prime example of recognizing moments and what happens if you don't.. time goes by and new opportunities comes. So the fact that you're here on Steemit reading this, already shows you are aware of the benefits of doing before everybody else cares.


If you've been following my blog since the early days, you know that I have a couple of articles regarding this topic. I truly believe that you should not aim at eliminating fear, but rather aim at confronting it, understanding where it comes from and learning to work with it. In short: Doing things inspite of fear. Most people are afraid of failure, not because of failure in itself, but because of what other people might think about them. We are afraid of judgement. Now if we go back in time and take a look at where that fear comes from, you will find that your mind works on past experiences and you make decisions and accordingly, even if they are irrational. Your mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, memory and moment, which is the only reason why we act irrational. There is soooo much to learn about this topic and I wrote a few articles on this matter, but just know that if you are willing to get to know your fears, analyze and examine them and are subsequently able to gain back control over your life and not let fear get in your way, you are unstoppable and can celebrate a huge success milestone.


This is so incredibly important! You can google "how to be productive" as many times as you want, search the internet for hours and you will find a billion different answers and approaches. Why? Because we all are wired differently. Some work better at night, others in the morning. Some work best when under pressure, others need freedom. You might need to structure and plan everything or just think in your head and just go for it. It sounds so obvious "you are different", but it's true and it needs to be on top of your priority list... getting to know the real YOU. Especially in our ever-changing world of trends you can easily get lost and forget about what matters most and will always be sustainable. Over the last few years this is a huge lesson that I've learned... the hard way. I've tried what has worked for other people, looked for answers to my problems by looking at others. Eventually I got to a point where I realized that no matter what I would try, the only things I could do is those that I love doing, those that are ME and those that I would do even if no one else would want to do them and that's when everything changed for me. I am still on this journey, but I've also come a long way already as a young woman and am happy that I've found many ways regarding my daily routine and choices in life that work for me and continue to guide me in the direction of my purpose.



"Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own and other people's emotions, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s)".

It's a skill that can transform your life, your personal life just as much as your business life, because it's about people. Everyday we have to do with people. We work with people, you might have customers that happen to be people, and you might have a partner. Many problems in general are formed by lack of empathy. Period. It's the number one thing that can determine the success or failure of a friendship, business or marriage. When you are looking for investors for example one thing you need to know is that investors are people. Nobody invests purely in a project, that would just be an idea. People invest in people. People they believe in and trust. In the business world it's easy to forget that everything is based on relationships and humanity. This is something I learned particularly in Dubai and in general in the UAE, where business deals have a lot more to do with relationships than ideas. 

A different view where EI comes into play: Productivity. If you train your EQ, you will notice that your decisions become a lot more rational, because you can identify your emotions and when for example you "don't feel like doing something" you are able to quickly view this feeling from a third perspective and then put less weight on it because you know that this short-term comfort your inner voice is hoping for, is not what you actually want and so you act inspite of this feeling.


Many people would add to the list of "ingredients for success" that you have to have ambition/willpower/a definite purpose. And I agree that for a lot of people that is their "secret ingredient". However, that does not mean you cannot be successful if you don't have this kind of aggressive force inside you, a flame in your soul that wakes you up every morning and gets you to do things. What every successful person has and anybody striving for success needs, is simply a reason and I call that reason fuel. If you don't have fuel, or little fuel you will run out of energy quickly and give up as soon as an obstacle comes your way. But don't worry if you think you're missing this kind of fuel, because we all have it and just need to realize it. We humans are curious beings, we were born curious and without it wouldn't be capable of walking, speaking, solving problems or doing anything. We all have to learn first in order to master something and in order to learn we have to be curious. Now this same curiosity you can apply to any area of your life. My fuel and goal at the same time has always been 

"exploring my potential, testing limits and knowing what I'm capable of". When you need motivation, this is a practice you can always come back to. Just ask yourself  "But what if.. I could do more push-ups than I think I can... but what if... I could build a business... LET ME FIND OUT". And with the approach of "just wanting to know if it's possible" you cannot loose and eventually will win.

Part 2 is on the way...

 (Btw. I'm so busy right now, I completely forgot to thank you all for 2000 Followers! It's incredible to me how quickly this community is growing and I'm very grateful for all the support and positive comments. It feels like I know you all in person. A 2000 Follower Special is coming soon. I'm thinking about a live-stream where I can get to know you better and you can ask me any questions. What do you think?)

Question of the day: What is the number one thing you struggle most with and why? And what is the number one thing that is working great for you in achieving your goals?

Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit

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What is the number one thing you struggle most with and why?

Trying to explain to people that the Mainstream Narrative that is pumped out is total and utter garbage and that the true reality is far from what is being said.

And what is the number one thing that is working great for you in achieving your goals?

This one is easy. Knowing that the Mainstream Narrative is full of lies, deceit and manipulation and simply do what the masses are not doing. The system is built so that 90-95% of the population will never win. Knowing this simply gives you the edge.

Great article and great questions. Have a great weekend. Stephen


Love it! Totally agree with you, but that's also what excites me a lot. I think we are moving in the right direction and are close to experiencing major shifts in our economy, from the financial industry to the education system. I feel extremely grateful that I had a mentor to guide me and teach me the quite disturbing, but honest reality of the manipulated illusion we live in. But as always you have the choice to either just know about it and feel helpless, or actively work towards change and disrupting the education model. I think right now more than ever before we actually have the technology to make it happen, especially as we're moving towards decentralization where even the highest people in control will have to come up with a new strategy. It's an exciting time to be alive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Nice Post, While they are many ways to success I think the best two as per my experience are:

  1. Work and learn doesn't matter what you do as long as you like your work and learn how the company works if they are successful at what they do, after learning conquer your fear and leave the company to start your own business. This is where the real efforts come in, as it is not easy at the beginning, also the risk is high but so are the rewards.

  2. Don't save, in a world where central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow, invest instead of saving. I can't tell you what to invest in as this is a choice each one of us has to make but my top two for the time being are Blockchain technology as I believe it will change the future, and Precious metals since they did prove themselves for over 4000 years now.


Thanks for sharing your experiences! They are definitely on top of my list as well. Doing > Thinking = Knowing! And Investing is huge as well. If people would be greedy with their time as they are with their money and invest their money, like their investing time.. simply switch the variables, that would change so many lives and subsequently make the world a better and rather fair place :)


I agree, but I do think you need about 6 months worth of savings just for emergencies like quitting your job or someone gets pregnant or you just want to take off for a while.


Really nice one

Very useful secret of success you share @mrs.steemit. If people read your post, success will come to him. I will wait for part 2


Thanks! Part 2 is out now :)


I've read part 2 @mrs.steemit. Very interesting post you. Im motivated

These are very helpful suggested tips. These tips are very helpful to someone who is an independent worker.

These points are good for those who want to be the BOSS, not the employee.

Being a blogger or posting YouTube videos and definitely here on Steemit, we are all independent individuals,



Sure, you can apply it to any areas in your life, but especially if you're aiming at freedom in a sense of being in control of your time. Thanks!

Thanks for these great ideas. They will be of lasting help.

@Mrs.Steemit, Thank You, excellent points in Your series of posts.

You especially got my interest when You compared EQ vs IQ... it's said that the happiest AND most successful people are those that have the highest EQ which is generally considered more easily increased than IQ.

Hope You have a Good Weekend... Cheers !!

Quick Note: YES... I'd definitely be interested in a Live-Stream Q+A in Celebration of Your 2,000 Followers.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll make an announcement soon.
Enjoy your weekend as well :)

Great post I really enjoyed reading it and learned a few valuable tips while doing so.I believe in self belief,having the confidence and faith in yourself can be very helpful.Thanks for sharing and i look forward to part two.


Thanks! I just posted Part 2, let me know what you think :)

For me the keys ACCEPTING FEAR and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, thanks for your useful posts


Major points!

Loved this post of yours saw your interview on youtube you are truly an inspiring lady on steemit! keep doing the good works!


Like this


Thanks. Appreciate it <3


you are welcome. I checked out your part 2 write up liked it as well 💜💜

Hey Uma

It's been a while I saw your post.

Of all the things you mentioned here the thing that have helped me the most is curiosity.

It was curiosity that enabled me discover Steemit. Whenthe hype about cryptocurrency were increasing, when my friends all decided to ignore it, I chose to research more about it.

I saw an article on 99bitcoins.com that explained how to spend crytpocurrency, i did not have any but I decided to check the post out anyway.

Steemit was mentioned in the post and I followed the Link and Bam I was hooked. It has been an interesting journey so far and I am very glad I was Curious.

Thanks for sharing.



I love that you pointed this one out! I think curiosity is something that can lead you to the most beautiful destinations and often surprising opportunities are right behind the door of curiosity. When I found out about Steemit, I did a google search and found plenty of "this thing is a scam" comments from trolls, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it myself, and find the truth. And I am more than glad I did. Same with bitcoin, the internet, radio or any other NEW thing. People will always ignore it, until it's mainstream. If you're curious enough to try it anyway, the rewards/ upside of trying is often a billion times bigger than the downside of not trying it.
Thank you! :)

When I opened this post I thought I'll be seeing information that I have seen a hundred times before but it was something new and refreshing. Lot's of great info here to remember and to learn from.
The number one thing I struggle with is coming up with new ideas for writing. I don't consider myself good at writing but I try my hardest to give 100% of myself.


Thank you! I'm also not a big fan of those "how to be successful" posts, but I always try to offer new approaches and valuable as well as practical food for thought. Let me know what you think about Part 2, I just posted.
Regarding what you struggle with most, I actually wrote a series on this topic a while ago:
I might write an updated version on it soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

Learning how to learn - would be an interesting topic in this context.

The most struggling thing.... hmm hard to say. Sometimes I am very chaotic, this costs me sometimes more time, but in the end I find my order.

One long-worth to read - post.

For me.. I am working on all of them. Step by step, it's not easy, but not impossible. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for part 2


Thanks! I appreciate you took the time to read my post. Part 2 I just posted,let me know what you think :)

What an amazing post, I really like your writing, and also agree and think that emotional intelligence its one of the biggest keys on any social aspect you want to get involved. Im gonna keep reading your blog, cheers to you. steem on.


Thank you very much :) Just posted Part2, hope you can find some value in it as well.

I am reading a book at the moment called 'Rework'. Gives a complete new meaning to how businesses and startups should be approached. This will be a book for you


Thanks for the books suggestion! I'll make sure to check it out :)

Useful tips! great post.

Good advice, thanks!

Nice post!

Great quatos feel nice reading post.

this has some real depth to it and is well worth the read. good stuff you are bringing to the steemit community. thanks! - Troy

ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ! - know thyself! - I am not finished with the post yet, but what I read until now, is great. Good job! Upvote and I follow you

Awesome article @mrs.steemit full of knowledge.

There is passion in your posts! ...and the number one thing I struggle the most and the one who works better for me is the courage, I think, without courage you can't do anything achievable.

Thanks for all the helpful tips. I can't wait to try it out on Monday.

I enjoyed the read, thank you!

Informacion muy completa, esperando que hagas una segunda parte

great article

Now it is no longer a secret :D

Step 1: Invest in Crypto. Step 2: Lamboland

"One can succeed because one is great, but it is not success that gives grandeur - it asserts itself much more clearly on the contrary, if it really exists, in failure."
Pierre Reverdy

@mrs.steemit - I'm a silent visitor of your blogs but this time wants to come forward and appreciate you for this very focused article about success.

Steem ON!

Phenominal content, wow, I agree 100% with every point you made! I wholeheartedly believe that self awareness and emotional intelligence are the top keys to achieving other aspects of success and reaching/exceeding goals. When you can recognize what it is that you want, what you need to achieve it, and are realistic with youself and those around you, you will be on your perfect path to what success looks like for you. Keep sharing!

thank you for sharing

otra buena info que compartes, gracias

Shhhhhhh! It's a secret!! :((