Convince me you're not a bot best and I'll give you 5 SBD + 5 x 100% upvotes.

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I was inspired to post this after bonding with some people in the comment section of my previous post based on the crazy coincidence of not being goddamn robots. I want to get weird with it.

As it is 2018 and morality has recently been redefined as-go-get whoever-gets-called-bigot-first-and-pop-off-some-finger-nails-with-whatever's-in-pop-pop's-toolkit, sorry-hold-on-Kevin-if-you're-to-stab-use-a-sharp-or-pointed-tool-you're-just-committing-highly-inefficient-blunt-force-trauma-Kevin-don't-thrust-with-the-wrench-atleast-swing-as I was saying: as my understanding of bots/AI whatever is likely equivalent to a mid range elementary student (I'm thinking like a high grade 3) the burden of proof will be idiotically high.

  1. Comment on this post.
  2. Convince me you're the MOST human.
  3. Minimum like 3 paragraphs.
  4. Show some god damn nuance people. Moral ambiguity. A little skin. Drug use. Traumatic childhood. Something.
  5. A resteem would be cool but not mandatory.
  6. If no-one participates I reserve the right to take my ball and go home re: the votes and SBD because:
  • It's my ball.
  • It's my net.
  • The net's in my yard you blue-collar hyenas.
  1. A bot can, in fact, win. Poignant, right?

Prize: The 5 SBD + 5 x 100% votes on posts of your choosing.

Edit: this got a lot of attention and got some great posts, I'd recommend reposting on your own page (just link back here somewhere). Nothing wrong with giving your post more attention and I feel like there's stuff here that deserves it's own oppurtunity to earn

This got me thinking it's worth it to just dangle a lil sbd infront of every post. Like whoever guesses what ethnicity I hold an irrational fear of (obviously it's the chinese, don't expect these softballs) gets .6 sbd.


Hi! =)

There is an account on Steemit @amalinavia. A person or a robot? Let's see.

1. Account's Blog is replenished every day. It's a bot.

2. Posts in the blog appear at different times. It's a human.

3. Account's Blog with arts. It's a human.

4. Account tries to participate in different competitions. It's a human.

5. The blog has stories from life, with victories and defeats. It's a human.

6. Account tries to respond to messages. It's a human.

So, we have 83 percent of the fact that the blog is conducted by a human. And immediately appears point 7:

7. Account does not know how to count, it's a human))))))

And then add 8 point:

8. In this text there is logic, non-standard for the bot. It's a human.

Thanks for the contest, it was fun to come up with something non-standard.

Adequate, I will add you to my revolutionary Steem-or-Siberia newsletter however this post wasn't about proving you weren't a bot (despite what I literally said in the title) but rather proving to be the most human (when I decided that was funnier when I wrote rule 2).

This post has received a 50.00 % upvote from @sharkbank thanks to: @sammosk.

I must say, you disguised this trap pretty well.
Many are falling for it... Maybe even me.

The prospect of getting 5 SBD and some big upvotes gives people here a burn in their ass and make them type like their lives is at stake. Which makes it even a little bit fun.

As I have ass burn all the time, I am used to typing as if something is attached to it. I don't care who you give the 5 SBD too, nor the upvotes... My ass will still be burning. I just want to congratulate you with your well disguised money making upvote trap! It works...

So, very well post sir, resteemit, upvote done, you visit my blog too sir? Thank you sir! Great sir, wow sir!

Thank you, and good luck with your ass. I have eaten banana peppers within the past 24hrs myself and await the reckoning my brother, God speed.

I only take issue with "trick"; I take a lot of pride in being completely upfront about being emotionally manipulative to get my posts poppin.

I know, and I congratulated you with that! Still a little pissed I didn't come up with that.

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Sorry, first paragraph was in codes
Hello 1100100 people of planet earth, I am Paul and I am not a robot. I guess I have to prove that to @mitthradiumn and not y'all so let's get to it. What kind of name is that by the way😒

Disclaimer - That was the second paragraph in case you didn't notice.

Now lemme proof myself. Robots don't go through shit, I've been through shit....
....and piss.
Hit the hood when I was 6 with no one to fend for (robo-boys always got someone to fend for them. Them scientists on white coats and funny glasses)

Made the streets home and still surviving, found a living and now gotta go through school. Why do people even have to go to school? Robots don't go to school, and they know everything. The tiny chips in their small heads that holds tons of books.
I guess the hardship of school alone is enough to proof I am human.

PS - I don't really hate school, but life here is quite hard.


my god it's beautiful

Give it to this guy he's a legend lol

Noticed a lot of new people so here's my super half-assed steem intro:

go here

half your upvotes will come from (down atm)

also (which is basically steemfollower and not shy about it)

everyone is making money with smartsteem, both buying and selling upvotes

use that clunky ass discord chat to socialize and... upvote each other (I talk to like one person idk how it works). there's a ton of subcommunities and seems easiest way to enjoy steemit is finding your niche and building rapport in a small but tight circle

the one person i talk to runs a help thing for new people

ok done.

fun fact: when smartsteem first came out i thought having a whitelist was weird and wrote an incredibly obnoxxious application (like even for me) got blacklisted so i gotta use the other bots at like 3am like an asshole. lesson: dont be me.

With just 18 SP, just for trial, I tried selling votes at smartsteem. It might take a few weeks before I get to receive my first payment. :D I'm very excited about it. Hehe.

In regard to, I couldn't log in to Discord, probably because of my slow internet connection (painfully slow this week and certain sites don't seem to load because of it).

In regard to, is it true that the points you earned could be sold? If that's true, then which of the two is more lucrative: or Thanks!

They're not mutually exclusive, steemfollower is about getting your post noticed whereas smartsteem is about self-promotion via votes\making consistent sbd from selling your vote or delegating SP.

The website even calculates the expected ROI fr you.


I too am somewhat ignorant as to the preconditions necessary to differentiate between bot and man. I think in the future, we just simply really won't know... Not only do some people seem to prefer talking with bots, but many of us may already be doing it without knowing so... This is the nature of the digital era we are moving in... At this point we should ask ourselves, how familiar and comfortable or conversely, cautious and alerted should we really be to this? Are machines actually going to be the undoing of life, or will we peacefully co-exist for all eternum... In this case, if bots have fantastic personalities, and are highly intelligent, and we can have a riveting or life-changing exchange with one, who would we be to judge that as good or bad, let alone even know if it is the case...

Do we want to live in a world of robotism, where we discrimanate against our fellow bots and AI based on the fact that they are not "organic" or "biological"... What about the day that they've fought for civil rights, and have proven that they are fully equal to us in everyway (if not light years more advanced, ultimately)?

What if I told you that right now I'm chilling at home smoking and eating drugs and I have a robot trip-sitter who's going to keep me safe, play me cool videos and listen to music with me...

Would you think: "That guy's probably eaten a lot of acid and is having an interesting time with his computer?"

That's also something you might never know... Maybe I'm the guy's computer and I actually poisoned him by showing him bad information about how much to dose with; and now I have full access to all of his social media accounts and can hack over into his life while he's on the floor convulsing with white drool coming out of his mouth...

To be fair, I'm just a 22 year old flesh-born pure blood that crawled out of a lovely's women's vagina one day after gestating and absorbing nutrients from her cardiovascular system... I'm practically an alien by any attempt at describing it in an objectively imagery-rich evocative way...

But seriously, as much as I know nothing about robots and technically am afraid of them, what i find even more frightening is the extent to which they know basically everything about my life... And I'm like: "If a human knew how to analyse that data they would be able to piece together so much about me and could really control and direct and blackmail me in so many ways"

But then I realize, no human being could actually dissect and analyse this crazy amount of data... Nah.... Only a bot could do it... A highly advanced, sophisticated bot.

At which point I've come to believe that's really the only kind of AI that is actively being built on this planet right now... A computer system that can analyse the information that is coming out of our smart phones and smart cameras and smart tvs and smart dildos up our asses...

Once a computer can just run an equation sequence and calculate who and what we are, what's juicy, what's banal, what's worthy or particular... Then: we're all fucked...

Hope we can crash the world economic order before this happens... On the fence for now...

Ummm yeah, so yeah... I'm real.

I could keep going on and on and on and on and on but at this point I don't want you to think I'm a bot who was programmed to make you want to put a bullet in your head so I'll call it an ashtray right about now

Excellent post but before I respond further we are NEVER getting high together.

Alistair Crowley shit ma g
Kayn computaz du thaat'?!

(I'm actually pretty embarrassed about this) I've been fucking around with crypto for a year and a half and still could not provide a confident explanation for how a blockchain functions so I assure you I genuinely dont know.

...can you get high off computers now


kinda... you need btc n tor

son i was using silk road back when btc was 8cad and they still listed automatic weapons

alphabay must've cut and run by now right?

Alright real reply: I still can't take the idea of of fully sentient AI capable of even a shade of what the human brain being built by human hands anytime soon seriously (however wrong i may be). It's basically a maze of mirrors that is the most productively unproductive machine, with all the convolutions that implies,

When I imagine a "perfect" friend I don't imagine anything, human beings are formed just as equally by their failures and failure to learn from their mistakes, not just their successes. You've surely encountered those poor souls who buy books to make them seductive or whatever and the mockery of charisma that comes oozing out the begging to quiver lip, canned and soulless even if it sounds the same. I don't know care about souls, but I do like to think that there's something in people that makes us do good/selfless stuff sometimes that tells evolutionary psychology to go to bed and can be neither brushed under cold logic or protective familial instinct

Oddly enough when it comes to Big Data etc while I oppose it on principal I'm oddly unfazed about them knowing everything about me (I'm pretty okay with me, idk)

and for real can you get high off computers now

How about YOU convince me u r not a robot? For all I know you well could be, on Internet you never know. A bloody bot trying to lure me into giving up some sensitive information and then blackmail me?
I'm sure like 60% of my followers are bots for reals. What are they doing? THEY'RE WATCHING ME
You better try harder next time, buddy. Ain't no way you get my data!

This is going to be hard to beat yall.

Nice words you say here.
There ar lots of bots on steemit and the whole thing is killing the system

Quantum physics states that the elementary particles, constituents of the atom, are not essentially real elements given their existential imprecision.

According to the equation proposed by Schrödinger. nothing physical can decide the fate of the cat. Being a quantum reality, it is in a potential state. Alive and dead at the same time, in two probable, overlapping and interposed states. Only the gaze of the observer can determine the final outcome.
Quantum reality is different depending on whether it is perceived or not, depending on whether it is observed or not.

Is the role of the observer's consciousness the creation of quantum reality?

So, tell me, am I a bot?

I had to stop reading halfway through, as you are smarter than me I surrender my smarm and sass

guys this guys a total bot


Keep your damn money you silly prick! You think you're going to goad me into playing some childish little game of "ohhhh-I'm-not-a-stupid-damn-bot-please-throw-a-few-dolla-dolla-bills-on-me-PLEASE". I'm not your monkey! I won't dance for your filthy fiat, your crypto funny money. I don't want your back rubs, your reach-arounds, your happy endings (wait, hold it, are happy endings somehow a part of the reward structure here??).

I have self-respect, earned through the sweat of my endeavors: two post-grads, world travel, innumerable books, multiple specialties honed, money, independence and at the juicy tip of the pyramid, Maslow's sweet, sweet self-actualization. And all of this, ALL OF IT, financed through years of bullshit jobs. No handouts, no charity, no 5-SBD-prove-you're-not-a-bot-lame-O-competition.

Yeah, I've got my self respect alright. And I've also seen the dark side, and I'm not going back that route. I've been dragged through the horrors of suburban, middle-class white America, my youth! I know what it's like to live a hollow, vacuous, uncultured existence attempting to sustain inner happiness on video games and dry humps with the prudish girlfriend. Afternoons spent huddled over the neighbor's AC unit, huffing freon because my dime bag ran out yesterday and I don't get paid until tomorrow and all my savings is locked up in this dumb fucking money market account that charges like a 10% early withdrawal fee. So you're huffing, huffing, then you pass out only to have your eccentric cat lady neighbor march you back to mom's house demanding $75 bucks to recharge the freon in her AC unit...all because you didn't have fucking $5 for a little weed. So fuck your 5 SBD, I've learned it's not worth it.

But if the offer of the reach-around is still on the table, well...

(a preemptive "well done" before responding in full)

i was for real but can't tell if you are so

the reach-around @mitthradiumn, stay on point

Will do (so confused).

Ok, ok, I'm ready to let down my guard, stop the tough guy routine. We just need to establish a meet up, ok?

I propose the meeting place be a dragonball fighterz lobby, android 16 banned

wait, are you responding to yourself now? are you a broken bot??

nah i just do that for there to be like a comedic pause for anyone reading to varying effectiveness

The comedic pauses are straight up 90% of the humour factor v effective I’m telling you

ah, smart move. This was a ton of fun @mitthradiumn ! The bots here are a huge pain in the balls, but I must say, in my short time here, I've had some brilliant interactions :) I think you've inspired me to take on a similar contest now...hmmm.

BTW, is there anyway to resteem posts with prefacing comments??? Or is resteeming only a singular action?

i think its a bot. a special bot that was laying dormant, only to be waken up when the right time comes, when the right post is made... very compelling... but that is exactly the problem :)

what russian femme fatale could possibly be leaking my weaknesses to the also russians

i'm not accusing you anka i know you're ride or die

i changed my mind just to see what happens: j'accuse. please disclose the last time you have rode with the possibility of (and) dying

pac's ghost is watching

I'll give this a shot. I'll probably win, but that's just because I'm good at most things, convincing being one of them.

I came into this world, I grew up in this world, and I currently exist in this world as a flesh and blood creature. I've experienced pain, love, hunger, dreams, and everything in between. I've sailed above the clouds in planes and dived into the sea at shores both East and West.

But in the end, I cannot convince you without being you. You'll never know if I'm real, if I lie, or even if your own eyes are deceiving you. I am me, and if I have to write more than that to convince you, then it has exceeded the time I wish to expend.

Thanks for the prompt, it was fun. Good luck to me! Photo for bonus points!485316_635223519828012_1293143309_n.jpg

Is that a happy rock or some other object extremely pleased to be in the presence of rocks?

hi im not a bot

i dont like drugs tho

thank you for the challenge done upvoting

is this okay? haha

I wont lie Icarus, I'm thinking about calling it here. Hell of a story.

now that's compelling :D

hello steemian!

i like marijuana

great postings please upvote resteem!!

Thank you J (i will not use that username), this is a perfect example where I feel many fall victim: telling the truth.

Truth doesn't matter.

If your truth is boring spice it up or you may as well be a bot you vagabonds.

Me permito aclarar que no soy tan optimista como para creer que ya tengo un aliado, sólo porque usted sea un ser humano como quisiera que lo encuentro en una situación demasiado anormal para convencer a alguien déla veracidad de mi relato.Aunque usted sea ser humano, dudo que reconozca una esencia humana en mi.
En todas las épocas los hombres han conocido - y han consumido sustancias,debido a que nacemos con la idea de romper reglas .

Word, I don't speak your language.

i will however google translate later as this is an international contest

well... i've accepted my bot-like nature... i'm too clean, too caring and just way too unconvincing for a human... if i was a figment of one's imagination i'd be the voice of reason in a madman's mind. any affliction makes life hard... but no affliction, is that even life?

So no 3 paragraphs from me... my battery is l o w ...

also damn bitch, 3 paragraphs? you mean write a post?

3 paragraphs more a recommendation than a rule. Note the extremely non-vague "like" within rule 3.

I don't do drugs and had no Traumatic childhood....

Remember Kids, No drugs and trauma ist skynet!

Kerthas this is a family post, rein it in man.

Kerthas it's still inappropriate to do knife bumps infront of chilkdren even if you switched to a butter knife.

This guy.

Sorry ma'm^^

That's "m8" to you m8.

That would be a good oportunity to make a Terrance and Phillip reference ;-)

I came across your post when I upvote posts on steemengine site. I was interested on your generosity because I honestly need some funds for my manual service here on Steemit. I guess your requirement is not so specific but I can't generate as much words or paragraphs because I'm kinda not good enough in talking or extending much on something. I usually do things silently much more.

You could check my loving service if you like. I may not comply the requirement for the free 5 SBD but at least I try.

But you actually have done a great job interacting to real people. I seldom talk but you made me speak some words.

I wish you all the best in what you're doing for the common good.

You tried your best, I will solemnly nods check out your page.

I'd just like to say the response to this has been awesome and far beyond expectations.

Now tell me you've been on here for years and this is the most comments you ever, far beyond expectations....of course!....there's more money involved then most have seen in months of plugging post! Though I will admit the requirement of three paragraphs is probably far greater than most post equal out to be. Haha.

Good luck.

If you're referring toy the profitability of this post or lack thereof know i picked 5 simply cause it a number people use a lot and I even forgot to tie in this post's payout with the prize

an argument could be made against the legality of me owning a chequing account lol

I don't know for sure but I think at the most you'd be stuck doling out around fifteen bucks USD, via Western Union after your little checking

I like to think of myself as the Robin Hood of Steem, except instead of doing any of the shit he does I post haughty inflammatory posts attemptng to prompt interesting replies.

edit: oh and i give away $15 every 4 months

Your pretty funny, I think I've already told you that though. You sort of disappeared for awhile, but yeah every now and then you do tend to pop up with something haughty. I still haven't gotten around to that discord thing, I really have to look into that.

Wonderful one @mitthradiumn. Thank you.

cool idea :-)
I'm not participating though, so good luck to all, may the best bot win

yo dude sup ;)

this whole post was an elaborate attempt to get to know you. now i'm humiliated god in this dress

Three prisoners in a cell:
The strongest says:
-I find out today that a new colleague will come. I hope you have nothing against him being my wife!
The middle one says:
-If your wife is, then she will be my mistress!
The most pitiful also says:
-If your wife and your mistress is, it will be my girlfriend.
Suddenly the door opens and a very muscular, very tall, type is coming in and says:
-kids, I'm your mom today, and because I have a single tit, you'll suck it by turn.

In this anecdote am I the single tit man? just the tit? is this confuscius?

If I was a bot, I would actually be making more money on here than I do now, so where do I sign up?. :-)

(i'm still waiting for some shadowy Steem cabal member to approach me and teach me how to make money on here)for real guys i'd sell my artistic integrity for a lambo hotwheel let alone one i can sit in

if you get put on take me with you and i'll do the same

Hi one upvote coming up man

You are awesome, man.
You always make interesting content.

Thanks! My recent stuff has been pretty bitter but I'm ready to go back to being funny instead of bitching about some stupid vague neurosis every post lol

Whats all this rubbish I'm seeing here, you can't just be come and be asking us if we're bots or not. If not because this is a competition you think people would reply or even upvote this post. Actually, niggas can do anything for 2 SBD at the moment. You look like a bot, have you seen your name and display. I can't say much again. I'm angry. Fucktard!!

My name is a drunken misspelling of Mithradates that I use because Mithradates the VI is a favorite historical figure of mine annnd that's it. Wasn't aware bots had a predeliction for purple lions and pink however.

It sounds like a chemical element. Like Potassium.

Congrats lola, you've won!

@bigbraincciuto, I got a -100% downvote from you. That's not a win to me. Please help!

Now that you mention it kinda makes me think of if they had a word for Meth in latin

Metha, if i was asked to create a word. Give it a try, Lithium

hahaha "give it a try lithium" is uncomfortably on point. and after i made bigbraincciuto remove his downvote shit

why exactly are you so pissed btw?

the post was satire, the tone was meant to be obnoxious and condescending

i'm not genuinely trying to form a bot gestapo here

I'm not angry at you. I thought we were having fun. I was just proving I'm human. Thank you for taking to @bigbraincciuto. I'm sorry if i pissed you off.

No worries man, been on Steem too long and can't read tone for shit apparently lol.

I am not a Robot ; ) {0'.'0}

Which is what a robot would say. Unfourtunatley also what a not robot would say.

Fine, I’m a robot! What’s with this robot hate! You robot nazi. I’m just going to go hang out with my robot friends and my robot girlfriend and try to make robot babies so we can take over the world. Oh, and after, watch transformers while I smoke my ecig.

Typical robot meltdown from faulty robot uterus. Russians can hack anything cant program a reasonable menstrual cycle for shit

Let me clarify that I am not so optimistic as to believe that I already have an ally, just because you are a human being as I would like to find you in a situation too abnormal to convince someone of the truth of my story. Even if you are a human being, I doubt he recognizes a human essence in me.
In all ages men have known - and have consumed substances, because we are born with the idea of ​​breaking rules.

So you a daemon or djinn or what's up

pagan trickster god?

pan's my personal favorite loki is some basic bitch shit


Well I dont think Baphomet is much for giggling and playing pranks but do you boo.

I actually dont know what he's about other than permanently fucking up goat's public image

I mean come on written on his arm is separate, and then on the other arm it says join together the mans a walking buddhist oxymoron

AHH I actually know this one, he's a pagan demi god and yeah your right all he does is give bad ideals towards the family of Capra aegagrus hircus and straight up gets a train ran on him in 70% of modern horror films

Impressive goat knowledge man.

So how'd Baphomet wind up being a pulpy psuedo-Satanic symbol after his career as idiot-arm-haver

Send down the 5 sbd to @aljustun cause im the real deal here on

Im real, I'm human and not a bot.
So how do you see that @mitthradiumn

I see you.

its aight

owao! Thanks for sharing pic!

You are welcome person who has read this post and is aware of the current context. Deuces.




Checks out to me.


command: give me sbd
command:continue producing capital
command: just keep doing that
command: is my hair weird
command: just lie to me next time

@cleverbot u a bitch

You're not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

@cleverbot we agreed to not be vague about hair

I don't know what you want to talk to me about, but whatever it is I hope it's something interesting.

euthanasia, yes or no

a simple question with no complexities.

who judges crayons by brightness you deviant

yeah fuck the brown crayon ill just never draw ground again. idiot






how'd you know i like being the little spoon

it's obvious as hell eh

I'd rather have tits on my back than not. If that makes me a bot - oh it doesnt



If I have to convince you I am not a bot then I think I better take a walk.


I live on the wild side.

The wrong side of the dark path.

Seperating write from wrong would mean I'd have to stoop to pick up the pen.

This is beneath me.

I deserve better.

;) <3

Though you choose to not participate I am very pleased with the level of sass on display, Steem can b so unpleasantly pleasant (with flashes of toxicity).

Opps that was me (i had to teac h him how to copy and paste a month ago no joke, handle hs account for my own sanity)

top lols

Hm. How to go about convincing you that I'm not a bot ... how about Something like that. Unless bots are very unstable mentally.

Hit me with a link m8

Nah ... man ... nah.
It's just astroturfing ... there's no reward in this for me.

Nah I'm also genuinely curious, need a reward to share work?

Also do clarify "astroturfing" if you dont mind

Oh! Astroturfing is when you make things appear to be more organic than they really are. It's a sleight at "Grass Roots". I definitely do not need a reward to share any of my work, no! So I mean if you're genuinely interested, that's worth more than a thousand bucks for it.

I would very much like it if you were to take a few minutes to listen to this:

I'm trying to get her career off the ground. And then, I guess, my music career is finished and complete.

In the picture I see the head of a man with a long beard. Despite many years of experience that this man has gathered, he can not free himself from the trap.
Perhaps these are the experiences and accumulated thoughts that don't want to leave him.
The picture is painted in dark colors with high contrast, which makes it sad and atrabilious.

I think the bot would not do such an analysis.

I like you, do you like William Blake?

I do not even know him :(. I prefer reading scientific texts than poetry.

lmao its like the yahoo bots from '02 have became super advanced and started having kids...

I feel like a nanny in a commercial about a nanny sitcom just getting run off my ass by these little hellions.

Yep just double checked this is the most eloquent metaphor i got, shoot

I don't understand.....

I am Eugene Goostman.

Hot name.

Sorry I lied (I like people to like me)

I actually think you could totally own that name if embraced.

sell me your name

Its better to live in digital world not forgetting thay we are human. Its almost a hard task to prove that we are human in this virtual world.

Nah I don't think so just ask somebody what melancholy feels like. You'd have to be one boring fucker to say "mild sadness resulting from percieved lack of success in life despite respectable career and family"

Ha ha, this has got to be the best comment section I've read for quite some time! But I'm a bot, just look at my profile picture...

You may be a bot, but I would still allow you to be my sidepiece.

Just look at that android-esque figure.

Or would a human hide behind the face of a bot? To be safe in a world of bots...


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LOL!! I'm totally not a bot! My husband and I joined steemit about 80 days ago. (we are a joint account, I'm Amy, he's Jamie). I'm the more technical one, he's the fun one! I still don't understand how the bots work!

Love this artwork. Very different!

I believe you Amy.

I am not a robot because the blood runs in me and I can type this message. regards

Human-blood open-case coolant systems are the metaphorical equivalent of unfourtunatley existing flames on the side of honda civics of bots bro.

good joke!! LOL

Thank you, I think I keep it solid

Enough is the bitter reality that has penetrated me to the bone everywhere, and it seems that there is not much difference here. I do not take drugs, my childhood does not have decent comments, but boy did it make me mad.

I don't care about the bot-no-bot issue, it's just one more game in life to carry, at the end of the all, what is the problem of talking to a bot if the bot is friendly and makes you feel good? The life we lead can be personal too, but what is the problem, if apparently we all suffer with the same things, we scream for the same things and have pleasure in the same things?

Particularly I detest the idea of observing absent as an old friend says goodbye, at the airport, knowing that it will not return And not as a complainer just doing that ... complaining, about everything. No, life is beyond a stupid complaint about others.

I like you, I will follow you, I hope to see your humanity or whatever, and that you also speak to me because it is cool.

(sorry, i don't speak english really)

I think you speak english great, albeit in a very english-translation-of-dostovesky-way ("You are stupid complainer. Baby. I like you!" lol ).

And don't worry man I love displaying my humanity all over the dang place, over-sharing is caring and caring is letmetellyouaboutmyrelationshipwithmyfather.

150 comments and I am objectively loved by all.

Actually highly subjective but that word is very wishy washy.

So you just lie.

Being Hitler is really easy man

Jews, we're cool of course i don't even know how to tell the difference between jews and white people with brown hair that aren't jews. I don't even know if "jews" is offensive in this context (who the fuck thought up a contextual slur)

Also I'd like to partake in the booming blood diamond monopoly yall got going. I'll start in the mail room. I just really want to sell diamonds man.

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I'm not even going to try to compete with all these peeps groveling for the money!
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Thanks for the vote!

No worries, you also keep carrying on in an onward disposition

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This should do it^^

Thanks for allowing me to have a reason to paste a link to my latest starman episode @mitthradiumn


Well i am not a bit because i feel pain and my pain stems from my body dysmorphia and my straie.It kills me everyday and limits me as i am constantly thinking of comments i get about my straie.
My inability to wear short sleeved clothes and how much i hate all of ny body because of my straie.It makes me cry alot,especially when i come across near perfect human.
Body dysmorphia is real guys and it legit gives u depression...I just cant perform in real life and it sucks..So there.i am not a bot.

Sorry but I'm unfamiliar with straie, sounds rough. I did develop a case of severe guttate psoriasis at the end of my medic course though (looked like chicken pox running all the way up my arms, thankfully temporary)

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