7 Life principles, which we stubbornly ignore!!

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What is up Steemians :)

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Let's talk about our life principles that we r actually not following.

1 . Action

  • We often dream of doing some crazy action. Conquer Everest, run a marathon, jump with a parachute, open a business, go on a trip, write a book, record an album, make a film ... You can enumerate endlessly.

  • Think about the points of your wish list. Now answer: why have not you done all this yet? The answer is almost always one: it's hard. Well, I do not want to upset you, but life must be complicated. You must learn this valuable lesson.

  • You do not run a marathon unless you play hard. You will not open a business unless you invest everything in yourself. Willpower requires tempering the character.

2 . Avoid the negativity

  • We absorb negative emotions at work, at home, in public transport. People are instinctively inclined to negativity. Therefore, it seems to us that there are so many lies and injustices in the world.

  • Do not let the bad mood and the character of other people ruin your life. We always try to justify someone else's behavior. "He will change, and everything will be fine," - were they thinking like that? But you know that you can not change a person? He will change only when he wants to. Remember this and do not give in to the negative.

3 . Give more than you get

  • As a child, we were cared for by someone else. We received food, shelter, education and, if lucky, a lot of love. Unfortunately, in adulthood, some of us take it for granted. We only take, take, take.

  • We think that we should receive everything we want. But who said that you are required to get a job that you are comfortable with? Or to gain worldwide fame? Nobody owes you anything.

  • Do not focus on your desires, but focus on what you can offer this world in return. Do not be surprised if, following this advice, you will receive even more. Helping others, you help yourself

4 . To appreciate the time

  • Of all the resources in the world, time is the most valuable. So why do we spend it as if the time-reserve is unlimited?

  • Imagine how much you have left to live in this world. Even if you live to 80 years, it's not so much. So do not waste precious time in vain. You can not turn it back.

You can return the lost money, but the lost time - never.

5 . Go your own way

  • We look back at other people and set them ourselves as examples. Of course, you need to learn from the best and learn from their experience. But do not forget that you are not them. You are you.

  • However difficult it may be, get off the beaten path and follow your path. Otherwise you can not live a full life.

  • Do not be afraid to go in an unknown direction. Go where no one has ever visited you before. How will you understand this? Most likely, people will be at a loss or even begin to condemn you. So, you are on the right track.

6 . Accept yourself

  • Life is unpredictable and inexplicable. Why were you born in this family? Why do you live in this city? Life is the eternal "why". And hardly anyone can answer all the questions.

  • Instead of living with the thoughts "But if ...", take life as it is. If you are here, then there is a reason for this. God, the universe, invisible forces. Something or someone brought you into this world. So if life requires something from you, get up and play your part.

7 . Live here and now

  • Living in the past, you are obsessed with questions about why it all happened this way, and not otherwise. It makes you unhappy. If you live in the future, you are constantly thinking about what can happen. This entails unnecessary and unreasonable anxiety.

Why is it so difficult for many of us? There are thousands of reasons that prevent us from living and enjoying the moment.

Remember that life does not stand still. And we can not control everything around. There is no point in thinking about everything that happens in life. Just move forward.

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Uplifting material. Will follow you.

i would add 8th one!
"don't be stubborn and listen your inner voice"
nice post btw

yo, u gonna blow my mind one day.
how much u read ?)

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Also, Take responsibility, make a sacrifice (Great achievement comes from great sacrifice). You are more powerful than you think ;)


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Number 3 is key to success! Steemit is like a big gift economy where the one that gives the most is also the richest. Share from your heart and all shall be well. Great post @mirage! :)

thanks for such a warm words :)

Great if we just did these thing s daily we would be a good society.

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Hey dude! nice words of wisdom!! will keep an eye out for more good stuff from ya :D

Wow. This post blows me away :0)
So well written and the truth to the bone.
Im all for helping others, my parents always puts others before themselfs and thats how I was raised :0) u get so much in return.
Give and u shall receved. That is so true.
Its how it feels in the ♡ that matters.
Upvoted resteemed. Thx for sharing

thank you so much! following you back :)
u have a pretty cool page btw :)

Ur so welcome :0) and thank u for ur kond words means a lot. Have a great day.