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Lets talk about sleep and how it is has a direct effect on our well being.

  • When you are in your early twenties, you do not really think about the consequences of your nightlife - you are able to not sleep for days, drink tons of energy drinks,coffee and then even manage to walk and so some stuff. But the further you go on that path of life, the harder it will be to get out of this way of life, strong and healthy sleep will sharply turn into a horrible dream that will not give your body the necessary rest. In the end, your productivity will drop to zero.
    What's bad about it? The fact that you can not keep the bar of growth that you have, we all hope for it,we still that we are doing ok. But are we?

Sleep is defined as a natural periodic state of rest for the body and mind , in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli.

It's silly to say that you just need to sleep well - go to bed early and do not watch TV, so that the brain adapts to the dark. Such advice is given by packs, but they help badly. And all because a bad dream is only a consequence. The consequence of a bad day. How to make the day good and right in terms of sleep?

7:00 — 12:00

  • This is the morning time, which is, perhaps, the most important time for your body. The body is adjusted to heavy overloads, adapts itself to sunlight, passes from sleep to reality. It is important that the spill is not chaotic, but consistent. In other words, you have to wake up every day at the same time - this is the regime. It is not necessary to wake up at 5am. If the work permits, then get up at least 10. But do it always. Then your metabolism will work by the hour - there will be no breakdowns, and all biological rhythms will be in perfect order.
  • The next important point is breakfast. Breakfast, surprisingly, not only awakens the brain, but also soothes it. This is due primarily to human evolution. When we were cavemen, the morning was not the sweetest time of the day - it was the moment of awakening and active search for food, which resulted to various kinds of stresses for Body. Now times have changed, so when you wake up and immediately eat a good portion of quality food, your brain forgets about the problems that can lead to insomnia - he is happy that the stomach is full and you do not have to rush to refrigerator and get some food.

And another important moment for your morning waking up. Many people put the alarm at once for different times to wake up once, sleep, wake up again, sleep again, and then wake up a third time - and then just get out of bed. This is a good method for going crazy, because the dream between calls An alarm clock is not a full sleep, but a time filled with anxieties and fears. It's silly to think that you'll rest for an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Therefore, our advice to you: wake up on the first call.

12:00 — 18:00

  • If you want to take a nap, then never sleep more than 20 minutes.
    Why? Because it can cause your brain to go into a deep sleep, and when your brain enters a deep sleep, it becomes much more difficult for you to wake up. When you wake up, you feel broken and completely unhappy. So you want to rest during the day - sleep 20 minutes. It's enough with your head. With food, things are as follows. One group of food inclines us to sleep, the other supports activity. And, it seems to us, you know what we are talking about. Useful food is protein food or food with complex carbohydrates. It helps distribute energy evenly, rather than waves, as does food with lots of simple carbohydrates or sugars. In this case, you can not overeat or undereat. Yes, food affects sleep directly.

  • The light that you use during the day plays a big role in the sleep cycles. It synchronizes our internal clock with reality. Of course, here the advice is simple: use artificial lighting only if necessary. Look at If you read this inscription, weather outside the window and synchronize the lighting with it. If it's light outside, make the light brighter; If it's evening, then close with work. If you can use natural light, then use it, not lights.

18:00 — 00:00

  • So, the situation here is similar to the one you saw in the morning: go to bed at the same time. This is an effective strategy for those who want to restore the health of their sleep and forget about insomnia. We also strongly recommend doing sports before going to bed - this will not adversely affect your sleep, although many think so. The fact is that exercises, despite the fact that they cause an increase in heart rate and body temperature, naturally cause sleep

Power of NAP

Power of NAP in a workplace :)



  • Know the value of sleep.
    I would highly recommend you go to the bed between 10 p.m - 2 a.m , studies have showed that if you went sleep during this time it would multiply the quality of the sleep at least twice . Rest of the
  • Five more minutes PLEASEEEE!
    Get rid of the habit of extending the alarm for another couple of minutes. They do not give you more rest: on the contrary, the cycle of sleep is knocked down, but you still have to get up. As a result, the whole day can pass under the sign of a sleepy rabbit - which is unlikely to please your employer.
  • The relationship between regular exercise and healthy sleep has been established by scientists for a long time. The main thing is not to stick to the sporadic rhythm: if you are already engaged in training, then skip them not worth it. Otherwise, the body, instead of feeling the rhythm, will be jerky, which will not affect the sleep mode in the best way.
  • Sometimes it seems that a glass or two before going to bed will help to relax more quickly and doze off. However, there is nothing good in alcoholic drowsiness: after a few hours, it will break up into components, the blood glucose level will rise - you will get a couple of nightly awakenings and a broken state in the morning.
  • Many people, strangely enough, do not see any relationship between the evening cup of coffee and the subsequent insomnia. Try not to drink coffee after six hours - even better the way home will be less energetic, but sleep - more sweet.

I really hope that you got a lot of value out of these tips. And the action step for you is to just pick 1 or 2 of the tips above and apply them for the next 2 weeks. Notice if you feel more refreshed, better energy through the day, less pain (if you have any), and if you generally just feel better. If it works for you, then I’d love to hear about it

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There are some valuable points here that need to be added:

  1. Some of the healthiest and most centered/powerful people actually don't eat any breakfast or indeed anything at all until the evening. This video from a world record holding weigh lifter gives a good overview of why this is (he is also a Doctor of Science and school teacher)

  1. The ability to reach deep sleep is effected by light entering our pineal gland via the optic nerve and potentially also through our skull so - it is not enough to just cover your eyes while sunlight beams in through your windows - you need to sleep while it is dark or alternatively use blackout curtains to stay dark while you sleep.

Interesting ! I'm diving into this video :)

Great! I don't agree with everything he says regarding the bigger picture of life and death etc. - but i am not about to argue with his choices with regards strength building - he turns a lot of 'common knowledge' upside down ;)

indeed! when you are open-minded and it's just expanding your understanding the things overall ! i really like to challenge my beliefs with different theories :)

yes, i actually prefer to erase all beliefs ;)

This guy is real buff. one meal a day!!. I didn't see the video yet. at this time I'm assuming his one meal a a day is massive! thanks for posting.

yes, I haven't actually seen his meals but he says they are very big!

i've tried to do "1 big salad a day challenge" for 10 days and it is massively affected in the different ways, from improving the overall energy, physical stamina and power and ability to connect to higher consciousness of myself, and i've just experienced all of that so im pretty much sharing the first thought about this lifestyle, soon im gonna write about that a massive post :)
truly enjoyed chatting with y'all

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Less food more work. Girlfriend matters, i guess :-)

I would say people around you matter :)
Thanks for commenting

good post!

Thanks 🙏

Start winding down at least two hours before bed. This means less bright lighting at night, as well eliminating, or at least dimming, computer screens and TVs.

I find a good midday nap and some quiet time meditation is very helpful for a good productive day.

Indeed , I'm practicing meditation and astral projections :) and witnessing some decent results

not having any money!