How to Organize Time

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Do you have difficulty finishing things on time? Want to organize time better? Are you having trouble writing work reports on time? Are you able to accomplish what you want to do before the deadlines? Can you manage your time appropriately? All these things must be in mind to know if you have the time management capabilities to effectively increase your productivity and balance your life.

If you have a "no" answer to any of the following questions above, this means you can not manage your time the way you want. Time as money must control time and how to create a productive and profitable work environment. If you do not, you can spend your busy life running busy doing a certain job. These are some tips that help you manage time and help you increase your productivity and balance work and public life. Follow these tips to enhance your skill in time management.

Learning the skill of time management frees you from stress and stress. You need to be more productive and reduce procrastination to have more time to rest and reduce stress and tension.


Organize time correctly?

* Plan a daily plan:

You can write a daily plan for what you will do in the morning to divide and organize time throughout the day. This plan helps you develop a profile and visualize how your day will be and what tasks are required of you and determine your bedtime and rest? If you want to balance in time you can stick to this plan and do it best. Steps to plan:

  • Identify the tasks that will help you achieve your goals and summarize the time to implement them.
  • Eliminate minor tasks that are not important.
  • Know what you need to do every day.
  • Divide tasks so that they are completed on the specified day.

* Setting a time limit for each task:

It should be very clear when you plan your day by setting a time limit for each task, for example task A 10-3 because it allows you not to do the task on the other and eat on time and also do other activities.

* Reward yourself for any achievement:

If you do anything, try to celebrate it. The way you reward yourself is up to you to motivate yourself to follow the next day's plan. Helps you increase your time management skills along with the ease of doing other tasks.

* Using Calendar:

Calendar helps you manage daily activities. For example, you can use notes, e-mail, mobile phone, or a large notebook to help you organize your schedule.

* Make a long list of goals:

The list of long-term goals in organizing your projects and plans daily and how to divide your time.

* Set the deadlines:

The most important thing to organize your time is to know very well when you need to finish your job? And write deadlines clearly in your calendar in a structured way so you know when you need to finish them?

* Learn to say "No":

Avoid deviating from the daily plan that you put in the morning because you may be tempted to do other activities to prevent multitasking and the need to do the important activities first so as not to postpone any of the tasks in a later period.

* Finish your goal early:

When you are aiming to finish the task or goal at a specific time. Some may be late to finish the task but when you select an early time to finish the task you can accomplish it on time.

* Customize time for activities:

You can set a time for various activities such as half an hour to read or exercise your favorite sport, perform your own hobby.

* Be sure to have an hour next to you all the time:

Before you start any task, prepare an hour next to you. Because you may be too exhausted to work and lose track of your time. If there is a huge hour in front of you to show you the time set.

* Make a reminder on your mobile phone 15 minutes before the end of Elm: one of the most important functions of its calendar are reminders. If you have an important meeting to attend, you can set this reminder 15 minutes ago.

* Focus:

We mean the lack of multitasking and focus on the performance of one task at a specific time and then move to another task and the most important thing is to focus on one main task. It is best to close all applications you do not use, browsers and social networking sites such as Facebook to focus attention on what you do only and implement it efficiently.

* Avoid distractions:

What distracts attention from work? Is instant messaging? Phone calls? All of these things are deviations from your primary goal. Avoid using chat and do not log on to any chat site when starting any work or distract your attention. Because when you do anything important, you should turn off your phone because that helps you focus better.

* Do not pay attention to important details:

Do not care about details is not important in the absence of the task in the way you want. So as not to weaken your enthusiasm to do the next task.

* Setting priorities:

You can not do everything at once, learn how to prioritize and what is most important to do first and leave the rest for later. You can apply the principle 80/20 which is a key principle in setting priorities to increase your productivity.

* Time Analysis:

A good time observation is one of the most important things that can help you improve the effectiveness of your time management by recording the activities that you want to do in detail during a certain period eg week. To learn how to spend your time, analyze your activities by writing activities that achieve your goals well and can be categorized as follows:

  • Urgent and important things.
  • Urgent and not important.
  • Matters are important and not urgent.
  • Things are not urgent and not important.

You may find this way that you spend more than 30% of your time in unnecessary activities that this analysis helps you to report

* Delegate:

We mean if there are things that someone can do better than others or that these things are not so important you can consider delegating someone else to do them to focus on important tasks.

* Do similar tasks together:

You can classify similar and related works together. For example, do basic groups (writing articles, books), b (training) and (workshop development) so you can allocate time to make phone calls.

* Eliminate Time-Lost Elements:

It takes a long time away from your business to surf Facebook, Twitter or check email. You can specify a specific time after the completion of daily tasks to follow up all these things and work to close them while doing the specific work.

* Leave time between each and every task:

Do not try to do all the tasks on a continuous basis, leaving a break time of about 5-10 minutes between each task and the other because this helps you finish the previous task and start the next stage in a good way.

* Keep working with you:

If you have extra time on an airplane or train or waiting for something you can keep working with you to do something at this time.

* Determine the most productive time for you:

Each of us has a specific time in which to accomplish most of the tasks well, some prefer morning, or evening? You need to determine the productive time for you to work better.


I definitely agree with you. Having an extra hour as buffer is helpful but if you do something important during your productive hours, you can finish even faster. I read somewhere though that time management is a misnomer, since we can't really change time. We can only manage or organize people, things, activities and events. But time just keeps ticking on its own. I would say budgeting time is a better term. Just sharing what I remember from Steven Covey I guess.

I definitely find the importance of what I'm working on sets my productivity, and when I say importance, I mean to me. Tasks such as beer brewing, where things need to happen on a certain timeline otherwise a bad batch is produced, I tend to be very productive because the end result is very important to me. A task at work however, especially with an arbitrary time line, doesn't rank very highly to me for importance (even if it's important for others), so I tend to be less productive working on the task.

Thanks for the tips .. It's at the heart of the problem
Post amazing .. Well done

Time is so precious and when we wasted it, it will be lost forever! Use your time wisely and productively.

Very useful tip. I myself also having hard time managing my time 😭
And try to apply this tips to myself .

It's really useful post and need to be upvoted and resteemed, time managment is really important. I will resteem this for sure to my 3500 followers.

thank u very much @clixmoney

Learning to say NO is something I really need to work on myself. Not only saying No to other distractions or responsibilities that might come up but also saying NO to other people. If you have your day planned out, I don't think it's outrightly wrong at all to say NO to other people who might want you to help out with a few things.

People might get offended and that gets to me always. Anyway, I've decided it won't anymore. Saying NO to others if you have something to do yourself is totally RIGHT.

yeah really!and for some ppl it's hard to say"no"!!!but it's really a must!

In that case, definitely check out this video:

That's definitely what I needed to hear. I'll try out my NO day starting from tomorrow. I know I'm going to feel bad about it, maybe even worse than the person I'm saying no to. But it's a necessary evil, for the greater good😀.
My NO starts now.

Very good tips here, I always try to stick to them however always end up failing, bought myself an actual project planner for this year and theres something about writing tasks on paper that I feel make me get off my ass and do them ahaha

I hope this gonna be useful! Managing time is really difficult for an ADHDer like me. None of my days are really productive I think. But yeah, 'if you fail to plan then you plan to fail' they said..So at least I made plans

if the day is productive or not depends on how u think it!come on sis!Fighting!(Me too when i am hungry i gonna be a monster😂)

You're right, I have to keep fighting! (Opss, seems like I have company 😂😂😂)

hhhhhhhhhhdear company🙈🌹

Half an hour for sports? That's no more than a warmup for me :) Very good tips though, especially about the priorities, I set mine long time ago in yoga, committed to just 15 minutes a day no matter what, therefore I had no excuse at all. I used Jerry Seinfelds don't brake the chain produktivity tip, logging every single day, and counting them. As easy as crossing the days off a calendar, simple enough to sticking to it, not like GTD with its endless lists. Days became months, minutes became hours, the chain brake slightly after two years, but at that moment I was at such a level and intensity that I needed to force me to take brakes. Two years later and I am still at a very high activity level. Now my challenge and motivation is to overtake my old 2 year streak :) Best method ever for longtime goals and the only one that worked for me. It also helps when you are in a community, I inspired a lot of people which have chains twice as long as mine now.

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this is super awesome thanks alot, i always have to deal with never doing thing on time and it really gets me... has been helpful

Very helpful post, I have so big problems with managing my time, it's so hard for me to do important things instead of playing games.

You have discussed about many thoughts think.I have learned many kinds of knowledge,I very much appreciate this blog,Next i never missed to read to your blog.Thank you.keep it up

Thanks I like this post. I have big problems with managing time.

A great tip👍👍 particularly liked the idea of taking 5-10 minutes after completing a task. I have a question? How good does taking nap(power nap) help us in our productivity?

Planning time and as you said leaving time afternyou do something is very needed and smart. We all have enough time we just need to sort our priorities and plan it well.
Have a good day- @tonac :D

I think the greatest enemy of time is procrastination.

Its really an interesting piece. Thanks a lot

You have discussed about many thoughts think.I have learned many kinds of knowledge,I very much appreciate this blog,Next i never missed to read to your blog.Thank you.keep it up

such practical but life changing advice right here. it's wild how much time we can waste without noticing it in the moment when we are doing something stupid and wasteful

Some prefer close to the deadline before they lift a finger. By so doing they properly focused and less picky on the outcome of the project. Some persons use this method to control their difficulty in getting to approve what they have done. When there is still time on their side, they always to tend to reviewing it, till there is no more time for them to review further and thereafter submit the work

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It's very useful, thanks for making this possible, I like to listen more than read. ☺

i thing the time never late for us.

It was really useful when you want to manage time. It requires a lot of effort and will power to keep up things as mentioned above.

I think it's also important to add productive tasks your your free time that you have fun doing, that way you can feel productive even in your downtime. This is especially effective if your normal work doesn't feel very fulfilling.

My current hobbies are beer/soda/kombucha brewing, hydroponics, maple syrup, forestry, and small electronics. I have a huge amount of fun working on that stuff, it keeps me in shape, and I feel productive regardless of how my actual work that I'm supposed to be productive on is going.

The very useful post regarding time management. Indeed most of the folks fail to organize their time wisely and smartly. Every second is precious. Time once will never come back at any cost.

Its really hard to do all of this you know...sometimes many irrelevant things takes priority, and we wont notice till we have wasted that time completely

Screen what you do once a day and influence a note of how much time you to spend doing it. You may be amazed by how much time you really squander for the duration of the day when contrasted with the real measure of work you complete. pleasant and exceptionally useful post. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. I m following u to see ur more posts. pls visit my blog.

wow good post

job well intrigued with the motivations.

Just loved the post @michaelmorcos.
Thanks for sharing.

My whole life is messed up, time is just a thing. Though I love making to-do lists, but I don't follow through with anything and I end up making more to-do lists elsewhere. I have some to-dos on Google Keep (whatever that is) and on Trello and in Notepad documents and sometimes even handwritten somewhere.

Lists are good for "What do I need to do right now?" but the next day the list is lost or obsolete same as my sanity. Going to himalaya soon for years of meditation.

Thank-you for sharing some key points for organising the time correctly and make your self more productive under set time,thats indeed a beneficial blog post brother.some of the tips are like appreciating oneself after completing the task that I really likes it kickstarts ones enthusiasm.

Great post but we're better off just ignoring the time machine and going back to the future!

Please support me!

Thank you for your great advice, I agree specifically on the importance of learning to say "NO" which is quite a challenge for most people, but we can achieve much more when we are able to say NO to less important things in life.

I read this post just so I didn't have to get out of bed. I think I have a problem.😂😂😂

this article is very interesting i think i will start using their tips

Just some constructive criticism:

"Do you have difficulty finishing things on time? Want to organize time better? Are you having trouble writing work reports on time? Are you able to accomplish what you want to do before the deadlines? Can you manage your time appropriately? All these things must be in mind to know if you have the time management capabilities to effectively increase your productivity and balance your life.
If you have a "no" answer to any of the following questions above, this means you can not manage your time the way you want."

You asked three questions where "no" would mean they can manage their time. The two where "no" would mean they can't manage time the way they want were sort of givens--especially the second. Answering no to "Can you manage your time appropriately?" meaning they can't manage their time the way they want is a given.

"Learning the skill of time management frees you from stress and stress."
I'm not sure if you meant to put "stress" twice, but if you did for exaggeration, I'd do it in threes. "...from stress and stress and STRESS"

I won't get too much into it, but there are some run-on sentences and comma splices throughout.

I know I will seem very nit-picky and maybe even condescending, but I'm truly trying to help. I see a lot of potential with your blog posts and I think once you become aware of these errors, you'll notice them on your own and will have more well-rounded, refined posts in the future.

Cheers, my friend.

Very useful pieces of advice here, good job with this article! I would add that it's very important to work on one's discipline, as it is the basis for all stated above. For instance, if you work in the social media field and you're basically all over social networks all day long, it's very difficult keeping yourself away from distractions such as chat messages or surfing the news feed. Kinda paradoxical :)) This is where a strong discipline should step in.

This is really nice! Thanks for sharing this :)

Great article @michaelmorcos time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. :D

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Thank You! ⚜

good post for me .
i’ll remind it .thank u.

We all have different approach to time management based on our personalty. But in general, procrastination do kill productivity, even in my day to day activities not just for business even at home and in most case on an issue that deals with security, I treat it immediately it comes up except if it can be postpone with causing any harm.

Thanks, its a plus and great reminder

Thanks to you now I know how organize my time. Thank you.

Have u ever read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? I have found that to be my favorite book when it comes to self improvement. My favorite takeaway is from the chapter putting first things firsr where Stephen Covey touts the benefit of focusing on the important and non urgent activities that can help free our time to pursue our mission in life. Often we get lost in the urgent activities and dont take the time to delegate, setup system, and focus on growth.

Thanks for sharing these tipa. I look forward to checking out more of your work.

This is a really good way to organize time. Just stay focused on what you are doing and the rest will follow.

organising time is the must do thing time is superior we need to take in consideration always

As we all have difficulties to organize our time, this is a very helpful article.

I agree with every word of the article.
I've always said that you can not manage time but you can learn how to go with it in harmony.
Thanks for sharing.

This is really nice! Thanks for sharing

Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.

I must admit I do not use my time wisely. I am trying to do too much at once. In this case less is more.

I always had troubles with time management. I think one of the most important things is to concentrate at only one task at a time.

Nice tips! This is a very good way to be more productive with the things that really matters to you

The reward for time management caught ,i recently discovered that rewarding yourself for an achievement inspire more

See my post here

Thanks for writing this @michaelmorcos - I'm almost 20yrs old and this is one area of my life that needs sorting out, everything else should start falling into place if I can get this right :)

Wonderful post! In particular, I like your points regarding setting time limits and deadlines, which keeps us from diverging from the task at hand. Focus is also important, prioritizing what's most important breeds effective results. For example, think of the 80/20 principle. Great job!

Very useful tips! I hope I can put them in practice on my daily life!

Nice 👍👍👍💟

Inspiring .. ! Ty for your exertion..

I find it very interesting.

The idea of ​​rewarding for achievements is very effective and important, since human beings like to be recognized for their efforts, and if we ourselves are rewarded for our progress in our activities, we immediately strengthen our self-esteem.


I like your publication, greetings.

This is so so great. thanks so much for this write up. I like the time analysis strategy.

I think the most important part of time management is the ability to say no. Most people have made efforts in managing time but that single word ' no ' at the right time is often where the problem lies. Thanks for this detail work.

thanks for this article. Time management is one of the most important areas for controlling your life whether it is business or personal. I have resteemed this article because it is so important. thanks for taking the time to write about this important topic.

Nice post! Good job!

We all want to have more hours in our day yet struggle to even find a few extra minutes. The real challenge is how to juggle everything and still be effective at each. You are right it takes time management and an ability to remain consistent and focused. Thanks for this great article and useful tools.

Thank you for this post. Time management is very important in our lives, and it is unfortunate that so many people waste time doing mindless activities, especially on the internet, for temporary pleasure when they could be more productive.

Good tips. For sure will help people take better care of their time investment. But nothing prepares us for those pesky distractions lol

In this case, to enter into a war for the sake of accepting our own thoughts, just make an empty effort to follow the course of time, to act accordingly, is the best way for human beings to behave, such as this is the case, if time does not fit you, then you need to act with the idea of "fit time". have you ever thought about it? The time is sometimes the best way to think, to decide or to forget, it's not all right in life, it's best to leave some issues in time, it shows us the right way, you don't even know a person, you start to get to know a person, even if you've spent so many years, you can see the, we also use time to identify or solve problems

Nice and very interesting post..Thanks for sharing to us! i agree with you time is very important. Mostly many goals left unaccomplished because we seems that we always running out of time..Time is precious indeed. If we only prioritized what is going to do first and allocating/dividing your time to make things done its possible that the goal we set is reachable in a given time.

I strongly agree to this. I myself have unmanaged my time in school,family and important events and it is a great help to us.😊

Thank you for posting such a nice piece. About the most productive time, having read that the brain was most active at night when I was in college, it's when I used to study and it worked like magic. One should always find the productive time for work and work then.

great post everyone needs to manage time! However it does not all need to be productive spending time with loved ones is priceless.

This is great post for people who can't organised themself. This is so educative! :)

God bless you

I find writing completely engrossing, and I lose all sense of time. You're pointers are interesting, but hard for someone always out of time, or in time. Gonna have to re-read, probably a few times. Every minnow needs to read this. Tonight Ive bumped into a number of helpful posts like yours. Thanks!

Great article!!! Any help towards time management is always appreciated. Thanks :)

great article,everyone needs it.

This piece is awesome and I greatly believe that an appropriate time management can be achieved as an individual if we can diligently utilize the listed points. TRY TO MAKE A CHANGE TODAY

Very good post! l wish a had a machine that will extend the time...l feel like lm always losing time! have a nice weekend :)

I badly need this advice! thank you so much

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