Meno is now crazy Series - Guitar for Zipporah

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I contacted Zippy last night and offered to send her a little something special. If you don't know who @zipporah is, then you must have been under a rock a little bit. She is a very loved, not very shy, talented photographer, musician, world traveler, and add just about anything you want to that list, you will probably be right.

A little while ago she told me she had always dreamed of having an electric guitar of her own. Well, I guess this is when it happens.

This one is going to be traveling to Oregon today, and it should arrive in just two days to it's final destination. I'm glad to see it go to such a beautiful human being, inside and out.

Shilling Zipporah a little bit

From the first conversations Zippy and I had first on Steem and then on discord, I kind of knew we would become close friends. She has been a crucial and I do mean crucial part of my experience on STEEM. We've laughed together, we've cried together, we've been on video chat for hours even.

I'm a fan of not only her talents which are undeniable, but of her caring nurturing nature. I'm very proud and deeply grateful to call her my friend.

What is this craziness about?

A short vlog explanation of this

In case someone wants to help us with the move

I told myself I would swallow my pride and put these addresses on these posts. Of course, I have no high expectations here, but one never knows. And my giving away of musical instruments is not conditional to the donations at all.

  • BTC: 3Pt8hsVcrHUd7NHn8A6oo8hWCcrRdffPpe
  • BCH: qp533qfgt30ltg9h7lkxdwzczj0pwvcd3v7m0gmha9
  • ETH: 0x9c3312A4e23e85712231aF65aC5143981FD48187
  • LTC: MQTckXPKwrSH4QMz4B8yn9xUXMLmpKCReb

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Friday!!

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My dearest Meno — you are such an incredible gift to this world. It truly is an honor to call you a friend.

You and Anka have been so wonderful to me; I’ve felt loved and supported — even across a continent — you’ve been there when I needed a caring shoulder. I can’t tell you how much that means to me....I think you already know. 🤗 💜

I’m so flippin’ excited to receive this gift — I feel like a giddy little girl! I still think I miiigght be dreaming... 😍😍😍 I can hardly wait to hold it — to hug it to my chest, feel its weight and hear its tone. I’ll cherish it...I promise!

I love you, my Meno!
xo, zippy




This is so awesome to see things like that happen here on Steemit! :)
Congrats to @zipporah. Cant wait to hear you play!^^

Well said, MenO. I adore Zippy and I adore you, too. I'm lucky and blessed to know both of you. So sweet of you to send her that pretty gift. @zipporah, we niw need to see a video of you playing it!
Can't wait. Good luck in your travels, Meno and Anka. Big hugs. ❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️🍪




You guys are so good to me... 🙏🏼💜 Thank you for bein such lovely friends — I had no idea I’d find such beautiful humans when I joined this strange platform. I adore you, too, miss Serena. 😘🌸🦋

You're just an awesome human!!!


Isn’t he just the most special?! 😍

yay!!! a deserving person to care for this sweet guitar! cant wait to hear what you two make together!

postscript: i do not understand the title meno is now crazy. wasnt he always?

Amigo, como músico admiro mucho lo que estás haciendo.
Tú sabes que cuando uno es músico vibra con cada nota, con cada sonido, y mas aún si el sonido viene de su propio instrumento.
Te felicito por hacer su sueño realidad.
Eres genial y generoso, eso vale por 2.
Espero y deseo de corazón que consigas ayuda para que no tengas esa responsabilidad tú solo.
Te deseo éxitos en tus caminos y todo lo que desees emprender.
Un abrazo desde Venezuela, amigo.

Hi meno. Your generosity has no bounds. Zippy will treasure it for you.

Oh @menO you are so sweet!!! And you are truly right, @zipporah is a beautiful soul that deserves this! Congrats girl! That looks like one amazing guitar for one amazing lady!


You're a true force for good who leads by example. I on the other hand am but a following plankton who tries to live up to said example... and not managing too well...

I'm sure Zippy will cherish that guitar at least as much as we all cherish you <3

Wow, Meno, that's incredibly generous of you! And she's a beauty, too! I didn't know that Tribe even makes 6 string guitars - I associate them with basses. I am sure Zippy will have a ton of fun with her :o) And hopefully in lightening the load you will continue to find and explore feelings of liberation. I've been there, too, and there is something deeply cathartic about giving away things we love but feel tied down by... Which we are, as there's no escaping the fact that what you own owns you... This is a process many people will never experience, but I recommend it at least once in a lifetime. I feel you, brother! xx