Freaky Beers!

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Rhubarb!?! Raspberry!?! Is this Beer Saturday or fruit Saturday!?

It can be both! I decree it!

Actually, is rhubarb a fruit? I don't know. There is a mystery for the solving and no mistake. I would Google it but if I do I will be getting adverts for rhubarb for months.

So what do we actually have here? Am I going all of the bonkers? Have I flipped my lid? I must say the choice of beers this week is a little unusual even for me.

But as that chick I used to keep in the basement used to always say... Let's get freaky!


Rhubarb and Custard. Two flavours I never thought to see in a beer. It's an Oaty pale ale with rhubarb, vanilla and some spice apparently.

It sounds foul. But oddly, whilst I thought blegh, the good lady was like oh, that looks amazing, can I try? So who knows, different strokes for different folks and all that!

Right let's pour this muck into a glass.


How bizarre, on the looks front it's a cracker. In fact, this little baby should be on the beer catwalk. Look at it, white creamy head. Cloudy golden liquid bubbling underneath. Let's go!!

Good lord. Forgive my lack of normal video composure but never has a beer so surprised me. I fully expected this to be a gimmick and to be utterly shit...

Instead I am faced with a biscuit'y smooth beer with the most subtle and amazing sweet rhubarb tang with a hint of vanilla. It's like a donkey broke into my house and did my washing. 10/10 booms?!!

The world has gone crazy.

Does that mean that this daft raspberry number that is up next might be good? Surely not...


I normally don't pit dark beers against pale but the flavours this week just seemed to demand it.

This is the beer recommended by the Irishman in the shop. Well I think that's what he said.

Salted caramel & raspberry. I have only ever had one decent raspberry based beer and countless other shit ones. Fingers crossed this isn't one of the sniders.


Oh my, this is a fiercely brown black affair, like the skin on a well barbecued pig. Virtually no head but still, it's a fine looking beast.

I can smell the alcohol off it. Damn it's strong! I better get to it and show it who's boss.

Ha! You could literally knock me down with a feather. This is great too. It's a strong dark malty stout with an incredible subtle raspberry behind the dark malt and the salted caramel cuts over it in an awesome way.

Against all odds, another cracker! 10/10 booms!!

An incredible draw! Two tens, I never thought I would see the day!!!

I am a bloody happy man, I was convinced there would be at least one lame duck out of the two and instead there were two champions.

Have a good weekend everyone!! Hurrah for beer!






Is this the real life!? Or is this fantasy??

Khaled in a landslide...

We da best music!

No escape from reality...

I never thought I'd see the day! Somebody please wake me up! The Bear-Man has done it again, that bloody beautiful bastard!! Two beers inducted into the hall at the same time!?

This is madness!!!!

Beers 7 and 8, from this day forth, you froth not of raspberry deliciousness, but of legend. You two brews are now the stuff of legend!! Congratulations to Fierce for your 3rd beer in the hall, and to Fallen for your second Chew Chew to enter Valhalla. Most importantly, to my brother Boomerington McBoomengard for picking two champions in one week! This day shall live on in infamy!

It was incredible! I couldn't believe it! The good lady had a hand in it because she helped me taste then because she was intrigued by the fruitiness. I had originally said to her I was thinking of 9 each and she was like you have to ask yourself what you are taking the point off for and I was like, holy shit. You're right, I can't think of a fault!

So boom!!!

Well who would've thought the Red Tent had its benefits after all!!

I kid you not, my eyes were all glazed over from start to finish. My fair lady kept laughing at how emotional I got for a post by someone else. I've been so invested in these Sabeerdays from the very beginning, woman!

Bit late to the beers this week, and I am shocked at a couple of things. First, mixing dark and light, what a dangerous game boom. And then, selecting two potentially dogshit tasting beers and then giving them both 10/10!

I would have bet my life on at least one of them being nasty, and it would probably have been the first - even though i quite like rhubarb and custard. As a beer though, that crazy - I want one!

Raspberry could have gone either way (normally shite) also, but what a week. I hope you filled your boots and the wife did get to at least sample the dregs :)

I know!! Mixing dark and light, it's like crossing the streams. Hehe.

I genuinely believed the Rubarth and Custard one would be utter utter shit. So convinced that I was actually dreading trying it. I had my insults all racked up in my head in advance and then that first sip and I was like WTFUNKZ!!

It was a week of astonishment. Obvs it means that next week will be minging, lol!!!

The odds were stacked against it - custard? come on now!

The beers have a tough time ahead this next week against two 10/10's - I'm expecting coarse language and money back pleas!

I might just have to review Carlsberg and Miller or something to make sure that there are two absolute donkeys!!

..and I thought your initially croackyness on beer #2 was due to downing all beer #1. I will have to find me a speciality beer shop like you have. Perhaps they only have these in the far northern reaches of the UK?

Actually, now that I was thinking about it, even oddbins has a funky beer section. Not a huge one but still has some not bad ones. You have oddbins down in the murky south?

Just one in Liverpool, a little far for me. Waitrose have some continental beers such as this one at 8.4% which I really like.. but not those crazy ones you get.

Ah that looks a good in. Waitrose had some good ones that I have had, when I am dragged there I always find my way to that aisle

I am sure they must be everywhere. You just have tobelieve ;0D

I'm glad you enjoyed your beer, but please put your underpants back on.

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Hahahaha!! I had to go look and see what that was, is a child's bib!! Honest!! ;0)

Hahaha I thought it was a g-string - since the beer was so good who knew what was going on there??

Them would be crazy times!!

I can't believe two extremely strange beers and they blew you away. I was waiting for the gag reflex and nothing. I suppose you have to buy some more as the missus won't believe you. Just tell her they were shite and you saved her from the experience.

I am quite astonished. I was looking forward to some right old rubbish that I could make faces at and sneerily insult and instead I get to hot donks!?! She didn't get any, hehehe!

hahaha awesome you found two winners! I finally did another "Root Beer" Battle. haha. Check it out when you have a chance. :)

Lol, what a coincidence. I had just finished watching the video!! Another awesome root beer review. Shame the root beer flavour was lacking slightly on that first one!!

lol yes it was a coincidence! lol

That's pretty strange. I'd definitely like to try those.... I wonder if I would agree with your sentiment.

I think few would :0)

you will be looking for the Irishman next week for some more gooduns.
language dosen't matter, it is the taste that counts, and he found a good one for you this week.

Yeah but what if he tries to warn me off of one, I won't know!!

he would probably smack your hand away.

Wow I have been waiting for a 10, but a double - very great and it seems that fruits are good for you hahaha (even though rhubarb is a veg) which I have never tasted.

I thought it might be a veg, lol. I was well surprised! Go the fruits.(and veg) :0)

hey @meesterboom, this is a great article with the topic of beer. Never had one like this but the fruity ones sometimes have a surprise. Love to see your face changing while you taste it.

Make sure you add the link to your nice beer post to my weekly #BeerSaturday post as a comment.

We will choose the winners of our SBD prizes, only from that links we get in the comments.
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Every other beer lover is more than welcome to this fun challenge

OH go on then, when in Rome! :O)

I'd love to try the rhubarb and custard beer! I looks awesome and I can only imagine how great it tastes!

I was totally surprised by it. It was truly excellent!!

Cheers and happy weekend.

Cheers mate! Have a good one!

I love a good beer. Congratulations on Winners

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Cheers mate! Top beering!

Your weekend beer series really are bottomless. You can really find all the weird alcohol. Both beers are indeed out of expectation since they suited your taste. That goes to say that we cannot judge the beer(book) by its cover. Drink on!

I do seem to have a knack for finding the whacky ones. I am just glad that these two were so good. Cheers to that!!!

Meesterboom, amazing! Strangest flavors I've ever heard of in beers. Now do you ever go and stock up on the 10's? And did the Good Lady get a taste of the Roobarb and Custard one? Two super fun and entertaining videos!

She did get a taste of it! I normally buy two of each just in case I get a good one, it worked out doubly well this time!

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