Do you want to live forever?

in #life4 years ago

What is wrong with these people?!?!!!

It seems to boil down to just four reasons:

  1. I'd get bored - Seriously? A huge ever-changing world w/an effectively unlimited amount to learn and do -- and you'd get bored?!?!!  (and if you really did want "some way out" -- are you really so incapable that you couldn't easily arrange it?)
  2. I want to go to heaven - Okaaaay.  Don't let me stand in your way.  Just don't ensure your trip with some action that you believe will gain you 99 virgins.
  3. It's not natural - Seems like a bit of self-hatred or a dislike of mankind or technology -- because all three of those things are natural w/technology being possessed by many species from monkeys to crows.  Maybe you should see a good therapist about that?
  4. It would stink to be old forever - two words - regenerative medicine, coming soon to a civilization near you.

These are the arguments that need to be defeated if *you* want to live forever

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Thanks for this very interesting post!
The possibility to live forever would be great. Then each person can decide for himself if and when he wants to die.

I'm with the 2 that said they wanted to live forever. Eventually we won't be bound to the earth and able to explore the far reaches of space. Boredom is not possible in my opinion.

um... really? these guys are confused. and who said if you live forever you would be old. the point is to be 'young' forever... but thats ok. I volunteer to be young forever... those guys can go get old and die if they like...

As I said in point 4 - two words - regenerative medicine, coming soon to a civilization near you.

Great reading material, not to mention you can find a large number of videos from spokesperson Aubrey de Grey. The future of medicine is making leaps to end aging and extending life indefinitely, whether by regeneration with Stem Cell research, Gene Therapy, or Traditional Medicine breakthroughs. Embrace the future!

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