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Happy Friday everyone :)

I have been loving this new place of ours, and my days have been filled with all kinds of new and exciting things. I've been noticing cruise ships at Cozumel; they dock there and passengers ferry over here to Playa del Carmen for the day. I'm in awe of the size of these things though! The photo isn't terribly clear because the sun was shining directly on it, and I'm a fair distance away, but you can see the ship, and the tallest building on the island to the left of it :)


Here's another one from yesterday. It was a bit closer, but because of the overcast skies, the buildings aren't as noticeable. Still amazing!

I discovered a mama bird with her nest hidden up in the palapa today!! I love being able to watch nature at its finest :) I'm so excited to watch new life take shape, right before our very eyes!!

She managed to pick a perfect spot too; under cover, and on the support of a branch that's grown under there from the tree outside. Notice the netting underneath her? That was to keep the birds out hahaha

Here's dad checking in today, just making sure all is well :)

And of course Buddy, waiting for any opportunity to pounce. Although you can tell from his size that he's well fed, so I don't think he's going to outrun the birds anytime soon :)

I've also been swimming everyday, not just lounging in the pool, but actual exercise because I was getting a little "soft" from all of my relaxing haha Actually, I'm in love with water, and swimming has always been my favorite "exercise" to do; it doesn't even feel like exercise to me, just fun, but I can tell from even a few days of it, that I'm working muscles I haven't used in a while. My landlord, George, already calls me the mermaid :)

After swimming, Brian joins me for a bit in the pool too. After his first time in, and having a seizure (yep! in the pool! Thank goodness I am strong!), I made the rule that he's not allowed in there by himself, and he readily agreed!

Every afternoon we spend time in our comfy orange chairs and read together. It's so peaceful and simple and totally relaxing. We are both in heaven, and so very happy. I've caught my mind wandering a few times to "what will I do when...?", but quickly shut that door and focus on the now !!

So by this time of night, it's 9:30 now, I'm really tired, but it's a nice tired :) Here's the view looking out our window from the bed. Mexico really does have fantastic sunsets. And that weirdly shaped rooftop? It's an apartment, with a weird roof design :)

Even Buddy is wiped out too haha I'd say he's pretty relaxed in his new home too :)


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Hope your days are filled with peace and love <3

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Life is not boring as long as we pay attention to the little details. And I love to discover so many things through your post :)

Life is not boring as long as we pay attention to the little details.

I have always said, "Life is in the details"!!!

Thank you so much for appreciating my posts and letting me know that @gabrielatravels :)

Oh damn what a pool story... thankfully you did train💪🏻 And is Brian doing ok😊

Talking about pools forget the picture from the pool being in use and bring me more of those sunsets!😍

What are you guys reading?

Brian is ok, thank you! It's an ongoing battle with him (cancer too; the seizures are a part of the whole mess). I try to stay fit because it helps physically, but also mentally for me ;)

The sunsets are really something, aren't they?!! Every night, I'm not exaggerating, unless it's a cloudy day :)

Brian reads thrillers and has a few authors he really likes, and I read a book a day sometimes, so it's just about whatever I can get my hands on haha Actually, we both have kobo e-readers and love them. I just finished Listen to the Child by Elizabeth Howard; it's historical fiction which I love ( I was an English and History teacher in Canada for years). It's about the "program" of sending orphans and children from poor families in England to Canada, to "clean" up England, but many little kids became basically slaves to abusive Canadian farmers who needed the farm labor! I had no idea about that piece of our history either!! Very sad when I started researching more of it, especially to find out that although it began in the late 1800's, it continued through til 1935 if you can believe it!!

What about you? Read much?

The sunsets are truly amazing. They deserve a post on it's own!

A book a day damn... That is a long time ago I read a book a day. There weren't any e-readers yet 😅
You have a book subscription for your Kobo I hope?
I didn''t know about the book written by Howard, but I did know about the history from the children. It was in the news a few years ago. I thought the UK did apologize for this am I correct? But indeed still sad that this happened for such a long period of time. 1935 I wasn't aware off although. Damn only a few years later children got seperated from their parents again during WW2 because they got evacuated to safer places. Going to read that book!

Getting to my reading taste, I read because it clears my head so easily. So every night before I go to sleep I try to read. I sleep much better after reading a few pages. but must easy to read. So I prefer Dutch books, and fiction. Just like Brian that would be a good thriller (Lee Child, Dan Brown) or fantasy book for me. Alltime favourites are Harry Potter and the Discworld books. what are Brians favourites?

Lovely to read you were a teacher in english and most important History. Last one I always enjoyed at my high school period. Even did my exam in it. Only class I didn't have to study for, i absorbed all the facts so easily while my teacher was telling all those stories. 😍

Great that you are enjoying your swimming... there is nothing like the tiredness that comes from a bit of exercise and a nice warm day!

I think I would love to work as a musician on a cruise ship! That would be lots of fun I think.... on the other hand, maybe I'm too old for that sort of game now!!! ... but I will take a look...

hahaha it's funny what seems reasonable in our brains, and then we take a step back and really think about it ...

maybe I'm too old for that sort of game now!!!

You never know though! You should look into it and see what it entails ... it might be really cool :)

It probably would be fun... but as a parent, it is hard to get your arse into gear to try and new thing! But I think I definitely will look into it when I find some time!

I totally get it; there's just not time to introduce anything else new in the picture is there?!
It could be a retirement thing, many years down the road, but by then, it might seem more like a lounge lizard kind of thing haha

You’ve pained such a clear description of your new joint, I’d be rude if I was in Playa Del Carmen and didn’t knock on the door.... “Hey, hows it goin, ya’all wanna play dominoes or somethin?”

You sure would be rude if you didn't do that!!! But do you play Backgammon or cribbage? :)

Thanks for stopping by @dandays :)

Oh no you didn’t.... What if I told you I have chess pieces tattooed on my back? You just took this friendship to a whole new level of understanding Lynncoyle1.

here comes another frikkin book again!

I’m the biggest game nerd I know and I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never, repeat: never been into video games, none of them, just not my thing. Lynn, that is your name I’m assuming?? At this very moment, in the trunk of my car is a set of dominoes, my darts, 2 chess boards (wooden one and a matter one) bet your butt there’s a cribbage board in there! I’ve had TWO 28’s!! T.w.o, I’ve never even seen a 29. Have you? In case you missed it, “I’ve had TWO 28’s!!” There’s 6 decks of cards for Gin, Screw your neighbor, whatever card game you can think of!

(Notice I’m using a new paragraph for this one) did you say backgammon?! Acey-ducey, backgammon, I’m in! iheart backgammon. Lynn, my mother and I used to play backgammon one game after the other, she was relentless. We would play 15, 20 games in a row. I was always out for the victory and I never realized how my mother didn’t care. She just loved the fact that I was at her house, at the table with her.

dont mind @dandays, he does this ish all the time!

But don’t get it twisted! Ya I have chess pieces tattooed on me and ya I’ve done the clubs.. backgammon, me and you, all day long, let’s do this... you’ll be praying for doubles! Cribbage.. oh shoot, ima have you wishing 6’s, 9’s, 8’s and 7’s didn’t even exist!! But all the children just stay inside when the dominoes are on the table. :attention: anyone reading this: When I’m there and dominoes are there, it’s best you just don’t play.

laugh out loud! Man this sure was fun. 😉


Mexico does have the best sunsets! Almost everynight the colours are unreal.
Glad you guys are enjoying your new place!

Right??!! and I never tire of seeing them either; they absolutely gorgeous :)

Thank you @jessicaoutside!

Like I earlier said, the place is like heaven on earth. I think this is just the beginning.

awww thank you @maxijgcomm! I totally agree.

I think this is just the beginning.

That makes my heart smile :)

Great to see that you guys have settled down and are loving your new place Lynne. The view certainly looks great with the clouds bobbin above and the great sunset.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you @livinguktaiwan! I need your new toy to capture some of it :)

Have a great weekend too :)

I have been on such a grand ship its a dream. Brian agreed right away Thats great, and the love dove ( we call them that because they are lovely and always stay together ) building a nest is so sweet but they make so much noise always tjilping 😂 fun animals
I am like the last picture of Buddy sums up My mood for this weekend 😉

You have?! It's like a city on the water I think :) And "love doves" ... I love that!! But yes, they make a lot of noise; we're starting to get used to it though. It's kind of sweet!

haha Buddy's got it all figured out!! Listen to him and enjoy your weekend relaxing! :)

Thanks for stopping by @brittandjosie :)

Just fell in love...the place is awesome with pictursheque view....nice appartment with perfect view and the roof top ...quite place and relaxing too..

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Thank you @steemflow!! We fell in love too, and keep falling more and more in love with it all everyday :)

The place lookz so beautiful

Posted using Partiko Android

The place lookz so beautiful

Posted using Partiko Android

I was thinking what to write while reading and then I saw the last photo and can't stop laughing!!! Cuteness overload :)

hahaha he's the best cat ever! A couple of years ago, we had to put our last dog down, and were pet-less for the first time in a very long time for both of us. On my birthday, Brian surprised me with Buddy ... he said I needed a pet even if I didn't think so ... and he was right. This poor cat had been stuck in a PetsMart (a big chain pet store) for two years !! Everyone just wants a kitten :(

Well that, and they'd named him Matthew !! Who picks a cat named Matthew? :)

I don't understand why people have pets and then dump them in the store. Those poor pets can't do anything! I'm glad that he gave him to you as you must be the best momma for him! I'm sure about that! 😊

Hahaha, that is a very original name for cat! 🤣

It's something I will never understand either @delishtreats! Makes me crazy.

And thank you; I do spoil him a wee bit :) but I figure is any animal deserves it, he does!

That's true! It's so sad when people get pets for their kids and in a couple of months they literally throw them away. So you are right! Any animal deserve as much love as you can give!

And that is just another reason why I like you so much @delishtreats :)

Oh, you're so sweet Lynn!!! I'm honored!

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Sounds lovely @lynncoyle1, the birds nest was a good find and I am glad that you are swimming, they say exercise is good for the mind and the body. xx

Thank you @insideoutlet! I know that exercise is better for my mind than anything else!!

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Oohh my goodness buddy🙊 he surely know how to relax 😂 weird furball! Aahh.. the views really stunning and so lucky to have that bird family, pigeon right?

hahaha yes pigeon :) My landlord was showing another one here that he said is delicious to eat and it reminded me of your story!

Buddy really does know how to relax!! We should all learn from him I think :)

My landlord was showing another one here that he said is delicious to eat

perhaps he will invite you to a dinner to taste the pigeon meat, you are not vegetarian right? it is delicious @lynncoyle1. I never saw Buddy sleeping like others cat in your posts, is he always sleep like human?

When Buddy is very relaxed, he sleeps on his back like a human a lot! It's so funny to see,but also makes me happy because I know he's comfortable in his new home now too.

I'm not a vegetarian :) Our landlord did take us for the most delicious fish I have ever eaten in my life though!! I'm doing a post on it but probably not until tomorrow. I'm feeling lazy today :)

Thanks for the post, lynncoyle1.

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Yes! That's awesome! A "positivity bot" :)

We lived in New Orleans for awhile and cruise ships would come up the river and then go out in the gulf and Caribbean. Now since we live in San Fran and I see the cruise ships dock here, I know that those were the little ones that visited NOLA. Cruise ships are huge these days. Nice photos @lynncoyle1 Love the last picture of Buddy. What's he been drinking?

hahaha Buddy? I've caught him lapping away at my drinks, so perhaps he's got a taste for alcohol now :) My friend calls him the stoner cat!

ha! the baby cruise ships in New Orleans! They do seem to be getting bigger, don't they? Like everyone's trying to out-do each other. Several years ago, Brian and I took a road trip and landed in New Orleans for a week ... we loved it! How long were you there for?

I lived there for 5 years right out of college. Fun times. Walking distance to the French Quarter or as we figured out eventually a really cheap cab ride :) even better!

ahhh "right out of college" ... fun times I imagine! :)

One day at a time sweety. 😊 When I lived in St. Thomas, I used to watch the cruise ships. Some are really huge, like 6000 passengers!

Thank you @starjewel <3

6000 passengers?!! It's like a small city on the water!

Cruise ships can be massive! I've been on a cruise before and you can get lost on those things. Sometimes days even get lost, so some put the day of the week in the elevators so you know when you are, even if you don't know where you are.

That's funny that the birds got right past the netting. Is the landlord going to take the nest down? Or does he not care?

Ha ha, Buddy does look "well fed." Good for him. He's such a cute cat!

Brian had a seizure in the pool? That's even scarier than normal. I'm glad you were able to get him out.

It's nice that you have a private pool there where you can swim all you want. I'm also one who loves the water, so it sounds wonderful!

I think that I would have a difficult time leaving the patio if I lived there. It seems so relaxing and peaceful. Then again, I can't hear the sounds through the pictures, so maybe there's a lot of noise. I'm glad you're enjoying the time together!

Ha ha, Buddy is hilarious! You don't often see cats lying on their backs because they don't have leverage to turn over and run away as quickly. It seems that he's at peace as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

I was killing myself laughing, thinking of you in a cruise ship elevator, with a name tag on, "If found, please return to..." hahaha

Smart birds ... 'can't keep me away with no netting' ;) The landlord is so easygoing, he said whatever we want is fine with him. So you know me, the nest is staying!

Buddy is cute, and fat. Spanish is 'gordo', but you have to roll the "r" .. means fat. So I sometimes call him Gordo ... English-like the name Gord :) That or Marlon Brando, in his later years :)

Yes, Brian had a seizure in the pool, which sounds totally scary, but it was easier to deal with him and I think easier on his body because the water is so forgiving. He was bashing away at the floor or wall or something. Thank god I was there though!

You'd love this pool, and the patio, and unlike our last place, it is so quiet here! Even though we're on the same road as before!! Just higher up so the noise is really minimal. We have a wind chime and often hear that and the wind in the trees, with the occasional bit of traffic below.

Buddy really is so mellow and relaxed here. The first few days I kept saying he looks like a cat with lupus ... bulging eyes, panting like crazy, he looked a little possessed :) But now he is back to his chill self!

We all love it! If you ever get a hankerin' for a trip to Mexico, you can see it all for yourself :)

Enjoy your weekend too!!

I was killing myself laughing, thinking of you in a cruise ship elevator, with a name tag on, "If found, please return to..." hahaha

Ha ha ha ha! You're the first person on here to get four "ha"s. :P

Yep, I figured that nest was going to be super secure. Can't go bugging the birds. Are you allowed to bird the bugs though? These are the sorts of things I think about when I run out of other things to think of.

Gord is a good name for Buddy. I like that. Maybe you should start calling Brian gordo and see if he puts on some weight. Self-fulfilling prophesy and all that. Or maybe not. People can be sensitive about their weight and I don't want to start a fight between you two.

As long as you can keep his head above water, the water will wrangle the rest of his body. That's got to be scary. You're one tough gal!

Demon-possessed cat? That's something to be scared on. You never know where they are or when they're going to strike, but it will be swift, silent, and deadly.

I'd love to visit Mexico. Funds are a little tight right now. Have been for a bit, but we're hanging in. We're learning how to do without. I haven't been buying silver because that money needs to go to bills. Hopefully one day we'll get back to a place where I can buy silver, but for now I post about older common coins.

I actually just looked through some of my pictures from a cruise we took to Cabo a while back. It was fun to reminisce. You live in a beautiful part of the world!

Four haha's!!! awesome ;)

I get 'tight funds' for sure buddy! You'll just have to look back at photos in the meantime. Eventually, this has all got to increase in value ... silver too :)

Wow. It sounds like your new home is having a positively transforming effect on your lives @lynncoyle1. It's so wonderful to hear.

As I said in my last comment . . . long may it continue. 😁 💙

It really is having a "positively transforming effect" on us both. And truthfully, I wanting to be on here less and less; it seems to fight against the "relaxing" part of things or something. I've been on it today because it's been rainy and cloudy, and that feels alright, but when the sun is out, I just feel like I'd rather be doing something else :) Maybe it will pass?

Thanks again @gillianpearce!! I really do appreciate it :)

I wanting to be on here less and less

Me too @lynncoyle1 but, as I mentioned in my post, that's partly to do with getting a bit bored with it now it's so familiar.

Also, the comments just for comments sake are tedious. When they are in response to one I've made, but don't really add anything to a real conversation I tend not to comment on that person's posts again and so I comment less and less.

Last week, to mix things up a bit, I tired to get myself in the curation league but failed. 😂

I think I'm upvoting too many comments on actifit at 5%. 😂 It seems that to do well at curation I need to do way fewer upvotes but at higher percentages.

It amused me for the week anyway and gave me something different to look at.

Enjoying the sun on your beautiful balcony seems like a great idea to me and relaxing and reading and hanging out with Brian. Oh and the swimming that you mentioned too.

Being on Steemit when it's rainy and cloudy seems like a great plan.

I had hoped to do some more clearing out in the attic today but it's going to be too hot I think. We'll probably go for a drive and a walk along the cliffs instead. This warmth won't last much longer so I shall enjoy it while I can.

Wishing you both a beautiful day! 💙

yep, I'm done with "comments for comments sake" too!

The only time I've made it on the curation league is when I followed c-squared's curation trail for 20%. But it sucked my vp up pretty quick. They have a new one, c-cubed just for curation trail use; it's far less upvotes, but ones worth more. I'm thinking that's the way to go.

The drive and walk along the cliffs sounds a whole lot better than sitting in an hot attic or anywhere for that matter on your computer! Enjoy the weather while you can :)

Wishing you and yours a beautiful day too!

Look at the second image.

Do you see a one-armed, headless figure doing a single bicep pose?


Glad to hear y'all are enjoying life.

Namaste, JaiChai

hahaha his pipe is huge!!! Now that's a good find :)

Nice new profile pic for an old guy buddy ;)

I was getting a little "soft" from all of my relaxing haha
a branch that's grown under there from the tree outside

After the accident I figured I would wait to forcefully point that out
and that's a leak. watch what you put under it.

I am so glad for the both of you. 👍

hahaha thanks for being so kind! Brian just calls it fat LOL

I hear you about the roof, but it's one of those thatched, dried grass roofs and open on the sides. So the branch is coming in from a tree on the sidewalk through the "open side" and under the thatched roof. It's all good is what I'm trying to say dad. Thanks for worrying though!

I didn't want to get cussed out by every woman on steemit.

Don't make me come down there and put you in time out. your not that old

hahaha wise move!

I'd love to see you try it :)

LOL your not that tough.

How are you doing. ?
you Placed nice on the list.

Thanks for noticing! I just don't have it in me, with everything else going on, to try and knock janton off the chair haha

I understand that.
I new this week was going to be rough, Didn't know it would be this bad

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how have you been doing?
what a gorgoeus space you have with the orange chair, I can see myself spending my entire day the bamboo thatched roof... the roof must be bringing some cool air

Hey there @itravelarts! I've been doing pretty good, all things considered! Thank you :)

Well, you and I would make great company because my afternoons have been spent reading and relaxing in the orange chairs haha And yes, always a nice breeze! We're so fortunate ... I still smile when I look around here :)

I hope you are well too!

Hehe, we would.. You can read while I can paint with such an amazing view.. .. And share our stories..
I am glad you enjoy the place, it's important the place should have good vibes to make it a home. 😍

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That is why they call 'now' a 'present'. It's a gift and reading your day up and about is nothing but a perfect day. Loved the cat and bird thingy, totally my type of little humour there and HOW do you know that's the daddy bird??? Hahaha.

That orange lounging seats looks REALLY comfy. I can imagine, eating, drinking and doing everything on it. Hehe.

hahaha zord, I like the way your mind works ;)

It's so true about 'now' being the 'present'! and so very important not to waste it because we will never get that time back again!

Thank you so much for stopping by :)

You are really living in paradise over there..
Btw, that last Buddy pic is hilarious :0)

He is pretty funny :) Check this out from today:

He climbs in the desk where I'm working...

but he's a little too big for the space lol

Those cruise ships truly are floating cities... they come through our little straits here, on the way out from Seattle.

Looks like a nice place you've found... like how relaxed your cat is!


You're just outside Seattle? We lived in Vancouver, BC for years and years.

haha yes, our cat's name should be Relaxed :)

Check out my comment about to simplymike too!

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When we lived in Costa Rica, we happened to get a close of the Queen Mary II. These ships are massive! You have a really great view. I am glad you are not letting Brian swim by himself! You have it right. Live in each moment. The future is not here yet. Cross that bridge when you come to it.

Hey sorry @cecicastor! I replyed to this on "Fast Reply", but apparently it's not too fast at all LOL

Those ships are massive; I've seen more and more of them and have to wonder how 'good' they are for the environment etc. Plus, I've seen the entry ports here and they're tourist traps; nothing authentic whatsoever.

You're right ... the future will come regardless of what I do, so enjoy each day is all I can do.

Thank you and sorry again for the delayed response :)

No problem! We have been without power off and on for the past week. Last night was 12 hours...sigh

howdy there lynncoyle1! haha! look at Buddy! wow what a place huh? and what a blessing to be able to have such a place! wonderful. this is the best feeling post I've read in a long time! God bless you guys!

Thank you so much @janton! I know I replied to this using Fast Reply; you're the second one here that didn't get my response. Have you ever had that happen?

This place really is amazing; every day I count my blessings for all of it ... including crazy Buddy :)

yes it truly is I don't think I've had missing comments but I'm not using the fast reply either.

I would have thought that was a city's skyline or something. That's huge!

The weird apartment made me think Jughead was sitting in front of you.

The weird apartment made me think Jughead was sitting in front of you.

hahaha now that's all I think about when I look out the window to see that thing ... Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead ... the whole gang lol

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