hahaha he's the best cat ever! A couple of years ago, we had to put our last dog down, and were pet-less for the first time in a very long time for both of us. On my birthday, Brian surprised me with Buddy ... he said I needed a pet even if I didn't think so ... and he was right. This poor cat had been stuck in a PetsMart (a big chain pet store) for two years !! Everyone just wants a kitten :(

Well that, and they'd named him Matthew !! Who picks a cat named Matthew? :)

I don't understand why people have pets and then dump them in the store. Those poor pets can't do anything! I'm glad that he gave him to you as you must be the best momma for him! I'm sure about that! 😊

Hahaha, that is a very original name for cat! 🤣

It's something I will never understand either @delishtreats! Makes me crazy.

And thank you; I do spoil him a wee bit :) but I figure is any animal deserves it, he does!

That's true! It's so sad when people get pets for their kids and in a couple of months they literally throw them away. So you are right! Any animal deserve as much love as you can give!

And that is just another reason why I like you so much @delishtreats :)

Oh, you're so sweet Lynn!!! I'm honored!