The Establishment is Based on The Pretension; The Most Powerful Aptitude of Human Development.

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The establishment is based on the pretension that is the most powerful aptitude of human development. When nothing becomes a system of politics, control, domination and statehood, then the power of zero rises to the last degree. The height at which humanity has arrived is beyond what ancestral beings could imagine. However, they dreamed and their ideas became the new reality.

But a notion did not exist alone. It was added, remodeled, defined and refined until something was produced that others could adapt to, and in that sense, nothing has changed. The world still works on that first notion that, like a spindle, joins from its environment, the wheel of thought picked up the framework for what is the world of today.

Every day that passes there are billions of ideas floating in the cosmos of human thought and some come to the surface and are accepted. Inventions become facts, thoughts become actions, laws become rules and dreams become reality.

One puts on the shoulders of others to build a case and the pile of philosophies becomes a mountain. There are several mountains of this type that are now systems that control populations and have names. One is communism, another is Christianity, another is Islam, and so on. One relies on the other for substance because they all come from the same point.

What that first rock of the foundation of the World Order became obvious to me when it led me to investigate the root of religion and language. This happened after my reincarnation and with a strong bond with the Spirit. This experience showed me how wrong humanity is with what it believes and how it acts, and the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, called me.

I moved back through the maze of dreams and unlocked the language code that led me to a place. It would always lead to the same source: the sun.

This great source of power was seen with wonder and desire. He created the first dream that men could get up and become special. What they needed was to do it in action, and they did. They looked at the symbols of what the sun is, the big O. But it is also the "eye" that is described in the form of a symbol like [I], which is a pole with a circle in it.

In a vision of such a pole with a stone perforated high, the sun's rays penetrated the hole and were divided into rings of magic. Circles of colored lights in perpetual movement became the eye of Mother God: Mary or Mary. The central one is the cross at a right angle.

This created the idea that, by dying on the cross, a man's spirit could travel through the rays of the sun and "marry" with Mary. That is to mate with her and become a god. The archaeological record shows that in some places so many men sacrificed their lives in this way that entire communities became extinct because there were no partners to produce offspring.

In Scandinavia, the images carved into the rocks show men rising upwards holding onto kites from circles enclosing crosses. His erect penises show that they are fit to mate with the god and become the next Father God in heaven.

Dreams are one thing, putting them into action is another. Kings do not die exactly now, but they do. The crown on their heads represents the circle through which they supposedly travel to become a god. The 'or-b' they carry represents their birth as a sun, and the scepter their power to make laws.

No systems were created and the power of zero has built the world order. However, he took another, implement their systems to structure the establishment so that it could not be changed. His name is Constantine, a Roman emperor, who established the Catholic Church and by his power forced everyone to worship the image of Jesus Christ that he implemented (Revelation 13:15).

He also established the system of commerce, inheritance and law and, through his parliament, the Vatican, which he built for that reason, gained control of the world. He is identified in chapter 14 of Isaiah beginning in verse 9 as the Assyrian, and that is because he descends from Love, the original inhabitants of Babylon and the home of Islam. He is 666 in Revelation 13:18.

Love built Rome (reverse love) and its history was lost because of the Romans and the ability of the Vatican to erase its origin in Islam. Yes, the latter is the first religion and all of them have grown from it. Like language, they have diversified due to distance, isolation and invention.

Each king, however, marries the sun, Mary. That's why women could not ascend the throne. Hell came to earth with religions and dreams to be great and people still die for that. It shows the power of pretension.

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