Forget About Your Interests, Because Nobody Is Interested In That!

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We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.

-Galileo Galilei.

In my last post, "The Magic That Happens When You Truly Appreciate Someone!", I have shared my opinions about what happens when we give importance to the people. And why should we appreciate others. And some other stuff like that.

I noticed a funny thing about human behaviour in that post. It made me think a lot. It was a request by a steemian. He asked me something like this:

Clearly, he wasn't familiar with steemit laws. Well nobody is ever, in the beginning. When I joined, I made a few mistakes myself.

But the thing is, why do people make silly mistakes like that?

How will you react if someone tells you that he is new to this world thing, and why don't you give him a few hundred bucks?

Definitely, you wouldn't like it!

So Why Do Some People Behave Like That?

Not only some, I would say almost everyone behaves like that. Some subtly while some others not.

But the basic human behaviour remains somewhat same for everyone.

The one where everyone thinks only about his/her benefit!

Not only on steemit, you can witness this everywhere.

The thing is, we are always concerned about our and only our interests! We don't give a damn about someone else interests.

That is what he did in my last post!

And that is what we all do in our lives. We think about our interests only.

The thing about such actions is that nobody likes them, nobody likes those people who act like that. Always thinks about themselves only. I am not being mean to someone. I am telling the common notion.

Do you like the person who talks about himself only, and doesn't give a damn about you?

Probably not, right?

Things like these will backfire you!

That's how people get flagged here on steemit. And in real life, that's how fights break out between people.

When you think that someone doesn't care about you, and cares about only himself/herself only, a lot of things will go wrong then!

The Behaviour That Is Bankable Everywhere.

Instead of talking about yourself, your interests, if you talk about others interest, others problems, the picture becomes completely different.

Just look at this.

And this.

And this one too.

What happened here is that these people showed more interest in my post than the others who commented on it. And I upvoted them as a return for their appreciation.

And their interest wasn't fake but genuine, that's why it worked so well.

They shared my interests on the matter and talked about what I was interested in. What I wanted to talk about.

If you can understand this basic behaviour, you can improve your life exponentially, in every possible way.

Where can you apply this in your lives?

Everywhere. When you talk to your friends, your associates; talk about what they want, what they like.

Because nobody is interested in what you want.

Everyone is interested in what they want. There is some self-greed in everyone. You can't deny that.

Talking to someone about their interests will make you an exceptional conversationalist. It will improve your social connections.

And what is more important in this world than connections?

This may be a tiny thing, which everyone on steemit can notice every day.

But how many people learn from tiny things? I guess not many!

If you don't learn from things around you, can you ever grow?


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Thanks for mentioning me ;)

I have to say that personally I have always been having some inner resistance towards summoning others to upvote and follow, even before I came to Steemit. As you say "you cannot deny some self-greed", but unabashedly putting out neediness makes me feel akward..

As I said in the last two lines of my comment which you copied here, people sadly forget their former situation once they have shifted out of it. What I mean by that is that those who beg for upvotes and followers yet remain unrequited, are then again not aiming at doing it different once they are suddenly "rich". So when I was begging for it all the time and then suddenly get to that which I want in some way, and then again find that someone is begging in front of me, shouldn't we then remember that we also were in that situation back then?

As to the leniency in flagging, I guess as always there is the question of empathy. Many "beggars" who turn "rich" sadly forget that they once were beggars as well. The other way around, this means that many of these rich people will become beggars once the money is being taken away from them. So they won't suddenly think:"Ok, now I am one of those I always complained about", but instead forget again.

I enjoyed reading once again!


Truly said, we should not forget our roots, from where we have come.

Because our whole life depends on what we are from inside, not what we pretend to be!


Let me tell you why this boy has done this silly mistake,
It a pure case of lack of knowledge, The person who joined him on this platform doesn't teach him how this platform works, how we can get noticed, what are the ways to have a relationship with other!
The person who has joined him here may have told him that he is earning a fair amount of money from steemit.
So what this guy have thought? I'll go on steemit, and will make a lot of money like others, but no one teaches him It takes some time to get noticed on this platform.
In the first two months of your steemit journey try to make a relationship with whales by commenting on their profiles. but Post the comment that is valuable and that is relevant to the post you are commenting on!
I'm from Pakistan, at the start I have done the same mistakes. but then with the passage of time, I start learning how this platform actually works.
I am noticing many of the Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis who are new to this platform are doing the same mistakes.
I thinking to star lessons for them but in our mother language that could be easily understood by them :)

God bless you, Sir!


I thinking to star lessons for them but in our mother language that could be easily understood by them :)

That would be great!

I'm from Pakistan

Hey neighbour, I am from India.

Help everyone you can, pass the knowledge you have. And Improve yourself in the journey! Enjoy it.

Glad to know you are from INDIA. :)
Yeah journey has begin :)



@looftee - A decent regurgitation of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie. Keep the spirituality rolling! ; )


Love that book. You could say I am inspired by it, and a lot of my thoughts too!

I read it atleast once a year!

Thank You for share your valuable article for us...



Absolutely right thought ...@looftee.. We should forget about our interests because nobody is interested it...Thanks for your great inspiring speech..



yes, exactly try to give other's important, So will get the importance your are looking for,
It's a natural phenomena!
Everyone here is looking for appreciation, if you appropriate others work, you'll get appreciation back.


Human behavior seems to be like that for the most part. Publications like yours should be given more often in the network. Because selfishness takes over the person. There is no concern for others. know if that person who writes or speaks to you has any need or problem and that if something could help ... It is easier to think of yourself without regard to others. But how beautiful mankind would be if he cared even for a minute in his neighbor. God bless you.