The Magic That Happens When You Truly Appreciate Someone!

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There will be always an irritating person in your group. Who just enjoys to annoy everyone. To provoke everyone, to fight with him/her.

I was unable to understand why people behaved like that. Why did people annoy others? What does they get from vexing someone?

But now, I know the reason behind their actions.

They do it to grab the attention of people around them. They do it because they are scared. That they will be lost in the crowd. And nobody will notice them.

They just want to prove their importance in front of others.

The biggest mistake anyone can make in this world is to ignore the value of giving importance to the people. No matter who they are, what they do, what role they play.

Even people with the smallest role in your life, can prove to be a significant help to you, in your desperate times.

Whatever you have done till now in your life, like everyone else, you did it to prove your importance in the world.

And when someone recognised your importance, they became one the most respected person in your life.

How valuable it could be for you, if you give importance to everyone in your life?

Think about this for a moment. What is it that every brand, every company does to push their sales?

They create a sense of importance, a sense of admiration in the people who use their brand products/services.

They can easily sell their stuff because they make their customers feel superior.

A luxury car company never asks its customer to buy their car because they have spent a lot of money and time to design it. To research about it. That car is very important for the company so you have to buy it, they never promote it like that, do they?

They just show you that if you buy that car, you will feel a sense of importance among your friends, colleagues, in your social world.

Leave cars, how often do you spend money on your clothes to impress people, to show that you are worth something?

Most people spend a hell lot of money on their clothes to impress someone or everyone. What are the chances that you and I are included in these people? I believe quite a few!

Accept it or not, but you spend a lot of time and money in your life, just to feel that you are important, you are respectable and you are worth something.

As multi-million dollar brands recognize it, they make millions more.

What if you can make people feel important?

What are the possibilities for your growth then? A lot?

What happens when people can't show their importance?

They start behaving erratically!

Think about your grandparents, your parents, the children in your family. These all are the closest people for you in the world. They understand you more than anyone else.

Now, why does they enjoy annoying you every now and then?

You must have thought about this a number of times. What does they get from bothering you? Why can't they keep to themselves?

The answer is that they feel a sense of importance whenever they get your attention. And this is their only desire in the world at this time.

A 70-year-old person doesn't need much money, a big house, a lavish car to show the world that he/she is important.

He needs attention from his children, his grandchildren, his family to feel the sense of importance. He needs someone who cares about him. Which is a very good thing.

Children have the same needs. They don't want toys, sweets, or anything else as much as they want everyone's attention.

Especially of their parents. A new toy can capture their attention for some time, but if they are not getting your attention, they will be bored from their toys after some time.

Your gifts don't matter to them as much as your love and attention. Most of you can remember this from your childhood. What do you miss the most? Your toys or your parent's love, care, attention for you?

There are people who don't value the greatness of giving importance to others. Because of this, they suffer a lot!

As a result, everyone around them, is always in an aggravated state. They have become sick of this world because the world hasn't given them importance, the love and appreciation they needed, they believe that they never received from anyone.

Think about the time you have to negotiate a deal with an employee of a company.

Was it easy to negotiate with him? He didn't do any favours to you unless he proved his importance to you.

Only after that, he let the deal slide.


Because he doesn't get the chance to use his powers at a boring job like his every day.

He breathes the sense of power, the sense of importance in this world whenever he has to get things done for someone.

These moments make him special, make him alive!

It's simple, whenever someone gets the opportunity to feel important, they will take it.

So what can you do in such situations?

It's simple! You can appreciate people to smooth things up.

Appreciation makes them feel a sense of importance more deeply. You don't need to appreciate them for their stubbornness or their crookedness. But for the important work they do.

You can appreciate someone for their qualities. There is always something special in everyone. You just need to find that thing and show that you appreciate them for it.

But remember one thing, that fake appreciation will never work on anyone(except for a few people who are hungry for appreciation and will do anything for a few sweet words).

Most people will always recognise your fake appreciation. It will backfire you! They will start thinking what does this person wants from me?

When you appreciate someone genuinely, from your heart, they will be touched by your words, your actions.

As a result, they will return the favour by appreciating you back, helping you, respecting you.

Every person feels appreciation in a different way.

If you provide your children with toys, foods, gadgets, but keep them away from one thing that they actually cherish, they will hate you when they will grow up.

The thing they cherish the most is your love. The one thing everyone cherishes is love! You can share it in terms of your attention, respect, support or guidance.

If you will not realise this, the result will be a number of broken relationships. Most of you must have gone through this and a lot of you must be going through this, so you know better!

Provide people with love and care and they will forget about everything else.

Provide your parents/grandparents with money and not with your time, they will know about your fake appreciation for them.

After that, either they will interfere in your life too much, to seek their importance, or they will be always annoyed, always angry at you.

There is only one thing they want, your love and attention. Provide it the most!

Think about your colleagues, your co-workers. No matter how much you appreciate them in front of everyone, they will forget about it later.

They may even question your intentions.

But if you do one thing, to hold their back every time they get in a problem. To make things easy for them by helping them in their work.

They will never forget about it, because this is the true appreciation by you for them.

Learn to give importance to people and they will always love you back. They will always respect you, appreciate you and support you in any way they can.

If you don't, well, read this post again to know what you will lose!


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I would go so far and say that the entire lack of Love in the world is rooted in peoples' call for attention/Love not having been heard at some point in their lives, which then became deeply engrained traumas within them, which then again aggravated to the extend that many cannot help themselves anymore but resort to ever more drastic means in order to get that attention. We then say 'mean people' or 'mentally ill', yet in reality all is a product of worldwide lack of mutual attention and appreciation.

Most people, when not given appreciation,attention and Love, unfortunately don't aim at doing it different but fall into the same pattern as a result of all this inner anger and frustration having accumulated.

Let's give it our best! :)


Yepp, let's give it our best shot!


Thats totally right!

Well said bro. There was a dhobi who was supposedly never appreciated by anybody in his
entire life and because of that he was trying to show his powers when I needed the clothes ironed urgently. I figured what his problem was and what had made him this way and showed him some appreciation. Boy, it really worked wonders. He started giving me VIP treatment lol :D


That's a great experience, I hope you still appreciate a lot of people and have a good time because of that.

What a marvelous post! I haven' read such wonderful words and lessons in a long time. Thanks for teaching me the power of appreciation!

I don't know many colourful words to appreciate people and things, I've just started learning, you know! But this is my sincere appreciation for this post which I can't express it in words.

Have you also got posts on teaching how to appreciate? I'm seriously looking forward to it now.


I will try, thanks for the hearty appreciation!

I really don't understand why people are impressed by outer look, clothes, money!
Why man why!
These things can never tell you how good or sincere someone is with you!
But still people do believe in this :(


Because that's what people do!


But this is totally a wrong way to judge anyone :(
One can be judge by his behaviour to.other, his behaviour to poors!
The people with these qualities are jems♥
Real jems!


You are a jem too bro!


I am just an oridinary person who wants to see everyone happy :)


First, learn to be happy yourself, don't get angry, jealous of people you can't control. Let them be. Focus on yourself.

You can do a lot better and become a true gem then!


No one knows us better then our selves :)
We know our bad's and good's!
And we are the only one who can with evil inside us and turn him to do good :)

Mit einer unwissenden Person wird nicht geschrien
Es ist wirklich unmoralisch
Ein ganz besonderer Artikel war gut gemacht


Google translated:

With an ignorant person is not written It is really immoral A very special article was well done.

Thank you for appreciating my article!

Everyone must have a different mind there is a good some are also annoying, but all of them must be appreciated so that they also appreciate us ..



yeah i agree.
what a awesome post!


I agree too!

Am just a begginer at this please upvote and resteem one of my blog


Yeah why not.