I'm Too Much For Some People | Random Freewrite

in life •  22 days ago


I’m a stubborn mess that doesn’t give up easy
I talk too much
I feel too deep
I can’t just let things go
I see the good in the most misunderstood people
I will always stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves
I speak before thinking
I am not afraid of being disliked, in fact sometimes I enjoy it
I will fight with my last breath to defend those I love, but can’t seem to stand up for myself
I hate what I see in the mirror
But can’t understand the hate in this world
I’m too honest
I don’t know when to just give up and move on
I want to say things that shouldn’t be said
I care too much
I’m terrified to miss a moment, but scared to take a chance
My soul aches for something I don’t even recognize
I feel too much
I lost myself somewhere along the way, and I'm trying to find myself again
I bite my tongue so hard it bleeds most days
I lost my ability to trust
I expect too much from people
I can’t stand the fake people in this world
I feel the desire to run away
And somehow desperately just want to be found
I am broken..
Maybe beautifully broken, I just don’t know it yet

I’m too much for most people, and I’m ok with that.

Be you, flaws and all… because there is no one else in this world exactly like you, and that is pretty damn special.

Wishing you a New Year of adventure, joy and discovering just how special you are.

Much Love,


Photo taken with my Fuji x-t2 and made using overlay after editing. experimental photography art titled “The mess in my head.”

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Yeah! Nicely said! Keep on fighting. And a happy new year to you too.


Thank you ❤️

Too much for some? Maybe.
Not enough for others? Probably.
Does it matter? Not at all.
Just be enough for Justine and that's all you gotta do. <3


Exactly that 😉 We can just be ourselves right? Our crazy imperfect selves.. and that’s all we need to be ❤️


Oh Girl! I feel you!!!

Some call me “INTENSE”

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Yes, I’m a bit intense as well. Haha.. hey, I would rather be intense than boring I guess 😜


I've heard that word too XD...
but isn't it beautiful to feel intensely too...
would be worse living with our sentiments asleep and numb

You have a beautiful soul and often poets and creatives of the world feel too much and that can be both blessing and curse. I love the things that you stand up for and I identify with many. The older I get the less I bite my tongue I don't know if that's about getting older or that specific to women who keep the most inside, I think, finally speaking up? Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing both your strengths and your weaknesses. I hope you have a wonderful 2019 I fill some of your bucket list wishes, if you have them.
Happy 2019!

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Thank you so much ☺️... I think that does make sense.. somehow creatives are a bit more open to feeling things, that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.. but maybe expressing that through art of different types is the way we get it all out there, while helping others to accept that within them as well. I love your works, and feel we have a little it common in that sense.. and the stop biting your tongue and finally speaking up is a good point. I am trying to be a bit more “open”, mostly in the hopes to make others feel they aren’t alone in these thoughts, but it’s also a pretty great practice for my own soul as well.

I think we live in a world obsessed with perfection, so to tell others that, well.. I’m not perfect, and you don’t have to be either... maybe it will help someone.. that’s the goal I guess. Embrace who you are, crazy, stubborn, imperfect self.. because there is no one else like you ❤️

Thank you for the amazing comment and for sharing your words with us on the platform often, I really enjoy them. Happy New Year 🎆

I absolutely love this poem and I can relate to so much in it ❤️ I feel to much and care to much...stand up for others and sometimes forget myself.
I am what I am and don't know any other way...
Love me or don't... Up to you 😊
Thank you for sharing... Beautiful mess I say.
Happy new year!

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Thank you very much 💕 and I totally agree, be who you are.. if people can’t handle it, that’s ok. Being true to yourself and not only accepting yourself, but loving yourself is the most important thing. Take me or leave me, I am who I am 😉

Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for the love ❤️

Really like that photo. And the fact that you wrote things I'm sure you don't tell most people. I'm not sure what you mean by too much. Too much awesome for people to handle?

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Hey thank you! I was playing with a bit of long exposure/double exposure.. I think it represented “the mess in my head” pretty well. I was thinking I was too much crazy for some people, but awesome does sound better 😉 thanks for the lovely comment Dave!

Yes, and don't forget....



😂 I dont think I’m too hot for anything.. but no, I’m still not the face of buildawhale .. yet 😉😜


You are not too much whale 😜


Haha, good point. Seriously though, that is a giant picture of my face and it’s ruining this comment section for me 😜 I’ll let you know when I go total dark side, for now I’m just treading the line 😄


Go big or go home isn't it?

Tell me more about this dark side you speak of :)

Wrote a poem a while back called beautiful and broken. I like you. Thanks for sharing hun.

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Ive always liked the term “beautifully broken”... no ones perfect, everyone has had their struggles, maybe being broken is just part of putting ourselves back together... its how the light gets in. Thanks for the love 💕

Wrote a poem a while back called beautiful and broken. I like you. Thanks for sharing hun.

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Yay! Some of my favorite things! I think I’m a bit more of sunshine with a bit of hurricane.. but this sounds much nicer ❤️


Then this can be for your sunrise coffee in the calm before the storm.

Even though I’m the exact opposite I feel the sentiments like I feel everyone else is too much! I feel too little I let things go, I just can’t seem to care about a lot of things! I guess there’s always someone on the other side of the spectrum

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Yep, there is always someone on the other end! Funny how unique and different we are, I say embrace it 😉

Happy New Year, lele :) You are a very lovely person, inside and outside, and I wish you a wonderful 2019 :)

Keep being you ❤ !


Awe thanks Spider ❤️ You seriously are one of the nicest, most thoughtful and caring people I have met on here. The work you do for artists on the platform is amazing and your commitment to helping them be seen is extremely appreciated, more than you will ever know ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy New Year my dear!

I like your story, I felt not enough for many people but I was wrong and I found many silly and bad people with my old attitude, I like the way you explain what you feel about yourself.


Why thank you, I find that just putting yourself out there sometimes helps others to feel comfortable in their own skin as well.. that’s my goal anyways. ❤️

Too much for some is just right amount for others!

I’ve seen my own doppleganger ones in life. Sometimes you just got go for it otherwise someone else will.

Have a wonderful 2019 may it be filled with opportunity and some humor along the way as well.


Awe thank you Enjar, and I completely agree.. we just have to surround ourselves with the ones who think we are that perfect amount of sane and crazy 😜

Happy New Years to you as well ❤️

I am not afraid of being disliked, in fact sometimes I enjoy it

Sorry girl, like you a lot!

I don't have to tell you 'keep being you' because I know you will. And that's all we all need to do in life.

(Okay, no, some people could use a little work :P)

Let's make 2019 an amazing one. Cheers <3


This made me giggle 😂 .. dang you Soyrosa!! Just dislike me already!! 😜

Thank you, and I have to say.. you are pretty dang special. I appreciate your level head and love for this place more than you know.. you are one that gives me hope around here.

what if people think we are the ones that could use a little work? 👀 lol

Here’s to an amazing 2019 🥂 thanks for all the love and support 💕


what if people think we are the ones that could use a little work? 👀 lol

They're probably right :')

Thanks for all your lovely words @llfarms, I carry those with me <3 I'm trying hard to dislike you but you're not making it easy for me :P

So many mirrors to my life in this. Thank you for sharing.

All the best in 2019.


Thank you for being you ❤️

Happy new year lele, it's a great post to start the new year.
Not sure if you're too much though, I think it's a nice and good amount from my point of view. Maybe just enough? ;)


Happy New Year Scrawly ❤️ I thought it was a nice “just be you” start to a new year 😉 thank you. Haha, I’m ok with being too much.. some people are too much for me, some are too little.. it’s just how it works .. goal is to be enough for yourself and eveyrthing else will fall into place. Thanks for being a kickass curator and just all around amazing individual! ❤️


I have kickass mentors to help me reach where I am :).

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You're not too much for me.
Bring it all, Justine. ♥


Love you girlie 🤗❤️ And right back at you Serena

the beauty of imperfection... we are all flawed and all full of virtues... thanks for that honest heartfelt post...
pd. I feel too much too apparently

and It's ok, I'd not change that

big Hugs!


Imperfections make us unique, all those cracks make us special after all. Thanks love and thanks for all your encouragement ❤️ Feeling too much is better than feeling too little, just sometimes it makes us “feelers” care a bit of a load on our shoulders.. but I think that also makes us pretty strong too. 💕

“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”
-Ernest Hemingway <—- love that quote

Love it. Deep and real. I like seeing glimpses like this. ❤️

A younger version of me could have written this...

For me, this state was about worrying about how I would be perceived. Instead of who I am. But it was also an important step in getting past that stage.

It was a painful state of being overly self-aware.
It was also a necessary step to becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

I could just be projecting.


Wow, I found myself so much in this. <3 I feel the same, but as others have pointed out in the comments, I find it doesn't really matter how others see you. If they want you, fine, if not, bye-bye. Their loss. What matters is that you are happy with who you are. You're amazing, Justine, and the fact that you're able to bare this cracked side of you makes you all the more interesting <3

I hope you have an amazing New Year, because you surely deserve it!! And I hope that you in turn know how special you are :)

Happy New Year!


I could not agree more, be yourself.. embrace all the “flaws”... all those so called flaws are what makes us unique and that is pretty special. Be you and to hell with what the world thinks 😉

Thanks love, and right back at you.. I see myself in so much of the things that you write, and I appreciate all the love and support you have showed me, it really means a lot. Trying to expose all my cracks in hopes others will embrace there’s as well, that’s the goal ❤️ Happy New Year 💕