The Art of Life: Thought Creates Form

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Conscious Experience is an Art

Life is a multi-dimensional and ever-expanding piece of grand art for humans, the gifted artists, to create in any fashion they so freely choose. We are maestros of the symphony that is our personal experience; our thoughts and feelings are our conductor's batons.

So far in this work of art we seem to be toddlers, not entirely sure what or how to create but creating nonetheless. It isn't uncommon these days for man to feel unhappy with the portrait he has drawn for himself, and wondered why it hasn't turned out the way he would prefer.

Metaphorically speaking, man wants lush beaches, warm sunshine, peaceful meadows, majestic mountains and yet he is haunted by empty fields, burning cities, hopeless wastelands. Ultimately it is his choice what ideas he decides to occupy his mind with. If he can't believe in his ability to build a stable home he will, much to his frustration, continuously create dilapidated houses. In many cases of strife in his art, man believes that though he is deciding to make misery, he is choosing it on the base of what has been argued "realistic" by his culture. It is believed in modern society we must be "realistic" in our art, or else we may be laughed at for our creation. Or if he is really lost in the sauce, he won't even realize that his creation is his choice at all.

More often that not, man doesn't even realize he is entirely creating his piece of art. For he has been told since childhood that it is the priests, the governments, the academic authorities, the unseen forces that must make the decisive arrangements for him. And indeed, if so allowed, they sure will. And so he believes his art is the gloomy mural that was involuntarily bestowed to him in his fate, and he must always look upon it and perpetuate it as those around him do. He doesn't believe in his power to create his life and so he has forfeited his circumstances to whatever his environment influences upon him. He becomes an unwitting victim of his own creation, and since he created it, it is completely true to him. He defends it closely, no matter how much pain it may bring him to bear. After all, it is his creation.

Contrary to his dogmas, he is completely free to change his own creation at any time. He may transform the barren field into an orchard of great fruits. He may re-tune the empty static into a rich melody. He may even entirely scrap the old story and begin a new chapter by his own will. With an intentional flick of the pen, he could plot-twist his tragedy into a heroic adventure, a love story, a comedy, a rich and colorful new scene of deep exploration.

But something keeps him-for he has known the ways of his hell for so long that it brings him a strange comfort in his despair. His bitterness towards life has seduced him. Perhaps it is the anxiety of the unknown, the judgement of his peers, the fear of his own power, his addiction to his doubt, and/or many other strange experiences that the ego of human beings is so intimately fond of.

Based on no reasoning but his own illusions, he refutes the idea that he created any of this himself and that any of his art, which he can't stop desperately staring at, is his responsibility at all. He is in a paradox. Why would he choose to create songs of intolerable dissonance? He is convinced that it is others that have smeared his beautiful music, and if he has been weak enough to allow it, then he is surely unworthy of a fresh canvas anyways. Besides, the fact that he has created his own pain, his own setbacks, his own poverty, his own illness, is absolutely preposterous to him, for he has no conscious recollection of ever even scripting that into his play. He looks at the disheartened art around him and decides that he is normal; he is just the victim of an unfair life as much as anyone else. And so he continues to feel justified in his belief of himself as the victim of a degrading story, looping and materializing this reality into his existence.

This is the experience of modern humanity's belief systems in a nutshell.

Beliefs Create Form


"Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind." -Earl Nightingale

In this world, our beliefs are our utensils and our lives are our canvas.

In simple terms there is no doubt, logically and intuitively, that we are master creators of our own experience. What we believe, we create. This is a crystal clear truth for those who have used it for their success, and as more can see it, the more humanity will evolve to new heights. For changing your reality is only as difficult as you believe it to be. When we sincerely understand the thought-constructive nature of the universe and the massive role of the subconscious mind, we will know how to stop looping self-sabotage. We will comprehend our ability to create fulfillment. This is the way of the new paradigm of free humans.

We can already see solutions arise as innovative minds discover new possibilities. In the study of epigenetics, biologists show it is not the genes that control our fate, but the environments of the genes that are the true builders of your cellular community (aka your body). The environment of your genes (i.e. your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.) are what directly give the information to the 50 trillion cells in your body that decide how to use these genes, not the genes themselves. Subconsciously or consciously, YOU are the operator of your DNA. And so it is that you change your thoughts, you change your life. In the cutting edge work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, he makes it clear that we are not victims of our reality, but we are creators of it.

The enslavement on this planet has been less physical as it has been psychological; for the mind is the root of all material manifestation. It is then no mystery why humanity's creative capacity has been harnessed by those who wish to dominate the world and furthermore used against them. After all, if your thoughts and feelings weren't such powerful fuel for creation, why would everyone want to control them so bad? We cannot overlook the fact that many of our beliefs are not our own, and when it comes down to the official stories of the world we've been given, we know very little about who we really are. Our deep-rooted and usually subconscious ideas of ourselves and others control our destiny. Until we take the initiative to become aware of these deep-seated (or should I say deep-seeded) dogmas and transform them, they will decide the way our art form takes place. As Carl Jung wisely said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Nonetheless, let it be known that one need not feel guilty for contributing to the casualties of their society. For it is only the realization of this great truth and the practices it contains to change everything: first individually and eventually collectively. One small flame of awareness is enough to light an entire cave, and inspire others to take to their own matches. The momentum of this illumination is the guide of human evolution.

We Are Masters of Reality

A human being isn't just any creator, but a mighty one, that is ever-so-slowly awakening again to who he is. He is not the influencer of his fate, but the high-end designer with a tool-kit that is limitless as his spirit.

This is a blatant truth that has been denied and repressed for too long. Ironically, any sincere individual can test what has been called the Law of Attraction themselves to see the substance in these words. Instead of living in fear, dread, grief, or anger you can consciously cultivate an experience of joy, health, peace, enthusiasm. Speaking from direct experience, any being can re-program their beliefs and see the direct results in their life. The outcome is a divine experience in which you firsthand witness the power of your own mind; a discovery so delightful that soon you will be consciously creating more and more joy in your life (and in other's lives) just because you can, and you know you are inherently worthy. A natural side effect of conscious creation is remembering our origins. This kind of creation could not exist in an unintelligent universe.

That being said, there is no reason to continue to make resentment towards those who have, purposely or unpurposely, sought to hijack our minds. For that is the destructive loop of the old paradigm. More innovatively, we can create minds that are un-hijackable. This is the new paradigm. For a creator who knows his artistic gifts is no match for an ungifted parasite. An aware creator doesn't have to worry about such weak-minded games, for he is too busy designing his piece of the universe to his ultimate perfection. With the stroke of a brush, he creates happiness. With the notes of a melody, he brings harmony to his community. With the addition of rich colors, he brings health back into his being. With artistic passion for his multi-dimensional piece of art that is his life, he continually adds more reasons to be joyful to his experience. When the contrast of what he doesn't want arises, he simply uses that new information to refine his creation even more. He pulls a Bob Ross and turns that happy accident into flowers. With the shining of a light, darkness cowers and dissipates. He knows his ability to speak his will into existence is boundless as he believes it to be and takes satisfaction in the never-ending expansion of his highest love.

The dreary portrait of human existence livens richly as creators wake up to their god-given rights of creation- a creation that always starts from the inside and is reflected in the material outside. Earth is a mystery school for our spirit to fine-tune its abilities to express and expand itself through the infinite love as our own creator once did.

The New Paradigm

The devastation we have created has served its purpose of teaching. The new age the Mayans (and many other ancient cultures) prophesied about is here. A radical change is afoot in which on a mass level, we are no longer victims of our illusions but masters of our realities. The awakening is slow but true. We are in a time when our abilities are shifting and accelerating.

I dare say, you can already feel it in the air. Things are changing.

Though we are the artists of our world, make no mistake. We must still learn how to master our tools and the techniques of our trades. Much must be done in the realm of the subconscious mind to see results in the conscious. Fear not, for though the learning of the subconscious mind is far different and less acknowledged than that of the conscious, it is completely realizable for any individual. All it takes is some research on affirmations, meditation, vision boards, belief systems, and above all the practices of willpower, introspection, and mindfulness.

Going Forward

Let me end by giving you this: YOU are a powerful creator, with the ability to experience anything you desire. A trip to Paris, a healthy family, a successful career, a happy life, a work of art. It is not a matter of luck or fortune. It is a matter of knowing your Self; a matter of mastering your mind and will; a matter of releasing doubt and cultivating true self-love.

Overall, it is a matter of de-programming from the self-sabotaging code of an insane society and rewriting your own story in your mind with complete fortitude, consciously and subconsciously. The trick to successful results in your creation is perfecting the alignment of your inner vision with clarity and allowing it to unfold materially. Contrary to popular belief, the universe we live in is unfathomably intelligent, self-aware, and seeking to work with those who wish to work with it. The only limits you have are those you believe in for yourself. De-programming from the old paradigm is a long series of shedding old conceptual barriers that hold you back and consciously re-wiring what YOU want to experience.

So let us take joy in the coming of the new paradigm in which we are the conscious creators of our reality, the composers of our masterpiece, and the movers and the shakers of our world. We came here with purpose: to actualize our gifts and use them for high purposes. Gone are the days of allowing the human race to be degraded and debased by the destructive ego; now is the time of evolution towards meaningful expansion of life.

And so it is.

Thanks for reading. Love to you all~


This was a most luminescent and beautiful piece of writing for me to read this morning, with spring thunders cracking the sky outside my window, and a gentle breeze of change caressing me.

"In this world, our beliefs are our utensils and our lives are our canvas."

O! This!! So much this!! The role of belief in the field of human healing and potential is under-rated, even if there is the knowledge and the wisdom that this is so! I have always imagined the idea that my life is the canvas of my artwork, but my conditioning still traps me on a daily basis.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your words today!
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Aw thank you so much @naturalmedicine for such wonderful encouragement! You page has inspired me so much and so it is very fulfilling to hear such kind words from you.

We are certainly living in amazing times, releasing the illusions of the old matrix and, finally, stepping into our creative powers in full effect! I am excited to see what we create :)

Thank you! Have a wonderful day <3

Was any of those images your own artwork? If so... amazing!!

Please somehow 'label' them as yours so we can all appreciate them and reward them well.

Also, if you do use any images that are not your own, it is a very good idea to cite the source of where you get them from (and hopefully you have permission to use them).

Your words touched me deeply. 💚🙏🏽💚🙏🏽💚

Thank you very much @ravenlotus and I am grateful to have touched you :)

Considering the art, it is not mine, but I also appreciate the tip as it didn't occur to me that I should be citing the sources, and will be sure to do so in future articles.

Have a marvelous day <3

An extraordinary, beautifully written piece. Thankyou. 🙏💕 And so it is. X


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Powerful article and oh so true!
Good to have these reminders that we are the creators of our life and when we master the tools we can make of it whatever we want!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Thank you so much @porters :) Indeed, in these crazy times we need all the reminders we can get! Lol. Keep on creating and inspiring!

Excellent article, @ladyfliberty. I invite you to use the #ecotrain tag in this type of content. They are incredible people who support authors inspired by Love, Nature, Ancestral Wisdom.

@zeleiracordero Thank you much! I was unaware of the #ecotrain tag but I will be sure to use it in upcoming pieces :)

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