When hard work doesn't bring Success, Don't Give Up!

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Have you ever felt like you've worked hard for years, but haven't been as successful as you wanted? Meanwhile, your fellow classmates and people around you have had success first? This sometimes makes us feel insecure. Sometimes it even makes us compare our successes with others, who end up blaming ourselves and feeling worse.

The effort and hard work that we have done often makes us wonder to ourselves "what have I made from my work? why I have not been as successful as they are "and other questions that essentially compare our achievements with others.

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Are you aware, when we compare ourselves with others there are two possibilities? First, we will feel arrogant when the person we compare to is lower. Or conversely, we will feel inferior or inferior when we compare is higher than what we have realized. If the comparison that you do as a motivation to improve your performance, it does not matter.

It will be a problem if the comparison makes you insecure and blames the situation. Our efforts do not necessarily make our desires fulfilled, even though we have worked hard. There is the intervention of God and the universe that conditions the speed of success on your side.

Don't feel jealous when other people are successful. Don't compare your achievements with others, because everyone has a different process of achieving success. Not enough work hard to lead you to success, smart and sincere work also needs to be applied.

Don't force yourself to work too hard, beyond normal working hours. To make you forget your health. Work smart, meaning that the work you do is within normal limits. You can allocate time to work, rest, to pamper yourself with refreshing. So that what you do does not interfere with your health.

Likewise, working sincerely, in addition to aiming for a salary or salary, do the work sincerely. Things that have become the responsibility, do it thoroughly. Reduce complaining, because it will only make you feel burdened. Make yourself feel happy and healthy with the work you have done.

If you enjoy the job, you will more easily manage money to achieve what you want. You will be as successful as you want someday, as long as you can try that is balanced with prayer. So, you don't need to be jealous and give up right now if you can't be as successful as your other colleagues. Keep trying, even though the process is long, but believe that you can achieve the success you want.

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always do not give up

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