Why I decided to Delegate Additional 250 SP to Actifit

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Source is my profile @actifit

I kept seeing people posting Daily Actifit report day in day out and I didn’t just understand what they were doing or how they were doing it or what it all meant. So out of curiosity I visited their website to see what all the fuss was all about.


The Message on the Wall

“Actifit is an innovative dapp that rewards fitness activity! Built as one of the first Smart Media Tokens on top of the Steem blockchain, with beta Android and iOS mobile apps already available on playstore and app store, Actifit tracks and rewards your activity via Actifit(AFIT) tokens, but also STEEM rewards via upvotes on your Steem posts.” _ source @actifit

Those were the intro of what actifit was all about and at first instance for me that was very discouraging. You see guys, fitness activity to me sounded like exercises and boy has it been a very long time I did such a thing. Lol. I can’t remember doing any major form of exercise this year and so how am I going to get the goodies if I don’t do exercises I thought to myself? I read further and checked other peoples report and discovered that walking was a good form of activity and there were other regular stuff I did that were considered as activities. That was fair enough for me because mountain climbing, bicycle riding or kicking the round leather ball wasn’t what I saw myself doing in a long while to come.

My Original Goal

My original goal when I started using @actifit was to get as much points as I could and as much valued upvote as I could get to grow my account, my goal wasn’t to get fit or I didn’t see myself as doing enough to keep myself fit. So I decided to delegate 100 SP to test how it works. The journey started and the first day I got about 3000 point and was trying to post it when I discovered I needed a minimum of 5000 to be able to get rewarded on actifit, so I had to take a walk and did other stuff to build up the points to 5000 point. Sure enough the next day I got the @actifit token and upvote as they had promised.

Change of Goal

I discovered that getting the points wasn’t a stroll in the park you had to work hard at it and that meant taking longer walks, doing things my staffs normally does for me myself and generally going the extra miles to build the points. I notice my body started becoming more flexible, I was feeling lighter than I used to feel, I did stretches at the office once in a while and I wasn't sitting all day like I did before. I also started minding what I ate so that it’ll be easy for me to continue to go out for my walks. In general I was feeling good about my health and the strength these activities were giving me. So I brought out my weighting scale to check what’s up and loo and behold I had lost 5kg. You see guys I a 6 foot tall guy who weighs 103 to 105 kg most times and I am a bit on the chubby side if you’ll call it that. But suddenly I realized I had gone done to 98kg. My body water and bone mass readings were ok for my age but my BMI and body fat further needs to get lower. So, my goal now in using @actifit is to make all my readings to be normal while reducing my weight further. I currently do not know what my right weight should be but am using a measuring scale weight where you input your statistics like age and height and it will measure you showing your BMI, Body fat, body water, bone mass and weight and they have a manual that tells you what your normal is supposed to be based on the data you entered. I’ll sure let you guys know what my normal readings are when I get there.

Why I Just Delegated 250 Additional Steem Power to @Actifit

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I think @actifit has turned out to be a great tool for me to stay healthy and it can do the same for every other person. I am tell my story here so that members of this great Steem community can read it and learn from my experience. Now, what other way can I show my support if not to delegate more Steem Power to them. I have just delegated additional 250 SP to @actifit which brings my total delegated SP to this great project to 350 SP. But I don’t think am going to stop here I’ll definitely do more delegating to them as a sign of thank you guys for your good work. As a requirement to use @actifit one has to have an account on steemit which I believe is another way @actifit is helping in the mass adoption of Steemit by new users who will be eager to earn money while using it and also engage in community discussions.

Words of Encouragement

If you haven’t started using @actifit I really think you should, it’ll help you stay in good sharp and you earn while doing that. You can start with the small stuff like taking a walk and even moving around the house to get stuff you need instead of sending someone else to get it for you. Every step you take counts to helping you reach the 5000 minimum steps you require to submit your report so you can earn from it. It is quite fun to do as well, at the beginning you might be finding it a bit uncomfortable to be with your phone always but with time you get used to it.

Remember The Upvotes

Remember Steemians, the upvote your post based on your points, level, delegation to them and others factors so it is indeed great if you can delegate Steem Power to @actifit as well because it is going to give you additional upvotes for now and @actifit tokens which will be of great use in 2019 when SMT is expected. It is definitely a win-win situation for all parties involved. I sincerely believe this is just the beginning of better things to come as they are continually in communication with users about what they’re working at and how they’re working to make things better.

Thanks for reading, please upvote my post if you liked it, follow me, resteem and don’t forget to leave your comments or questions and I’ll definitely respond to them, you might even get an upvote for your comment. I’ll truly appreciate your support. Thanks once more and do have a great day.






Thank you for sharing such a great write up @ketcom :) <333 So thankful to have you as part of our community. Keep up the great work! Much Reiki Love!

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@thereikiforest I should be thanking you guys for doing a great job and I do appreciate what @actifit is doing for me so I have to talk about it so that others can learn from my experience. Thanks Reiki Love!

This is really an eye opener for beginners like me. I trust they will continue to do better with time. Thank you for telling us your story.

Thank you for your support always, you are great.

This is a wonderful detailed report you have give to us about @actifit. It is a worthy venture.

Thank you for your support always, I know I can always count on you.

Congrats for your Delegation man.
@Actifit is a killer Dapp with a real life purpose.
Nice to see you posting you actifit cards everyday,you are in a good shape for sure!
Much love

Thanks for the encouragement @knowhow92 it's like you took a little time off, glad to see you back again.

Been working on my new project @steemskate.
Check it out if you are intrested bro.
I'll be glad to recieve feedvlvack fromyou.
And gongrats for rep 61,you are growing your rep super fast.

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@knowhow92, Yeah, I notice you post a lot about it of later. As a matter of fact I've checked it out and the first thing that come to my mind is that I need to be in you guys shape before even trying something like that. Lol. Secondly, we don't have so many smooth roads to practice it but I watch you and think it's cool. Thirdly, I checked @steemauto and didn't see @steemskate why or is it what did you use to set-up the curation trail? Steemauto can help you automate the process such that when a members makes a post other members are automatically going to upvote that post, it can be max 1 time daily or more depending on how you set it up. You can also put minimum SP to belong to the trail so that no one is cheated. Just thinking aloud though bet you already have those figured out. Thanks as regards to the rep 61 stuff, it's actually getting slower and slower to move up now, I just continue to do what I know how to do best.

Thank you for the recommendation brother.
Just signed @steemskate at @steemauto and started a curation trail.
Much love and thank you again

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You are very welcome my man, that's what friends in this community are for, helping out each other to go higher.

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Im so glad that we met and share opinions bro.
You are one of the most positive people I know in Steem.

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Awww! Thanks a lot for the compliment. And you are a very great guy, you helped me out on the dtube stuff even when you didn't know who I was. You're cool.

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Hi @ketcom
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Thanks a lot for your continuos support.

This is very helpful feedback, thank you!

Thank you for your comment @katerinaramm it is how it is for me and I felt there maybe people like me who think @actifit is only for fitness or sporty people. My story should help them come in and join the band wagon.

Congratulation ketcom!! For you are randomly selected.
Good going.

Thank you my friend for your support always.

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Wow! Thanks a lot guys, I really didn't know it would turn out even great like this. I was only telling the steemit community how really great you guys are affecting my life in a positive way health wise and as they say "Health is Wealth". Thank you one more time.

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Thanks a lot, I am really impressed.

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Thanks, I got it.

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