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RE: Why I decided to Delegate Additional 250 SP to Actifit

in #life4 years ago

Congrats for your Delegation man.
@Actifit is a killer Dapp with a real life purpose.
Nice to see you posting you actifit cards everyday,you are in a good shape for sure!
Much love


Thanks for the encouragement @knowhow92 it's like you took a little time off, glad to see you back again.

Been working on my new project @steemskate.
Check it out if you are intrested bro.
I'll be glad to recieve feedvlvack fromyou.
And gongrats for rep 61,you are growing your rep super fast.

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@knowhow92, Yeah, I notice you post a lot about it of later. As a matter of fact I've checked it out and the first thing that come to my mind is that I need to be in you guys shape before even trying something like that. Lol. Secondly, we don't have so many smooth roads to practice it but I watch you and think it's cool. Thirdly, I checked @steemauto and didn't see @steemskate why or is it what did you use to set-up the curation trail? Steemauto can help you automate the process such that when a members makes a post other members are automatically going to upvote that post, it can be max 1 time daily or more depending on how you set it up. You can also put minimum SP to belong to the trail so that no one is cheated. Just thinking aloud though bet you already have those figured out. Thanks as regards to the rep 61 stuff, it's actually getting slower and slower to move up now, I just continue to do what I know how to do best.

Thank you for the recommendation brother.
Just signed @steemskate at @steemauto and started a curation trail.
Much love and thank you again

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You are very welcome my man, that's what friends in this community are for, helping out each other to go higher.

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Im so glad that we met and share opinions bro.
You are one of the most positive people I know in Steem.

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Awww! Thanks a lot for the compliment. And you are a very great guy, you helped me out on the dtube stuff even when you didn't know who I was. You're cool.

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