Why You Should ALWAYS Wait For A Sign

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Ugh....So there are people out there, Who jump on opportunities and they go after things. You should NEVER do that... Without a sign.

Whether you believe in a god or outside sources of "signs." Signs are important you know! You should never do anything unless you see a "sign."

The Direction you go is Dictated by the Universe

Want to become a nurse? Well unless you see a sign, Don't bother.

The universe needs to send you some sort of indication that you are meant to be a nurse. Otherwise, any attempt at doing that will automatically make you fail.

Don't do Anything!

So many people sit back and do absolutely nothing! And they are right for doing so. Why would you want to make a move in life? Every time you take a risk or do anything, you risk failure. Why would you want to deal with failure? When you get a sign, you won't fail because you are about to do the thing you are meant to do. And that means perfect accuracy every time.

So What is a sign?

Signs can be complicated; You won't ever get one unless you are looking for it, Even then it's objective on whether or not it's even a sign at all. It could be a random occurrence caused by something else.
But if that gets you motivated to make a move, Then Go for it! It's a sign then.
Like if you want to ask someone to date you, If everyone around you is telling you, You should. That's a sign that you absolutely should. BUt if no one says anything about it, You should string her along as long as possible until you get that absolute indication that you should ask her out. Or If she starts "hinting" That's also a positive indication that you should do it. But don't take the risk of her possibly saying no. YOu should never take that risk in life.

Some of us are too proactive!

Ever heard of exhausting too many resources? When you are proactive in accomplishing your goals. That's exactly what happens! You accomplish way too much! So relax, You don't need to do anything. Spend your whole life waiting for signs. Thats the way to be!

This post is a joke!

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is this article a sign AM I A SIGN WHAT IS LIFE ill just stay in here where its safe got me thinking though

Agreed Kaylin - nuff said :-)



Yeah, I had that kind of attitude in my early twenties (more out of fear of failure than not thinking things worth doing) and all it lead to was a deep depression in my late twenties when I realised how long I'd been sitting with my dreams. I'm still sitting with them, but starting to expand my horizons day by day. Hoping to use Steemit towards that end, but I really need to stop procrastinating and just do something. This post and your comment reminded me of this. Thank you.


My pleasure. Yes, I wasted my twenties in fear as well. The irony is your twenties is when you should be taking shots because there is so much time to recover if things don't work out.


Indeed, but it's never too late to start! My dad's 84 and jokingly says he still doesn't know what he wants to do when he grows up!


LOL Exactly!


Kaylinart is absolutely right. God also communicate to people by sign, on what to do and not to. Good job . check my post out

My mother-in-law always said, "Things will happen if they were meant to" and I always HATED that. There was no real effort on her part to do much of anything; she would just kind of wait for things to fall into her lap and if they didn't, it was just the will of the universe I guess. It felt lazy, like you shouldn't put yourself out there for anything and if it isn't easy, it isn't worth doing.

I admit it took me a couple paragraphs to realize this post was a joke, because it legitimately sounded like something she would write! Very scary (and somewhat tragic) that some people actually think this way.


I would say we get many forms of sings and sometimes I miss the obvious ones that are right in front of me. haha

Hi Doodle!

Some of us myself included wanting to take life as jumping out of the sky without a pharashoot trying to build one on the way down hopefully to have a successful landing.

Universe has very mysterious way of making things works but so few of us are intuitive enough to understand those! :)


True! But at the same time we should definitely work to impact our goals. Not just wait for things to happen automatically.


Definitely! Without our efforts nothing can be attained!


Instead of waiting for a sign it is crucial to have a vision and set goals. Then make a plan on how to get there and consistently do some action (even a little baby step is better than nothing) that bring us closer to success.

@kaylinart, it took me two whole paragraphs before I realized your were being sarcastic. I follow you so I should have known better.

Faith gives us direction, but we have to be willing to stake steps (action).


LOL Thank you!
I agree with that! There is nothing wrong with occasionally feeling like some outside source is helping us along. But to only rely on that is scary.

@kaylinart Dangit, i've been doing things wrong for way too long! I need to start being less proactive in accomplishing my goals! lol


Good! Yes Be less proactive LOL Before you know it you'll be closer to them as a result.

" I saw the sign, and i opened up my eyes and i saw the sign."

If you ever heard that song, you are awesome @kaylinart. ;)


LOL! I know that song XD


nostalgic ;)

I like to create my own sign..regardless of circumstance.

ok - agree! this is kind of a corny story on my part -- but just the other day i was at a thrift store and really liked this pair of shoes. I decided not to buy it. a bit later after leaving I realized I left my phone at the store. I wound up buying th shoes and I'm so glad i did!


Universe intervenes now and again to slap you with a sign if you ignore your own :-D

Still waiting for my sign...checks clock...can't do anything until I see it!

Great post.


woow,, great post. I hope to get your next post.Steemit-Referral-Reward-Program-simple01292.gif

Hahah. When I read your title I was actually starting to question if I should be waiting for signs rather than being proactive. I was thinking "Am I too gung ho????"
You got me.

Why would you want to make a move in life? Every time you take a risk or do anything, you risk failure

When feelings are flanked by 2 pressures, between success and failure, at that time people are desperate to take 1 conclusion. he trust that he will be succeed, why? Because sometimes someone following the heart. Great post @kaylinart

Thanks for the chuckle :)

...gamblers see all the signs all the time!!!! :-)

You look very young in the picture in this post, whether your age is still a teenager, you are very beautiful, your post is also very interesting and good in my opinion, really great job, I am very happy if got good response from you. @kaylinart

Nice posts. You are what you do, not just what you think. Nice to meet you @kaylinart. I follow you. Follow back pls. Thanks

It's risky not to take a risk!

Oh buga no wonder I havent achieved anything lol

Great way to act on. Thanks for sharing.

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Thanks,very uplifting!


Thank you

The signs we get from energy/intuition is all we need to listen to. This is our higher intelligence guided us.

I truly enjoy reading your post, it very motivational the way you explain how the universe always send us some kind of sign are calling , and how we all risk failure when trying to be who we are not , thanks for rolling out this post i also resteemed thsi

I can't agree more with you @kaylinart. I've learned this the hard way. Studying empirical philosophy.

Your article is amazing and has some xo relationship with what i write.
T thanks for sharing this it really allowed me to see that im not the only one relying on this ^^

I'm waiting to win the lottery. LOL :P


We have to make our own destiny! Great post!

Totally Agreed :) “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty if you think you can make a better glass.” #smartcuts

Do I need to say WOW???
Although this is a joke, but I really like your writing

Failure is a Challenge Keep Moving Forward

The one sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching, however the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Totally agreeing! Even with the Law of Attraction I agree on this joke
Waiting around for the things to come and for signs to show up is useless
Even if our Action might pull back on us
Yeah maybe we should do more things based on how we feel
But never risking something is never living
We can only learn from making mistakes!

Very interesting post. Thankyou for sharing @kaylinart.. Would you like to visit my post and vote???


Thank you

Waiting for a sign is like being at the airport waiting for your ship to come in. Seems like forever since you posted one of these motivational quips.

Stop Dreamin and start Steemin!

Nice :D

Work smart and dreams will come true.


Heheh yes! Work Smarter not harder.

Signs are great. but you should also have a moral code: things you wouldn't do for the sake of conscience regardless. Signs, clues, intuitions, all of those things do exist, and matter!

Just keep moving. Sitting still accomplishes very little. Thanks for the post.

Lol good

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no one know the power of surrending when you let life guides you you will see mirracls

. I LOVE this post lol even though it's supposed to be a joke. I got something out of it. One past interviewer said to me "you can't just stand around and look pretty". A few days later, when I realized I wasn't going to get a call back, I thought to myself, this has happened too many times. I thought about what she said and thought to myself maybe it's time to persue what I've been dreaming of since I was little. The universe was giving me that signal to go ahead and start those acting classes and invest in those head shots! I have been getting the same sign over and over again.... to be an entertainer of some sort. When I finally listened to it I lost almost all of the social anxiety I was dealing with in life. To openly tell people what my true aspirations are is a wonderful feeling! It doesn't feel fake or forced. Now I get up every morning excited about performing and acting. I have yet to take an acting class, BUT I am networking until my schedule frees up! ♥

Never a shortage of synchronicity when im on the right track.

This is a sign that you should follow me and my wife! Her name is Daylin, It is almost like your name Kaylin but with a "D" instead so that's totally a sign! Her Steemit is @ddfoodandtravel. I was like "what the heck is she talking about" until I got to the end where it says "this post is a joke", you got me good.