STOP Feeling Overwhelmed!

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We all feel overwhelmed at times. It's not a good feeling, Especially when we get so stressed, we don't want to do anything anymore.
So we procrastinate, And then later beat ourselves up because we got nothing done. When We could have solved the problem by addressing the real issue here. Often it's not that we are lazy, Or failures. It's us just feeling so overwhelmed.


Stop whatever it is your doing. And think for a minute. Why are you overwhelmed? Write it down.
If you saw my last post,
The Stress Of Going On Vacation!

You'll see that I'm VERY overwhelmed. But when I took a moment to type up the list of things I need to do. I realized it's not as bad as I thought. Sure, I have to prep myself and my businesses for 2 vacations, as well as attend two important events. But it's certainly doable.

What happened today?

It's 8:00 P.m. And because I felt overwhelmed I got little done. Now I'm beating myself up, the guilt starts.

And you know how I feel about guilt? When you feel Guilty, The guilt causes self-sabotage. Usually, people use this as punishment for not accomplishing what they wanted. This self-sabotage comes in the form of procrastinating more. Which creates this horrible cycle of not getting things done. We tend to punish ourselves when we feel guilty. And that punishment is usually whatever it is we started doing in the first place that we weren't' supposed to do.


You need to decide what is most important in your life.
And invest the time and energy into it so you can get what you want!
I know someone who wants to learn how to play Guitar, Piano and learn to draw.
It breaks my heart because I told him he should try and do one at a time, Because it's better for hiim to get really good at one thing for now, Over getting good at lots of things.

Sadly he isn't listening. He doesn't seem as motivated to do all these things. It's overwhelming. So he plays video games instead.

When you pursue a couple of smaller things, Once you accomplish those goals. It boosts your self-esteem which makes it easier to motivate yourself to do those other things that you want to do!

I never thought " I want to be good at writing, Drawing, Painting I want to be a runner, And a hiker. And a cyclist. "

Oh boy, would that be hard to pull off?
Instead, I slowly started adding things as I became good at them. Once I got good at drawing, I started doing more hiking. Then gradually added new things, So I developed lots of talents overtime.

The point is, If you don't prioritize, You won't stick with it. This can be true for a lot of things. We have this natural desire to want to conserve energy whenever possible. You may think you can handle a lot more, But it's not always wise to pile it up.

Schedule Your Day!

I always do this, But today I was a butthead. And purposely ignored my planner for most of the day... The results? I spent all day, lost and confused.
Scheduling your day the night before then REVIEWING it. Can have a massive impact. Even if you don't use the checkboxes. Just read it. you will be more likely to accomplish your goals. So many people don't realize the value in doing that.

My Brother And His Girlfriend Posted today, You should check them out!

Saucy Summer Plans
Most Common Dreams

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Man alive do I need this advice! Overwhelmed is my middle name! It's usually me being overwhelmed with thoughts rather than tasks but Great advcie Linduh!

I stay pretty motivated but I do tend to procrastinate important things till the last minute. I've been told I should make daily lists, so this post made me smile.
The main reason for this comment is because of the phrase 'self-sabotage'. It is so true!! I see it in coworkers, friends, family, and the mirror. I tend to stay busy being busy until the things that NEED to be done are piling up and I put myself into an anxiety attack trying to figure out how I'll ever catch up. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who do the same. Resteeming this. Maybe it will help them. Huge fan. Just sayin'.

That's crazy everyone gets overwhelmed time to time I guess it's all about we overcome it, revealing your self from the stress every night could help alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed , this is why meditation is so important and I can't stress enough .

Great post will be following you!

waw ...overwhelming article
liked it a lot :)

I'm in the midst of packing to move to a new home this week. I can definitely feel the temptation to be overwhelmed. But my husband has good advice: "All you can do is pack one box at a time. Put on some music. Enjoy the process as much as you can." I'm grateful for his down to earth wisdom. Thank you for yours as well! Upvoted & resteemed!

The 6 P's
Prior, Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance.
Blessings to you!!




Great Post!


Thanks so much :)

Guilt is an over rated emotion. Don't let anyone have free rent in your head, yourself included.



Great post! When I've felt overwhelmed there's the default of potentially not doing anything or just getting to work. I just start and focus on one thing. Then a second.. then a third. After getting a lot of smaller items completed the total some decent progress in getting things done. Definitely prioritize!!! Eventually it will be done and the sense of being overwhelmed becomes one of satisfaction. Thanks again for the post!

Totally agree @kaylinart !!
Guilt is so bad for us, its like masochism. We shouldn´t be feeling bad, let alone being super hard on ourselves. Why is it that we still do it? Well... I think that we just expect too much from ourselves, and we kick ourselves when we don´t produce as expected.

Just take it easy, breath deeply, lough hard and enjoy what you have.

Thanks for the good read!


So true! We need to be a little more realistic with our time

Great post, being overwealmed sucks. It sucks to that he didnt listen, but in the end you can't really do much to change that :( (Always love reading your post)


It does! You cant force a horse to drink the water haha. But it's okay. If he asks for advice I'll give it to him! It happens.
Thank you .

Thank you. But, its my last week in my job. Got too overwhelmed that I decided to stop and rest for while. I do the steps you wrote cause I know how to deal with it but someone its just really too much. Knowing when to stop is something else. Its sad that I have to leave work. But it will give someone else an opportunity and me time to think things through more :) I can also practice more on my Photo/Videography. Im also sickly so yeah this works fine for me. Thanks for the additional ideas and inputs. It gives comfort.


So true! I am glad you are finally taking a break. Sometimes you really do just need rest. I hope things get better for you :)


As of now Im really stressed out because of the transition happening and Im also not very healthy as of the moment. I got depressed a while ago but knowing that Im finally taking that break kinda brightens the tunnel more. It feels good when I talk to someone too like this even if we're not really uhmm you know. We're strangers. But still it feels good. I found steemit a month ago I guess and will have more time to read along and start posting soon. Ive followed you. Ive been thinking also what my first post will be soon. I would participate in photography I guess. You might wanna follow back if you want to check it out. Thanks Kay.

Good insight on your part. Checklists are especially helpful in these situations. I would also add that you can get a lot out of mindfulness training. Traditionally it's mindfulness meditation, while clinically it's offered as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and DIalectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

The basic idea is that in times like these where emotions are flying off the handle, it's useful to first ground yourself by focusing on biofeedback, like your breathing or listening to your heart or being hyper aware of any sensation that occurs to you to focus on. Then you think about the emotions that you are facing. Focus on them from af third person perspective. You feel X. Observe this feeling. Think about what it means to feel X. Watch X come and drift away like every other feeling you've ever experienced and await the next feeling that will come after X is gone.

It's really amazing how much self control you can gain from mindfulness training like that.

Kaylin - Wonderful tips on getting things done (GTD). You are absolutely right - when we look at the daunting final objectives, we feel overwhelmed. If a 1000 mile journey is contemplated, I feel that I will never be able to do it. However, if I break it down into bite sized chunks of, say 10 miles, at a time, I can easily begin and keep track of my progress. Thank you for this wonderful article. I am sure that many Steemians will benefit from these insightful blog.

I took some time off yesterday and wrote a blog about my interaction with the Sarus Crane,** world's tallest flying bird.** Please take a look if you have time. Your comments will be very welcome.

@kaylinart, I always enjoy your "sarcastic" post where I get to the end and you say "just do the opposite."

But I really appreciated that you shot straight today. Everything was to the point and very applicable.

And by the way, I am feeling overwhelmed so the message was spot on.

Nice Post @kaylinart , Upvoted . Thanks for Making me Feel better after reading this post it is very effective and overwhelming article. Keep Inspiring and Motivating. God Bless You. Thanks . Cheers :)

You write some very good articles. Upvoted and resteemed this one!

Too much thinking is the root of many problems


Sooo true!

Good post. I'm doing a series on happiness and this is in complete agreement. A good companion piece for me to think on.

Very nice Post by an important issue (overwhelmed).... Nearly all people suffer these kind of issues these days.... which has their own created .... if we free ourselves for a while so we can get relax, free and can avoid stress and tensions easily... We should participate in games in discussion and other positive activities to avoid overwhelmed.....

Awesome post! Feeling overwhelmed really does decrease our productivity but also our JOY! Thank you for this insightful post!

Sounds like your friend wants to be the best version of himself but doesn't know how!?

Awesome! I can relate to this as I've had people come and go through my life which have tried to sway my choices in life.

At points in time i've wanted to cross a bridge and family would put another one in front of me. They think it's helping but voluntarily not by choice. As kids it seems we know what we want to do but as we get older we get more F***** up.

I hope your friend can scale back and take the advice of crossing one bridge at a time.

Yes, I need to prioritize. I get a lot of anxiety. You made some good points. Enjoyed your post. Thanks.

The "to do list" is so important. It just sets up your day. Prioritizes what is important so that you don't waste time. So many times , we do a lot of activities but its not really what we need to get done. It's more of a delay to do the things that you have to do. People instead keep themselves "busy" doing the wrong things that keep them from reaching their goals or crossing off an item inthe "to do " list.

I have overwhelming moments from time to time, less and less with age. Coping strategies work.

This is exactly how I plan to tackle all the things I need to get done. When I look at the all the cleaning and the laundry, then think about all the things I need to buy for the house and the kids. I get overwhelmed and then put it off. That turns out to be a mistake, because the tasks get bigger and the messes get worse. Then the cycle begins all over again.

I like your post, I also try and make a list for the upcoming days events which hepls prioritize my day. One Step at a time.

Great Post!
I like it..continued success

I get caught up in this vicious cycle more often than I like to admit. Thanks for the post.

That's what I call a post that fills you with enthusiasm and zeal to achieve unprecedented heights.. Keep these types of post coming. Already looking forward for your next one..

Beautiful article :)

Congratulations! Upvote and resteem :)


Thank you so much :)

A lot of mothers in the poor parts of the world can aslo testify with being overwhelmed at times as they struggle being a single parent taking care of 4, 6 or more young children.

The feeling can be you do not know where the next meal coming from, but you will have to find a way no matter how it will be provided. Just to pressing on because hungry belly children not a good thing, especially in the case of health.

Being overwhelmed can cloud a person's mind to give up on people or things that are of importance.

Disappointed this is actual advice, hahahaha.

Never forget to Reflect and PRAY. :) well, just saying. :)
Its a big help. :)

que buen punto de vista de la manera en la que debe de estar mejor con uno mismo. ya sea pintado o escribiendo todo por olvidar lo malo y plasmarlo de la mejor manera .sintiéndote feliz .. buen post

Oh my gosh! Setting priorities is such an important thing to learn...I struggle with this constantly. I pile things up until I am not getting the work done that I want to do. I do all the busy work and obviously have to get client work done. But setting time aside and prioritizing time for yourself to do things that you love is so important. I agree with that part so much... Thanks for the reminder ;)

Like this content,

I'm overwhelmed because even thought I had my first day of no "job" I was busier than ever with getting my book cover done for paperback, submitting the update to my kindle version and fighting with wordpress to update the scaredycat site. Oh, and then there is steemit and am I this busy?

Time for a nice 4th of July BBQ to disconnect and chill :-) Have a happy 4th Kaylin!

I like your take on this topic, at the moment I am feeling very happy. This is because I finally quit my dead end, pain in the butt, work out in the Arizona 120 degree heat job! I can't believe how much I hated working there, I had worked there for 15 yrs and I loved it at first but man it really got under my skin by the end. So now I don't feel overwelmed, but I know I will have to grab another job until I can find a way to be come self employed! Thank you for your wonderful post!

You might benefit from bullet journaling. I plan to start again and will probably write another blog about it as my last blog regarding it was a year ago. It really, really helped me with the issue of getting overwhelmed. Perhaps, I will do that blog tomorrow. I've been needing to start bullet journaling. :)

Great read thank uou


No problem :)

Very good post :) I like it :)

Thanks for reminding us we are all still human and we all suffer from being overwhelmed at times. It's a good reminder to take a moment and reflect. Thanks for your great posts.

Thank you for help not to be overwhelmed

Talking is not as easy as doing, it's just the theory of master @kaylinart


That you say it is just a theory, to do that hard master ...!

I need to use these tips haha big flaw of mine!!

Yes it is better to write down your goals and check them off when done. Ok, I better do that now before I forget.

Great post @kaylinart! What you say is so true. When feeling overwhelmed by the tasks at hand I think the best thing you can do is to break down your tasks into smaller and smaller parts, list them, and slowly start tackling them. The feeling of accomplishment you will receive from checking that first box will motivate you to keep going; humans respond well to the feeling of accomplishment =)
I really related to the second part of your post about wanting to become good at everything at once, that's a problem I'm facing now. I will definitely consider your advice and try to put a couple of things on hold while I become good at one thing! Thanks for your post!

I'm super familiar with feeling overwhelmed. For some reason, I developed a certain expectation that I can get more done in a day (although I'm getting better at going slow). When I start "spinning" about everything I have to do, I use lists - particularly Asana - where I've set up a weekly list. I just prioritize what needs to be done, on which day and end up feeling better just by getting organized.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I must re-read this post a few more times.

First off I love check lists. I like to write things like, shower, eat, go to work... haha makes me feel accomplished, even if it is just the basics. If you get a chance, check out my latest blog. My boyfriend and I made a vlog about Steemit, and I gave you a shout out! Love your stuff and what you are all about :) Anyways happy 4th of July!

Some good things to apply in general. The questions, the root of it. Why is there overwhelmed in the first place?

Such a great article and help. Thanks for this.. Articles like this can help, when its like "Bad day", its just better to get the time-out and do something. Upvoted!

Good points... overwhelm can sometimes become a "constant companion" as a result of making choices (perhaps) that set you up for a life that requires 32-hour days to even be remotely possible... and that's when it becomes time for major "house cleaning," because no amount of scheduling and time management tricks can rescue you from yourself. You look at your schedule and realize that TWO people couldn't complete today's "to-do list," so it spills over to tomorrow... except, tomorrow already has 15 hours booked...

I know that place well, from having been there... and having to untangle myself. It's probably more prevalent in self-employed people (which I am) where you might find yourself going "around the clock" until you admit that no amount of effort will be enough to sustain you... and you just have to QUIT.

Sometimes there are what seem like "great ideas" out there, yet nobody is pursuing them? And you wonder why? The hard-earned truth is that the "why" is that no matter what, you can never earn more than $3/hour doing them... even if you are "successful."

Sorry, got sidetracked by a memory there... on the whole, good sound advice!

Kaylin you always have so many great post!!
You inspire me in so many ways!
Keep rocking it out! ;)

Overwhelmed equals stressed and it's been proven that stress wreaks havoc on your health! I know someone who is completely out of control and overwhelmed with their hoarding issues. For some it is a mental health issue that they can't control and need professional help! I can only imagine what they must go through!

i am heart broken

Help me