I hate fireworks as much as my furbabies do. 🧨🎆

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Its that time of year again when those nasty fireworks go off and scare or furbabies. I try every year to keep her calm but nothing has worked as yet. This year i am trying Serene-um tablets and Calm drops in there water.

Firwork tablets.jpg

I have been giving them to Mika and Luna for around 5 days, They aren't working as yet, maybe i should have started earlier. I have tried everything Dogs Anxiety Coats, Sprays, Lots of other tablets even a spot on. Nothing seems to reassure them that everything is OK. I have tried to comfort her by cuddling her and keeping her occupied but have just read today that its best to ignore a dog that barks at the fireworks as they think the cuddling is a reward. I can't sit back and watch them panic, i have to do something to make it easier.

I have never been a big fan of fireworks, i am certainly not a fan of them being sold to anyone and being let off weeks before the night, its annoying listening to them and seeing your furbaby panic.

One of our Supermarkets Sainsbury's has decided not to sell Fireworks anymore, this is a big thing for a supermarket to do, there will be a lot of lost profits, its also a good thing as it shows they are listening to the people, its what we want but some stores put money ahead of people. I would like to see all shops banned from selling them or only selling to private displays where there is responsible people in charge.


I will have to spend the next few days in the house to be there for them when they fireworks go off, they go on for days here so i will have to stay around and not leave them alone. I worry about all the dogs that are outside, the horses in fields and the wildlife, i can't look after them all but want to.

Other than the fireworks its been a relaxing day, now the carpets are down i can have a few days of doing nothing much until the new sofa's and curtains arrive. I haven't forgotten i have an appointment at the dentist's on the st November to get my tooth pulled out. I have nearly finished the penicillin tablets, the abscess has gone, my gums are feeling normal again, just hope pulling the tooth solves the problem.

I am now being barked at, the dogs are telling me its time for bed They do love there comforts and love to boss me around.

Thank you @son-of-satire

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Our cat used to hate fireworks as well, and here they go off all around us and for a couple of weeks some people have far too much money blowing up so many fireworks

They cost a fortune, ive never been a fan.

Me either back a few decades ago I worked on a ambulance part time Guy Fawkes night with the fireworks was a bad night with people doing stupid things

I bet they see some bad sites. They are sold to anyone these days.

Seems a curious time of year for fireworks... Of course, over on this side of the pond, we celebrate shaking you lot off around midsummer... Though I have some serious doubt that we've ever escaped from the empire.

I'm sorry to hear about your furbabies, but I just can't help that I absolutely love fireworks... I do recall years ago, however, when our granddaughter was one or two, being at a firework show with her along. She was terrified and began crying, and I was so sorry! I picked her up and got in the car with her and closed all the doors and windows to try and shut out the noise...

So I understand your dislike, but it won't end my enjoyment.

Maybe give the critters a shot of Scotch? :D That would be my remedy if I hated the things... ;)



I don't mind them when there used correctly at the right time not when silly teenagers have them letting them off in the street.


OK, I get it now. I surely agree with that! :)

Amiga aqui mi visita,muy buena informacion,saludos gracias

Sure fireworks can be pretty to look at but I honestly don't get why people spend so much darn money on them as it's literally money going up in smoke.

That's how i look at them, the money people waste is shocking.