My first big concert was like my first love... Unique and unforgettable! 😅 😁

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Why are concerts such a unique experience?

Most of us like and listen to music. Some every day, others occasionally. It is difficult to escape music, even if you wished because it’s everywhere - in bars, restaurants, often in parks and public transport.


Since childhood, I was always feeling a combination of excitement and joy when I was able to participate in a concert. I was fortunate to grow up in a big city where, especially in the summer, concerts with free entrance were organized from time to time. Sometimes by big companies, sometimes by radio stations, generally as a marketing tool. There are also New Year’s Eve concerts, but somehow I never felt too keen to be there that day, it is always too cold and I generally try to have other, more inspiring plans for that particular day.

When kids in my primary school were crazy about boybands or Britney Spears I was listening to bands like Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Metalica, and U2 obviously! Yes, I’m bragging. All thanks to my 8 years older brother who introduced me to this kind of music.

I had to wait a while in order to discover the world of huge concerts. But it was definitely worth waiting.

U2, my life-long love. During their “VERTIGO” tour they planned one concert in Poland, for July 2005. I was already studying at a university, and thanks to a scholarship I could afford the ticket.

The concert was arranged at a biggest, at that time, open arena, where all the big international events took place. It was around 1 hour and a half ride from my city. With my dear friend Ania, we arrived many hours ahead. We wanted to be as close to the scene as possible. It was July and the heat was unbearable. Both organizers and the crowd, we were surprised by an intense rain with some oracles. Fortunately, the show was not canceled. As a support, we heard ”The Killers” with their hit “Mr. Brightside”.


When I first heard Bono’s voice I started to cry. I know it sounds lame but I don’t care. These are those emotional moments when I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful. I had the same sensation when I went abroad for the first time in my life 10 years before. Pure happiness!

For those of you who don’t know - “New Year's Day” is a song written about the Polish anti-communist Solidarity movement. Some fans organized a huge action among other participants - before the concert we were asked to bring red or white colored items (pieces of cloth, paper etc) depending on where they would stay. The idea was to create a huge polish (white and red) flag while the band would sing “New Year's Day”. And let me tell you, it not only worked out, it also looked pretty awesome.


There was another touching moment. Just three months before the event a famous Polish - Pope John Paul II - died. The group wanted to make a statement, to highlight how important this man was to them and to the world. Between songs, they asked the crowd if there was someone who spoke English and wanted to translate. Among many volunteers, Bono chose one girl that willingly jumped on the stage. If only that could have been me, haha! Anyway, Bono started his speech about the time he met the Pope. When he made a pause so the girl could translate, she admitted - in Polish - that in fact she doesn’t speak English at all, but just wanted so much to be on that scene with U2. As a result, the crowd started to laugh which obviously confused Bono.

60 thousand people gathered peacefully only because of one group. Stunning and unique experience.

Since then I had a chance to hear live some other great artists, like Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Coldplay to name a few. But I guess it's like with your first true love. It somehow always has a special place in your heart.

Thank you for being here with me. I hope until next time!
Pura Vida and enjoy your journey! 💛


No patrz! Tez byla na tym koncercie :) W bialym sektorze. Jedyny kontert U2.... I niezapomniany!

It is amazing what a powerful effect certain artists can have on our emotions!!! U2 is a fantastic band and Bono is LEGENDARY!!!

@k-a-s-i-a The first love expression is the last expression. Which is really unforgettable .

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The concerts are unique for many reasons. Magic happens at good concerts. After them, "grow wings behind your back", there is not even a desire, but an urgent need to create, do the impossible, transform and transform, look at the world from a different angle, we are used to seeing every new day in the same colors, while artists (like artists, dancers, writers and other creative units) offer their own, unusual for us the angle of view of what is happening. Sometimes it helps to look at your own life with different eyes. Chat with friends or acquaintances. Often the concert is the very reason for the meeting, which still could not be found. I want to communicate with new people close to you in spirit? Where else to look for them, if not at a concert of a good group, especially now in social networks is a very common practice of finding a company for a concert directly in the meetings of events. Switch from the monotonous gray everyday life with a tablet to a bright show or a quiet cozy apartment-than not a way to get new emotions? There are a lot of bands that sound more interesting live than on the record. It happens that you listen to the band with headphones – nothing remarkable, and you come to the concert – and your heart no longer belongs to you. To be in the first rows of the stage at a concert of drive music is a way to throw out all the accumulated negative better than trips to a psychologist and reading books about emotional balance. You rarely leave the concert and realize: "nothing happened." Often the soul gets some line from a song that helps to understand something about yourself. And sometimes in the concerts of randomness that change lives.

I'm glad you had a great experience ; )

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