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Dear Steemians,

If you feel like your days are basically a race against the clock this post is for you!

I have been recently writing about the idea of slow travel. Today I would like to tell you more about the idea behind the whole “slow movement”. I found it inspiring especially nowadays when all tend to be instantaneous, rapid, and very accessible. Efficiency and speed are what the society praises.


The beginnings of the “slow movement”

The history of the slow movement is really interesting. It all started with… food! and Mcdonalds!
And luckily rapidly spread throughout the globe!

The beginnings trace back to Italy, a country well known for its simple yet admirable cuisine! In the 1986 Carlo Petrini, an Italian activist, led a protest against opening first Italian franchise of McDonald’s fast food “restaurant” in the heart of Rome, next to the famous Spanish Steps.


The local was opened, but Petrini strengthened his position and managed to lead, in 1989, to the signing of the Slow Food Manifesto by representatives of 15 countries. As a consequence, international Slow Food movement was born officially that year. It is mostly concentrated on a preservation of both traditional, regional cuisine and the methods of food preparation, as well as on local and clean farming (which means that the production does not harm the environment).


In 2004 TIME, American weekly news magazine (published in New York City), described Petrini as “a revolutionary who changed the way we think about eating.” Pretty impressive if you ask me.

If you are interested and want to read more about the slow food movement, visit the internet site of the organisation: slow food.

The idea behind the Slow Movement

In 2004 Carl Honoré, a Canadian journalist, has written a book titled - “In Praise of Slow: Challenging the Cult of Speed”. It quickly became a best seller and, by many, is described as the bible of the Slow Movement.

This is how he understands it:

"It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. It's about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting."

He continues to write about the idea of slowing down in various aspects in his other two books. Especially being a father he finds a topic of raising children important to him. In his second book “Under Pressure (putting the child back to childhood)” he develops the idea that parents should not overwhelm their kids with as many after-school occupations as possible. On the contrary, they should let them function more at their own pace! According to Honore this approach will allow children to grow up as a genuinely happy and satisfied people.

If you would like to hear more about his idea of slow life in various aspects I warmly invite you to watch his presentation on TED conference that took place in 2005. It is really informative, simulative and insightful, but made in a funny and light way. He starts his performance by saying “Everyone these days wants to know how to slow down, but they want to know, how to slow down, really quickly”. Such an irony!

Slow travel


The so-called “slow travel” is a state of mind. It focuses on experiences over sights, on the quality of those experiences over their quantity.

But let me be clear. In my opinion, slow travelling is, in a way, a luxury. I believe that not every trip can be “slow”. If you are heading to your dream city, let’s say Paris, and you only have a weekend to your disposal and on top of that, you know that you won’t be able to visit the city another time soon… you will not wander around the little, lost streets and chit chat with locals. You will rush to those magical places that you always wanted to see. Time is money. If you have more time and you can stay slow, it is an amazing privilege!

So what are, in my understanding, the basic ideas behind the “slow travelling”?

  • Don’t rush and run from one touristic attraction to another. Try to take it slower, immerse yourself in a place you visit.

  • Usually it means you stay a little longer in one destination.

  • Be open to socialise with locals. Even if it means stepping out from your comfort zone. Even if you don’t know the language. And yes, you definitely should make an effort and learn at least a few words. It will show that you are genuinely interested. In most cases, locals will really appreciate your effort and attentiveness.

  • Get a habit to frequent local places: markets, bars, restos, cafes, galleries, small cinemas, discos. All depends on your interests. Maybe a dance or local cuisine course? Often locals will show you the attention and will make the experience easier for you. To put it simply, skip drinking coffee at Starbucks and head to locally owned café!;)

  • Nowadays Internet makes meeting local people much easier. I would definitely recommend giving the couchsurfing community a try. It is a platform where locals offer home-stay for a night or two, often show you around or simply share their knowledge about their city, country, region. You can really meet amazing, open-minded people and if it clicks, make life-long friendships!

  • Open yourself to public transportation, especially trams or busses because that will allow you to see more than touristic sights ;)

  • When you need to travel across the country, open yourself to local busses, trains, ferries, or ride-sharing. By using those means of transportation you expose yourself to not only meeting people you wouldn’t probably meet otherwise, but also to situations that wouldn't otherwise have space to happen.

Dear Steemians, I am really curious what are your thoughts on the topic of being slow, and especially on "slow travelling"?

Sending joy!


It is understandable why everyone want to be fast. When you achieve something amazing at a young age, people praise you non-stop. When you complete the task fast, your boss will praise you for your productivity. Fast often bring a complimentary sense as well.
However, I did agree that travel slowly and take your time to enjoy every single little things happened during the vacation

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ I wish i could upvote this comment, thank you! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead) you are absolutely right, as i ve written time is money, so we rush. I guess it's not about slowing down in all aspects. just enjoying one's life more.

Love this, slow travelling all the way 🙌🏼

As you say, speed and efficiency is praised in our society, causing us to subconsciously striving to attain these qualities in pretty much everything we do. Especially when it comes to travelling, if we go to Paris we're "supposed" to do the top 20 on tripadvisor in 2 days, taking shots at every location, when in reality the most genuine experiences are found when we slow done and reside in the moment 🤟🏼

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thanks for your comment Will! :) I wish i could upvote this comment (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead). i see we have the same interests! good luck! :)

No worries at all 🙏🏼 And thank you!
You too 💯😁

I loved when you said: “It's about seeking to do everything at the right speed. ” each situation is unique, let’s enjoy the moment!!!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ yes! let's enjoy the moment!:)

This post has been upvoted and resteemed. I also started following you to see more of your work!!

The idea of slowing down didn't occur to me until I got a little bit older. Throughout my 20's it was more important to go as fast as I can, hurry up, and get life over with. Now I try to savor every moment. Great post.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you Dear! I wish i could upvote this comment (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead) i totally understand your standpoint, i was the same! good luck! :)

Better late than never my dear!

i think too many times people transition through the world too quickly, taking cabs and cars to do a few blocks, not really being part of the world but using it like a parasite, just getting what it wants and out, that's a mistake, we all need to do our part.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ I wish i could upvote this comment, thank you! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead). you are right! well, people differ, all we can do is show a different example and hope others will reflect on that:)

Yes sometimes we have to slow down a little bit :-)

Followed you

Travelling is about experience not destination. It's like a dance, the whole point of a is a dance itself not a result.
I realised those days when i never cared about the destination were the best moments of my life.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you for your insight! :)

Leonard Cohen knew it :

:-) That should be the anthem of the Slow Movement.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ yes!! you 're absolutely right! <3

By the way, I totally agree with the couchsurfing community. I have used it a lot and welcomed more than 30 people into my flat in Granada over a two years period and it was great, never a bad experience, and made friends for life :) Nowadays I can't host and I miss it.

So happy to hear that! more than 30! you are amazing:) i wish i had been one of them :)

One day, maybe, who knows! :)

jajaja! nono, I used the wrong grammar form :D anyway, great to hear that you too have those positive experiences with CS community!:)

upvoted you,, lovely photo, so nice post
please if you like to fallow me,, my new post, hope you will , thanks for this nice post

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ good luck to you!

yeah you are right I think the main reason is technology now we are so busy in our life we don't have time for our parents,Family . But at the same time we have time to waste on social media or other websites . we are globalized we know whats going in the world but we don't know whats going on in our own house only because of these mobile & other devices . another reason is now we have a lot more entertainment channels news how fast seconds , hours , days , passed we can't understand

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you for your comment- it is well put! I wish i could upvote it! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead) there are so many distractions, instant life, instant/mobile friendships etc. Good luck to you!:)

I really like your post .. your post is very interesting. Greetings of friendship.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you! Greetings :)

Since I was pushed off the rat race (made redundant) a few years ago, I've gradually slowed down. I don't work any less, but I work at a less frenetic pace. I think more. I have more friends. I definitely enjoy life more.
Sometimes when I go out for a walk it seems bizarre seeing people push past me in a hurry. Why are they all in such a rush?

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ i really like your comment. It's great to hear that u have found the balance! good luck! :)

Very helpful info. Thank you. I have to resteem this.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you Kiki:)

Clocks and all that sheet about time is just implemented to humans by this sheet system to control us and our lives,
Did you knew that we used to sleep in two shifts. Anthropologists have found evidence that during preindustrial Europe, bi-phase sleeping was considered the norm. Sleep onset was determined not by a set bedtime, but by whether there were things to do. And today we are using mono sleep model which is implemented 1840's or something like that. The system is using us just to work, sleep , repeat, and eventually lay down and die.
Are we realy come on this world just for that???

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ wow, this is an insightful comment, i wish i could upvote it! thank you! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead) good luck!

Its never too late for anything :) thank you

Yeah, patience is 🔑 in every strata of human endeavour. It is an invaluable virtue that every noble man must have. Thanks for this post

Right, not to mention that delayed gratification is associated with many positive outcomes, including academic success, physical health, psychological health, and social competence when compared to instant gratification.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ you are so right!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you for the comment!

Interesting post for me who is a traveler! :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you and hope you will find other interesting post here ;)

No worries!

Sure and true. The slow and steady are most likely to get through to wining. I @inspiredgideon1 will surely get through the troubles and win

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ good luck!

slow motion ,,,,,,, i like that

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thanks and good luck!

I wish I had the time for slow traveling. Whenever I travel I don't have enough time, so we rush to have seen a little of all.
I enjoy the idea of slow food. Coming from Europe I enjoyed going to restaurants and spend a whole evening at the restaurant. Here in Canada it's all going so fast. Even in a top restaurant, I was out before I even realized.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ I really understand you! it is not easy to slow travel:/ it's a great concept and we should keep it in mind and rush a little less though. good luck!:)

Wow this is amazing

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you:)

Nice and steady wins the race right? Thats what I was always told! ;)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ exactly;)

Very interesting Post🌞Thanks for Research

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you!

I'm new, help me. Please come and see me in my block.
If you say good, then it will show if you are wrong.

Good luck to you!

Just take the time... and stop saying that you don't have the time!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ true! :)

"not enough time" is an excuse for not wanting something enough!

Also, as a society we are addicted to instant gratification.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ exactly! thank you for that!

Our elders always used to tell us not to hurry, to take our time and enjoy our lives. Great article! :D

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ exactly, they didn't create the world of instant gratification..

Very interesting article for someone who loves to travel. Thanks for sharing!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ the pleasure is mine!:)

What you are saying is full of truth. Slow travelling is probably the best fulfulling way to enjoy and experience your travail but... it's a luxury. I tried to do it during my last travel in Chile, within 2 weeks was enough to see how hard and how amazing it is ! I would add, to slow travel, try to travel alone as you will naturally step out of your comfort zone and make decisions by yourself :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ i totally agree, i usually travel alone and it is a unique experience! I wish i could upvote it! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead)

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I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ Good luck to you!

Slow travelling is the BEST! I have had the best experiences on my travels thanks to slow travelling and the amazing people I met. I loved my time in Latin America since thanks to speaking Spanish I was able to talk to everyone and feel more like a traveller rather than a tourist. And local transport is really an experience, I crossed Cuba from West to East using only local transport, what an experience :D

We have recently started a group on the Discord chat to connect all us travellers on Steemit and chat about traveling and Steemit. We
would love to have you join us!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ I wish i could upvote your comment! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead);) thank you for the invitation, im new here so i didn't yet use chats. great to hear that you enjoyed Cuba! on my list!! :)

Cuba is such an amazing place to visit, I am sure you would enjoy travelling there! Keep up your great posts and when you decide to start using chats, you are always welcome to join us!

It is said that slow and steady win the race.I so much love this post, please motivating us with more...

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you and good luck!:)

Love this piece of writing! Listening to our hearts and being present to set the pace :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ exactly! thanks and good luck girl!:)

Spot on timing for me! I REALLY need to slow down. How busy I am is affecting my memory capacity and I notice my adrenalin is high most of the time. I'm quite comfortable but I reckon this can't be good for any length of time, right?
I'm going to slow things down for a day at a time by taking Wednesdays entirely away from my keyboard and offline. contented sigh. Maybe I'll try to get out more and walk my dog? {nice weather would make that happen naturally so I think I work too hard in the winter}.

I did travel slow at the weekend. Instead of getting in my car I sat on a train reading a book! It was really peaceful.
Maybe I need to produce a slow hour per day at very least?

Thanks for the inspiration @k-a-s-i-a. Glad to see you are still doing remarkably well on steemit. :-D

I'm really sorry for my late reply Sally:/ so happy to hear that you get to slow down from time to time. me too, i spend far too much time on this platform! a few slow hours each day - i hope it will be doable for both of us :)

Glad to see you are busy here tho. 😄
I enjoyed your post and I’ve done a slightly better job of smelling the roses since I read it.

Bravo !

Superior post. And I agree with the notion of allowing #Kids to move along at their own pace.

Then they can develop their own, "best" routine.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you:)

Slow travel is such a seductive and soothing idea! I've never seen a travel article written on this.

I'm a world traveler for many year over. Meandering travel is a way of being very few people understood. I really love your article. I hope a lot of people get turned on by the concepts written! Thanks

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you for this nice comment! travelling slow is a blast!

Interesting content :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you!

thanks. have a nice day

I love the idea of slow food and slow traveling as opposed to the fast versions of both. My husband and I never go to fast food restaurants and we prefer a slow paced style of travel, so your post resonates with me a lot.
Thank you, at least I know we are not the only ones who like these slower things!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ Thank you Vero! no, you are not alone ;) keep enjoying life to the fullest! :)

I travel with a rucksack, a guitar and 2 dogs, slowly, because its not a holiday anymore,its become a lifestyle. "Hurry Slowly" an old wise expression.. In these slow moments we are really alive. Thankyou great movement,you got a newbie follower! Big Love

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ oh, you must have some good stories to tell :) thanks, love!

Great post!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you!

I agree with you on traveling slow.

When I lived in Asia, I didn't do what the tourists did. I did what the natives did and then some. It's always good to take your time when doing things just so you can enjoy it. Doing things fast just for the experience isn't all that fun.

I'm looking at getting back into the couchsurfing community. It's been YEARS!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you for sharing your insight! :)

good article
thank you for sharing

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thank you. it's beautiful! Sending love!

Hi kasia, few days ago I read your article , "Kasia and the death road - la ruta de la muerte - Bolivia " and from that day I am in love with your article. I read your articles daily. Just clear my confusion that Carlo lead the protest in 1989 or 98 ? Because few months ago there was article in magazine which says 98!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ hi there, definitely the 80s ;) thank you for your kind words! goos luck to you too!

I don't know different people has different way of traveling...me budget tight would prefer going a little bit rush..I'm more into "at least I have been here feel it know about it" for example if I have 2 weeks traveling to europe I would go at least 4 country so I get to see more even in short times...for those who has money it's ok to travel slow takes times a week in Paris for example than take another week to travel London. I can't afford to do that..will losing lot of times and money only for this 2 places..but if I rich yes I might probably become slow traveler as well.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ this is why i ve written that slow travelling is not for everyone. If this is what is important to you, great and enjoy ! this is essential in travelling! :) i couldn't upvote it! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead)

Excellent concept.
Hay que relajarse y no entrar en la vorágine que uno termina sin disfrutar de lleno algo.Solo fragmentos.

Gracias por tu comentario @thomasawa! :)

Love it! Everyone needs to slow down and enjoy life....this reply took me a day to finish! :)

hahaha! ;) procrastination? good luck!:)

Interesting read. Thank you! Keep it coming.

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thanks! :)

@k-a-s-ia great article!

Resteemed and Upvoted!

The slow food movement is really an excellent iniative today, when all the world is craving for more time but is just heading the exact opposite way.

It has been proved by studies that organic food and also local food have more nutrients to offer to the body.

First case, because the concentration of nutrients is bigger than with fertilized foods, and second because the time between the harvesting and cooking is less, maintaining there more of the vitamins and minerals inside the food because less time of oxidation.

God Bless Us All!

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ so great to read your comment! i couldn't upvote it! (well, i'm upvoting your recent post instead)

Very interesting 😍 I also love to travel

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ team travel, yeah;)

I am really new to hear about slow traveling. Seven points about slow traveling that you submit is worth trying

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ i definitely recommend you to try it :)

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ repeat:)

Nice work bro

I'm really sorry for my late reply:/ thanks bro :)