Happy Birthday - United States of America *1776-Present* 242 years old and still going

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Everyone and everything, has a birthday. On this day, 242 years ago, my fore-fathers gave birth to one of the most notorious countries ever known. This birthday even has a name, a simple name, but a name. In fact, a few different names.
"Fourth of July"
"Independence Day"
.... and simply "The Fourth"
On this day America was born by declaring it's independence from Britain. It was on this day, that 13 brave colonies decided to branch off the at the time, the most powerful economy and military evolved system yet to date in the world.
Truthfully, this decisions was already voted in enactment 2 days prior. Congress, at the time, mastered the declaration in the next two days for maximum efficiency in their progressive movement.
Their was an elected "Committee of Five," that was to explain their decision. Like they really needed an explanation? Yet, how restful they were. They specifically elected the best of them to explain why they were disembarking from the greatest culture in the world.
How polite, if you ask me!?
Back to the point, the main author of this committee was Thomas Jefferson. If you don't know who he is, I will have links at the bottom of the post for more info.
He was followed in signings for the deceleration by such amazing figures as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Monroe, John Hancock, and many more.
I will leave the history aspect on this note. Ironically, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both previously mentioned and both signers of the this deceleration, died on the SAME DAY!!!! They were also the only 2 signers that eventually became presidents........ and the 50th year anniversary.

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