Hots Or Shots With Guest @lukestokes ~ Win 10 Packs of Steem Monsters!!

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Good TimeZone Steemit.

Welcome back to another episode of

Hots Or Shots!!

We are giving away 10 packs of Steem Monsters again.
Leave the best comment and win!!
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As always, thanks so much to our supporters.
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Now, without further ado...
I present to you

Hots or Shots

Episode 18



"Let's Get Sauced"

Thanks so much for watching.
See you all next week!

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lol! OMG @lukestokes you're cracking me up. You guys this was such a fun episode. I know you suffered for this one, Luke, but thanks for going through with it. I learned stuff in here, I nodded a lot, laughed tons, and there was even a Chewbacca!

Y'all sure got passionate about the tribalism question. I love the philosophy that come out in these interviews, and I like the way Luke thinks, so this was fun. I also loved how much you both talked about blockchain technology and potential—that hooked my attention bigtime.

More like this one, please. ;-)

And thank you so much for the SteemMonsters packs! Thanks to @steemmonsters for throwing down some goodies for audience participation!


I only suffered hours later. Lesson for the kids out there: don't ever drink a lot on an empty stomach after doing a multi-day fast and cleanse diet. Yeah. Really bad idea.

We did have a lot of fun during the interview though. :)

Edit: Oh yeah, I do think that tribalism is our shared enemy. :)


Nice work sneaking those links in there. ;) Yeah, a booze binge sounds like a bad way to come out of a cleanse. Even the smartest people make mistakes, eh? Keeps us humble... kids are good for that, too. lol!

Off to read about tribalism...

We will all make steem monsters more like a lifestyle than a game
sounds good yeah next year will be so epic! When WE DO OUR hots n shots episode we will do it iin big style, maybe we can do it oon the roof of a nice 5 star resturaunt, and then have like half teh segment whiel were eating, part of the segment whiel were both getting massages, (as ajoke) and then the scene cuts to us doing the last part of the interview while were on jet skies in mission Bay rosomething where we can doa jet ski rental and basically, if we mix toegtehr the interview like that it coudlbe SO fun! :smile: so epic!
those are just ideas but im having fun just imaging us do a hots n shost episodein a nice 5 star downtown resturaunt on teh roof :smile:
Im seeing a HotsnSHots Chain , lol , hotsnshots merch, so much merch man
I really see how far you can take it, all you need is support of everyone on steem and it becomes like one of Steem's Flagships Shows where we can all put in the effort because as the world is impressed by HotsnShots theyll get impressed by steem!

@disregardfiat 's new steem monster dex is gonna allow all of us to see just what is possible with software for steem VR and games, @steemmonsters is going to be the first flag ship product of this software but it doesnt have to be ;) Anyone can come in and use this open source stuff and beat steem monsters to the punch! All you have to do is come to the dlux discord and come learn with @disregardfiat and @markegiles the founders of


We have a steem monsters guild going. First one on their server. Come join up! Cannabis Guild FTW!

@lukestokes with the Gold Foil Legendary.... Congrats man.... I do more giveaways then me entering them, so I'll take a shot at it and see what happens. Over 800 packs I've purchased with this addiction and I can use some more. Lol, Great show guys, great interview and nice to get to know a little about you guys...


Wow, 800? I feel really luck now. :)


Yeah, crazy but it is what it is. Hopefully I'll get my turn....

🔥🔫 First time watching your show @jonny-clearwater and I loved it, have followed @lukestokes for a long time now and have always voted for him as witness in the top 15 Awesomeness! loved your question about the Journalists being accurate with their news they report , I totally agree how disgusting it is and that they 100% should be held accountable!💯
Also loved both your explanations on the Blockchain, and chiseling away, hahaha great analogy ! My gag reflex is to Porridge and liver ! dont like Olives eigther , Absolutely hate it and cant stand the smell of it, Grrrrrrr, yuk!😝 But I do love mushrooms!💕
👹👾 And I like that your show is sponsored by Booster and Steemmonsters which I am a new member of only 3 days now, and I am all ready addicted, buying booster packs when I can!👍💲
👍Followed, upped and resteemed! looking forward to your next Hot Shots Show!🔥🔫


Thanks so much for your support!
New episodes are every Friday at 6PM EST
When you get the chance you should check out some of my previous guests


Awesome thanks @jonny-clearwater ! Yes for sure I will, it was awesome, and a great way to learn more about the awesome steemians I follow!😀👍✌💕

Hey Guys!!! @jonny-clearwater @lukestokes Great stuff. You guys are top of your games. Congrats. Happy for your success.

Dropping them bricks!!!!

Marmaduke! Kill!

I would love to win this contest. I am currently a blogger on Steemit and I joined in Dec. of last year. I remember when the first cards were being designed. I am so proud of how this has progressed.
Everyone I know plays the game, owns cards, or looking into it.
I want to do voice overs for the project too.
I have a plateful in my life but the Steemit posts and community support uplifts me daily.
I have my own project connecting youth with elders. Steemonsters have shown me in real time that dreams can come true. I would be THE most honored Steemian to win this contest and own our mascot cards.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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@jonny-clearwater hello 👋 sir,, Thank you very much, for this Win 10 Packs of Steem Monsters !!, we all support you all the time, and waiting for the next post, dropping them bricks, again thank you sir

Upvote comments follow,

Another blockchain that's actually being used as real world utility is one called DENT. It's a cryptocurrency that has tokenized the exchange of mobile data, they have gotten their app out to many countries that really do rely on mobile data as a main mode of communication because they don't have access to to unlimited data like in the U.S. It's kind of disappointing to see a lot of the Top 100 coins on CMC that are purely hype with no substance but are worth billions of dollars. At least we have STEEM though and Steemit it's just the start of something special so there's so much hope that there is going to be more applications with real world uses cases coming in the future.

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Greymane and Li-Ming kits seems very skill-orented and that's a good thing imo. But skill doesn't only rely on skill shots. Illidan or TLV have no skill shots and are very hard to play / punishing for bad players (and both for very different reasons). I'm glad they made Li-Ming such a skillshot heavy character but I don't think the game is lacking skill shots right now.


Rofl this thread is now officially a HoTS copy-pasta repository.

I'm new to steem monsters but would love a pack <3

blö blö blö 😂🤣

You Are The Best.

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The things you guys talked about around the 22-minute-mark are extremely relevant for me and what The Writers' Block is doing with our new front-end site. I was standing up and cheering through that whole section there. Excellent conversation, and some very, very good points.

This is the best comment.

Hey! That is a great post, you have earned an upvote from me ! Did you know about the latest addition to the steem blockchain ? It’s called Artisteem and as you may have guess from the name it is focus around art, you should really check it out ! (

Interesting, mushrooms, olives and salmon.. exactly the same my wife will never eat (again). Steamed and fried salmon because she had food poisoning during pregancy and was quite concerned 😴 by the situation. She liked it with noodles before but after the accident she is disgusted just by the thought. But she can still eat fresh smoked salmon. It seems our brain decides to change everything in some special situation.

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Personally i like all three, love fried salmon and mushrooms and i'm quite alone with it in my family! 😁

I love the first answer right out the gate by @lukestokes lol what an opening! I get chills hearing Jonny C talk about "rewriting the internet" and he is 100 % correct. Everything is being turned up on its head by the blockchain.

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