Alcohol Poisioning Is No Fun

in alcohol •  9 months ago


We recorded a super fun episode of Hots or Shots with @jonny-clearwater last night. Unfortunately I’m an idiot and am coming off a fast and cleanse diet so my body wasn’t ready for it. Got alcohol poisoning. 😞 ‬

I was doing great for hours after the show, and we recorded an after show as well. A couple more shots were taken during that and all of a sudden my body just stopped working well. Threw up over the rail and haven’t been able to keep water down since (4am, 6am, 8am).

Chilling now, drinking water, willing my liver to be awesome again. This is a first for me. I’ve never had alcohol poisoning before. Last time I threw up from drinking was in college more than 18 years ago. Jonny and his team have been great.

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"Unfortunately I’m an idiot and am coming off a fast and cleanse diet so my body wasn’t ready for it."

The best way to ruin a good fast would be with binge drinking. Couldn't you wait at least 2 weeks?


I had been eating for a couple days, but just veggies and no carbs or alcohol. It definately wasn’t a good idea, but I committed to it a long time ago and Jonny is only in town this week.

That was something else!
You did so good during the show itself.
Glad to see you are doing better now, only took you hanging out at the house for like
@lukestokes it was a real honor having you on the show.
I consider you a friend now and it was my pleasure to give you my vote for witness as well.
We need more guys like you in our top 20!


Thanks Jonny! Yeah, it really was so strange. I was feeling great, enjoying the conversation, and then all of a sudden my body was like, "Oh, HELL no! We're done... right... NOW."

I can't wait to see the video and make fun of myself again. I may have said some things I'll have to apologize for. We'll see. :)


You should just start writing that now....
First words...."Dear Jerry"

Wow, I don't think I ever drank so many shots as you got there. At this point in my life, I get drunk after only one shot...


The strange thing is I was totally fine. Even hours later and an hour or so into the after show recording. Then all of a sudden I could barely talk. My body was like “NOPE!”

I’m glad I can laugh about it, even though I’m still recovering.


You really need to be more careful with alcohol, our bodies are not designed to process it, at least not in high quantities. I am happy to know that you are okay now.

NO poisoning is fun I think. I maybe wrong :)

Find some cannabis. Best hangover cure




The funny thing is, I didn't even have a hangover. It was something entirely different. Alcohol poisoning is some nasty stuff. Took me many hours just to hold down water and later food.

But yeah, that's a good suggestion. Frustrates me to no end that government makes such beautiful things illegal.


That has been my definition of a hangover since age 12 & weed helped back then too 😂

The government wants us all sick & drunk & hospital/pill dependent. Now they are legalizing weed & rolling out Monsanto strains to the masses. Maybe one day people will see the benefit in truly helping each other

One of my relatives got into trouble with Alcohol poisoning and it was bad....... really bad. We got to him to emergency a little late and the following day scared us all shitless. I think we actually found him in the early hours of the morning with no idea for how long he has been in and out of it. It wouldn't have been as bad if we were early to get him to the doctor I guess. Still no worries he recovered from it in a few days

....stay safe and healthy man!


Man, that's some scary stuff. Thankfully I just needed rest and am doing fine now. Took me a morning hanging on the couch with a blanket, but I was good after that.

I've been wondering how long it would take before this happened lol hope you feel better soon. I'm not sure what'd be worse, alcohol poisoning or severe indigestion from the hots lol get well soon Luke!


This did not happen on the show.
This was literally hours later.
We decided to sit around and record for a few hours, just talking about the blockchain (maybe made fun of a few people...or just one)
During that we were enjoying some casual drinks....then just out of nowhere he hit a wall.....but the stuff we got on tape right before that...oh boy.
It was a great time, he was a great guest and he definitely got white girl drunk.


"White girl drunk"!

Haha. It'll be interesting to watch the video of us chatting. I think I poured myself a shot and then you poured another round after that. I should not have done that. :)

I think I remember most of the conversation, but yeah, I may have same some unkind things. We'll see. I was so surprised how quickly my body just took a nose-dive.


It was entirely my own stupid fault. I should have prepared better with a sold meal in my stomach and should have changed my "cleanse" diet days beforehand. We didn't even eat dinner, which was a pretty stupid thing to do.

Coming off a fast and a cleanse? Yea that'll do it to ya lol. You and I are in the same boat, I haven't thrown up from drinking since I was about 18 but I don't really drink that often.


Not ingesting poison is probably a good plan. :)

Just gonna leave this here....
No disrespect's just funny (only because I've been there). Did you utter the 4 word mantra at the height of it all? You know...say it with me....I'll never drink again!
Hope you get well soon....:)


Feeling great today, but nah, I was a bit detached while it was going on. More of a "Wow, this certainly sucks and feels terrible. I know why this happened. Ow."

That was about the extent of my thinking at the time. :)

Alcohol really is a poison, so it's kind of silly to consume when I think about it rationally.

Seriously nothing worse :(

Made it to 47 without alcohol poisoning and then thought it was a good idea to drink Sherry, yes Sherry! on a Spanish beach in the midday sun!!

Boy was I ill...

Never again :)

Hope the liver feels better soon.



Well, the Spanish beach part sounds good.

I have a new life experience now. That will be the last time, I'm sure.

I hope you are feeling better. It was really great to meet you.


Feeling much better, thanks. You all were great, and I really appreciate being taken care of. :)

The good thing is you didn't have to eat the hots. That would have been much worse. Get better my friend.


Yeah, it probably would have been. Feeling great today.


That is a lot of shots! I would have been drunk by the second one. Is it whiskey shots?

If you grab a bottle of milk thistle supplements it'll restore whatever liver damage took place.


Ah, that's a good idea. Thanks!

the journey of your life is amazing, you can change it all for the better.

That's a huge amount of alcohol I'm glad you are ok now

Oh gosh! Alcohol poisoning is never any fun!! That does look like one hell of a night though! haha I think that many shots would have knocked out a full grown bear... haha

I have never been drunk in my life. At the moment I feel my thinking feels heavy I just stop, I only drink a cider once in a while.

Once (many years ago) won a tequila drinking contest..and regretted it!