Life is beautiful

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Life is beautiful if we learn to accept it and challenge our minds to be the best that we can be, the world offer us opportunities that come and go and we have to learn to reach out and take them. In this fast world we tend to chase the next best thing that we forget to live and enjoy the simple things that make life what it is, we miss the smile that children offer with the purest of heart, the beauty that nature provide, the kindness that strangers offer and the simple things that make life worth living
we need to slow down and at time stopped and shut down everything just to smell the fresh air , feel the rain , chat with a stranger, watch birds fly, think of nothing but whats before us.Live free and laugh carelessly. dance like no one is watching and feel like a child again

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Technology has made believe that their is nothing out there but the reality is further from the truth, we have become hollow yet the things we seek are just next to us,we seek relationship and approval from stranger in social media while our friends and family stand next to us, we present perfect pictures of our lives while we are dying inside of pain and loneliness. We show the world that we are a success but we fail deeply in our private live. we need to put our phones away and embrace the lover next to us, the companion we seek in others is next to us yet we are so blind to see it

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One of the advice i was once given was that once in a while you shut down everything and travel to a place that you have never been before, i took this advice and it did wonders , to see a new and beautiful place, experience the hospitality of different cultures from mine, eat food that i have never eaten before and just soak in the aura of that place was relaxing and mind blowing. I realized how little i knew and made it an annual event in my life. You should try this once in a while

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We have one life to live so why spent it in one place? Make memories that will last you a life time and see things that you will tell your children and grandchildren about, of life adventures beyond you and fill your life with the best life has to offer. But the best thing you can do is to serve humanity to the best of your ability. Sometimes you dont have to do a big thing but do small things in a big way, do something for someone who will never repay you and make their day memorable. We have one life to live so live it and live a mark that will be remembered after you are gone


Life is beautifulI have always thought that these post are so necessary to keep us motivated, life so short, we embitter everything and enjoy so little. Life is great and we do not know half of this word. Thank you.

true life is short so make the most of it and love those who love you the most and live to the fullest

is amazing to see people being positive about life, but my experience says life can be a bitch, and kick you harder every day, i hope to leave this hole some day and start to have reasons to be positive, nice post

that is the spirit living our lives the way it was meant to be lived

Amazing post!Life is really beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

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life is beautiful if we take the simplest things important as well not just the big things. most people in todays world tend to forget about the simple things and lay emphasis on big things like living a luxurious life often,doing that everyone follows that path and we tend to forget about love, about smiles,peace and harmony which makes life itself beautiful. pursuing the bigger things always,i'm not saying its wrong but sometimes it brings competition,envy,jealousy and hatred as people tend to compete or what to do better then other because of taking bigger things always. i agree to this post.

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nice post:) follow you

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