Ayahuasca : This Powerful Ancient Medicine Helped Me Lose My Fear Of Death - Drinking My First Brew!

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BOOM....!!! It hit me as I fell to my knees, the medicine electrifying my system! I felt incredible, as if I could see and touch the fabric of the universe around me. This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and it was to change my life!

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What Is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an ancient traditional medicine from the Amazon jungle. The brew is usually drunk with a shaman in a tradition that is hundreds, if not thousands of years old. There are different types of ayahuasca brews using different ingredients.

One of the main active ingredients in the ayahuasca brew is Dimethyltryptamine or DMT which some believe is a naturally occurring chemical produced within our brains. DMT is an extremely potent psychedelic and the first time I heard it described was as "the everest of psychedelics".

I first read about DMT in Graham Hancock's excellent 2005 book Supernatural- Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind and later with Dr Rick Strassman's book DMT : The Spirit Molecule. Both are worth reading!

What I read in these books did not inspire me to want to drink ayahuasca. Honestly the descriptions scared me and this was a medicine I thought I would never try. I could not have been more wrong in my preconception and this was to become a valuable life lesson!

The discussion of ayahuasca and DMT is extremely interesting and deserves its own post but here I just want to describe my initial experience with it!

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How I Came To Drink Ayahuasca The First Time

Although I had read about ayahuasca I was not sure I wanted to try it. At this period of my life I was living in Australia and practicing Bikram Yoga daily. The hot yoga community is full of interesting people and it was while talking with them I got invited to join an ayahuasca ceremony. I agreed and later that week I found myself driving out of the city to a country town to drink my first ayahuasca brew.

My companions on that trip were two incredible women who were older and wiser than I was. In the darkness we arrived at a beautiful house built on the edge of a steep valley. The house was wonderfully decorated with candles, incense, instruments and artefacts from around the world. Everyone was dressed in white.

As I entered the room I introduced myself to the group and presented the shaman with the crystals and incense I had brought as gifts. Our guide for the ceremony was a white Australian man with blond hair who was about 40 years old. He had smiling eyes and I liked him from the moment I met him!


The Ceremony

The shaman made us sit in a circle with men on one side of the room and women on the other. He explained that we would each shortly be given a drink of the ayahuasca he had brewed and then he would be playing the instruments to give us sound healing.

He told us frankly that we might get sick and there were buckets for us to use if we needed. There were also two toilets in the house. He informed us that 2 hours after the first drink those of us who wanted could have a second dose.

I will never forget my first taste of ayahuasca. It looked brown in the candle light and was thick and foul. The only way I can describe it is dragon's blood or perhaps the blood of the jungle. Disgusting. After my first drink the shaman began his sound healing. He was an extremely talented musician and played wonderful music with many instruments.

I did not feel very much from the first dose so when we were offered a second dose I took it. There was more music and I felt a light psychedelic effect. During a lull in the music I quietly asked the shaman if I could have a third dose. He thought for a minute and then took me to another room and gave it to me. Soon the effects were beginning to become more pronounced but I still didn't feel I had drunk enough.

Again I quietly asked for another dose - the fourth! The shaman told me that three doses was already a lot and he was not going to give me another. I thanked him saying that I agreed with whatever he thought was best. Ten minutes later he came to me and motioned to join him again in the other room. He whispered that he had thought about it and the medicine had told him that I should have another dose. I drank the dragon's blood for a fourth time and lay back down on my mat...

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Very soon I knew I was going to be violently sick so I stumbled to the toilet. I fell to my knees and vomited. At the same time the ayahuasca hit me... Booooom! Wow!!

I was smiling as I vomited because I could see the fabric of the universe around me. I could touch it! I purged extensively out of both ends of my body with a massive sloppy grin on my face. When I was completely empty I went back to my mat in the main room.

I had completely emptied my body in a way I had never experienced before. This is known as the purge and I felt wonderful - light and detoxified. As I had been practicing a lot of yoga at the timeI entered into child's pose and because I was so empty I was able to curl into the smallest ball I have ever been in. It was fantastic!

Later as the shaman played the didgeridoo over me and the vibrations passed through my body I had the most incredible revelation:

The medicine told me that this was what it was like to die and there was no need to fear death ever again!

Needless to say this was incredible knowledge.

At some point I felt the outdoors calling me and went out for a walk in the clear cold night. This has been something that I have always been inclined to do in every ayahuasca experience since then. While outside I saw our shaman smoking cannabis. He told me that for some people the combination was very useful, for others not. Energised I returned to the warmth of the house and spent the rest of the night in the most blissful and peaceful psychedelic reverie.

In the morning I felt no hangover and no sense of fatigue. As a group we all discussed our experiences and shared a wonderful home cooked meal together. The entire experience was incredible and I already knew I would drink the medicine again!

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Where Can You Do Ayahuasca?

The traditional home of ayahuasca is the amazon jungle and there are many places offering ayahuasca ceremonies in South America. However shamans have begun to take the knowledge of this amazing medicine out to the wider world and it can now be found in many countries. Ayahuasca's legal situation is somewhat vague so it is mostly an underground scene.

The ayahuasca community is big and growing larger. I have been reliably told that in the Australian state of Victoria there can be an ayahuasca ceremony almost every night of the year. There is a Brazilian church called Santo Daime which is legally allowed to use an ayahuasca preparation during their religious practices in Australia, the US, Brazil and other parts of the world but I have never participated.

Ayahuasca is an incredible experience that I believe everyone would benefit from. There appears to be no danger from toxicity or addiction and I have even had friends of mine who are in AA and NA participating in the ceremonies. The healing properties of ayahuasca are phenomenal, healing emotionally as well as spiritually.

Of the over 300 people I have done ceremonies with each one had a positive experience and all said that if possible they would drink the medicine again. The experience can be trying but is very valuable! I have even heard reports of ayahuasca naturally treating people with addiction issues.

If you want to try ayahuasca I would just caution that you need to be safe and it is wise to choose a shaman who has good energy and lots of experience. I have heard stories of substandard shamans not being strong enough to hold the space well.

Fundamentally I suggest that everyone should try this amazing healing brew and I would love to hear your personal experiences! =)

Further research on ayahuasca and DMT can be found here:

  1. Supernatural- Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind
  2. DMT : The Spirit Molecule
  3. The New Age Of Ayahuasca
  4. Metamorphosis- Ayahuasca Documentary

Images courtesy of: 1 - work by the amazing psychedelic artist Alex Grey, 2, 3, 4, 5,

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Awesome story! I myself have only tried the pure substance. The brew seems to be something you can easier work with since it lasts much longer. I gotta find a way to participate in one of these ceremonies...

Thank you for you comment! Yes search it out... drinking the medicine is the best way! Good luck! Upvoted and followed! =)

I love this kind of stories. Great experience. I was asking myself whole life (and still am) what kind of spiritual life plants experience? If they can help people to have eye opening experience, how their everyday looks like? Are they high all the time? :) LOL

Hahaha! Perhaps so! Upvoted and followed! =)

I also wanted to explore.

It is amazing! =)

That bit about what death is like was very interesting to me. I have not tried any psychedelics yet, but I have been reading extensively about DMT, LSD, Shrooms and Ayahuasca for the last few years, and I find it fascinating reading people's experiences with these substances.

Yes it is amazing stuff! It is very wise of you to do your research first! Upvoted! =)

Btw, when did you do your ceremony?

That first one was maybe 5 years ago. =)

How about your most recent one? How many ceremonies it total have you completed so far?

Lost count mate! ;-)

Great answer! :-)

Very Interesting

I am glad you liked it! =)

Thank you I love ayahuasca art! I will check it now! =) Upvoted!

The Native American Church can legally do ayahuasca ceremonies in the US. You have to join.

Thank you for your interesting comment! The church does not exist in the part of the world I live in! Upvoted! =)

Thank you for the upvote! Maybe some of the US people will see the comment.

I hope so! Upvoted again! =)

Thank you so much!

Where is the church at?

The Native American Church is all over the US. The one closest to me is in Kentucky. It is called Peaceful Mountain Way Native American Church. You should be able to google it. They can assist you in getting approval in the NAC for a nominal fee.
They are very nice there. I haven't been yet but I had a long phone conversation with the man who facilitates the ceremonies.

Thank you for sharing this information! =)

Ayahuasca has always been interesting to me and we have had many discussion about it with @inity. I personally have never tried anything else than cannabis but I'm open minded for things that comes from the nature. There is certain point in understanding yourself and your place in universe what is pretty hard to pass without letting your mind free and I believe psychedelics might help with that.

Very interesting post and nice story! I like you and your way of living! :)

Upvoted & resteemed!

Thank you so much for your excellent comment! I have lead a very wild and crazy life! it has been amazing! I believe there is a big differences from substances that come from the farm and those that come from the lab. Psychedelics are very a powerful and ancient part of human culture.... There are ancient cave paintings with psychedelic mushrooms. Terrence McKenna's Stoned Ape Theory makes the point that perhaps they are responsible for religion, art and culture! These substances are found around the world and are always integral to cultures.... an excellent topic for a post! Upvoted mate! =)

That was a great story and great experience i hope.
I have experienced something like Ayahasca but was a little bit different. I hadn't to drink nothing, it happend from the pain that I was feeling in my soul.
Thank you for sharing your experience for us.
Great job done!

What a heartfelt comment! Thank you! Upvoted! =)

Many of my friends (some from the circle of Alex Grey, whose illustration you use on top) are into this. Myself, never having taken drugs, I am too chicken to try, but also I adhere to a principle in my art, as Dali said: "I am the Drug". I had never found it very difficult to meditate myself into a state of higher consciousness, and when I create art, the process in itself serves a gateway. In fact when my work has progressed to the point where I can see that it is near completion, I lose interest. That's one of the reasons I have so many unfinished works around. The process is the trip for me, the finish is just work.

Thank you for your wonderful comment! Great name! Upvoted and followed! =)

I would love to have that kind of experience.

Give it a go mate! =)

I too have tried #DMT and found it to be a mind blowing experience. It opens you up to the vastness and the beuty of this universe and others. You awaken connected to everything around you , time stands still and you Are in the #Moment Upvoted , resteemed and I followed you. Keep on Steeming

i want to drink some

Be prepared for a very strong taste! ;-)

I also need to try this but feels like it may be drugs.
Anyways very nice post, Upvote and a follow from my side :)

Thanks! It is considered a drug but many people think that it is intrinsic to our bodies so is not a foreign substance. I feel that is very likely true! Give it a go if you get the chance! Thanks buddy! =)

I am very familiar with La Madre but would not recommend her to anybody. It is not for everybody. Every journey is different, do not rely too much on what you hear. The Ayahuasca call will occur you if you are desperate enough. One must want and seek Her healing. It is not recreational. But overall, yes, the Medicine will make confront your inner fears, that is why She has healing properties. No pain no gain so to speak... My rapport with La Madre is very Sacred Geometry oriented.

Thanks for sharing

There are several excellent retreats in Costa Rica for people who do not want to go as far as Peru
yes, I concur, indeed there are legal ayahuasca churchs in the USA

Thank you for your comment! I have spoken to people who had some tough experiences but all agreed they were positive... Strangely for me every experience has been positive and enjoyable... I would go so far as to say that I enjoy them so much I think of them as recreational... I know this sounds strange but it is the truth for me... We are all different! Thank you again for your comment! =)

Most, if not all experiences, are positive in the end. There are tough for the majority, but like I say it is worth going through it for the healing. Graham Hancock speaks the same way. Well very often, She puts you in that 'tight' place and you can only surrender and let go the ego. But any genuine shaman will not recommend the brew to everybody. The call to seek healing has to be strong first. It is a Medicinal Spirit -- and an out of body experience -- after all. And if there are say, 10% of users who can look at it more recreationally, it is all good for me but exceptions do not make the rule.

There must be a reason as why you need a 3rd/4th dose because 2 are generally enough even for the most experienced journeyer. My partner can drink as much brew and still feel a very he could get more. You and him are definitely exceptions.

Thank you for your comment! I agree we are all different... aya is powerful medicine and needs to be taken with care! Upvoted and followed! =)

@jockey great post upvoted and followed .. my husband and I traveled to the Amazon and stayed with the Bird People and he took Ayahusca .. I was instructed as a guide...I still remember chasing my husband through the Amazon jungle.. you have a great photo from the ceremony you went to... I laughed when I read you asked for the third dose.. :) nice to meet you.

I actually asked and got a 4th dose! LOL! It was amazing.... I have not been to the Amazon myself yet but I will go soon... My wonderful mother has agreed to join me! =) The title picture on my post is from the very famous and amazing artist Alex Grey. I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with him a few times! =) Nice to meet you too! =)

wow .. you met Alex Grey.. I have enjoyed his work for many years.
You Mom is adventuresome too

Extremely interesting, but also scary. I will investigate it more. Thanks for your information.

You are very welcome! =)

Btw I uploaded a nice Photo.

Very interesting stuff. I gotta try Ayahuasca.

I hope you enjoy it! I find it amazing! =)

good stuff..... please follow me... I followed you.....

Thank you! =)

Great !
I am receiving alternative medicine now in hospital. Please check my last post and suggest me the best !!

Thank you for your comment! I will check! Upvoted and maybe I will follow after I check the post! =)

Thank you so much @jockey !

nice post! great story!

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