The Good Things, I Get to Enjoy During the Quarantine Time.

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I am so enjoying this gorgeous Spring so far, especially while staying at home during this Quarantine, which I try to make the best out of it, and so far I must say, no complaints and actually enjoying my time with my family and having the time to do some changes in my life and do a lot of self-improvement/development while reading more books, meditating and bunch of other good things.

I guess, the weather is really helping, since the days are brighter, longer and warmer. It was actually really warm today. It was like 20 degrees, which was awesome.
In the morning, around 7:30 am after having some coffee and breakfast with my husband, I opened the door and the air was warm and fresh and the sun was so beautiful that I just had to sit outside for bit. While sitting there with the sun shining on me, I was just so amazed by all the beautiful birds singing.
Right away I felt so blessed and so relaxed and really so grateful that I can see this beautiful nature and be able to hear the beautiful birds singing.

The next thing I got to do was read a book (which I am reading daily) which is probably the best book that I have read and I think that everyone should read it. It's called "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson, and it's absolutely brilliant and that is what made me really want to do some changes in my life and the timing couldn't be more perfect to do some changes in your life.


I also like to do some meditating first thing in the morning and of course.
I also make sure we all get our daily supplements and nutrition throughout the day to keep us healthy.


After I do all the morning things, which are a must because my brain is wide awake and a lot of times if I don't do these things in the morning, then the chances are I might not get to them later on in the day, especially in the evening, when I feel too tired.

Then my daily exercise which is usually around 45 minutes where I sweat all of my toxins and makes me feel amazing and energized for the whole day, even though it is so tough to get started sometimes and you really want to make excuses not to, but there are no excuses. Not in my new life. Hehe. Let's just hope I can keep that up.

After exercise, we usually have some lunch with some more healthy supplements and nutrition and then we go outside in nature for a 30-min to an hour walk, which is a must for me. I am not the best me, when I don't get my time with nature, at least for 20 minutes.




The rest of the day is working on Steemit and other projects I have been trying to work on and just spending it with my amazing family, which mean everything to me.

And of course drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep or at least good sleep is also something I have been improving in which is also very important for our overall health and well being.

So these are usually what my days look like now, with small changes everyday, but most of my first half of days are pretty much the same, which are very important to me in order to have a productive, happy, day.

Would love to hear how you are spending your Quarantine days and how you feel about it. What are the things that motivate you during this time and what are your ways to try to stay healthy etc.
Love @joalvarez.

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Great job, well done . Good for you..

It is great to know a little about your positive life .. If the quarantine continues for an additional 30 days, a third world war will occur between me and my wife
I wish good health for you and your family @joalvarez

Hi @Yagoub. What a great surprise. I have missed you.
I just saw your post, and it breaks my heart to hear this terrible news about your beautiful son.
I don't know how anyone can go through such terrible loss, but I know you were always tough and strong and you need to stay strong for your son, even now. That is what he would want.

Wish you and your wife good health and strength and peace. Please take care and stay strong.
Are you on Hive? This is where most of us moved to and I hope to see you there.