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@familyprotection @markwhittam @canadian-coconut need your help and support!

We have started a support group for families who need help with protecting themselves against CPS/Social Services and other government agencies who are so quick to split families up and place the children in foster care/care homes all in the name of 'Child Protection'.

What will @familyprotection offer in the way of protection?

  • First and foremost we are a support group, we will offer support to families who feel threatened and alone.

  • We will offer legal advice and guidance for families who find themselves backed up in a corner by the CPS.

  • We may one day be able to offer funds for people to have their say in a courtroom or escape.

  • Once enough people are on board we will be able to connect the right people to the right help they need, in the area they live.

  • We will offer peace of mind, just knowing a group like this exists can be enough to make people feel safer.

I, Mark ( @markwhittam) and Linda ( @canadian-coconut ) are very passionate and driven to help people who are going through hell at the hands of the CPS.
The reason for this passion is we have both witnessed first-hand how these agencies operate and how they threaten, intimidate and trick families who in most cases are innocent of any wrongdoing. For these reasons Linda and I will do our utmost to make this project a success;

  • we will promote and take care of the @familyprotection account.

  • we will raise funds through posting, fundraising and investing.

  • we will resteem and support any post that is relative to this cause with the #familyprotection tag.

  • we will research and investigate stories of injustices caused by the CPS.

For this project to really make a difference in the world we need all the help we can get.

Whilst we are very passionate and driven to make this work, we can not do this alone and we don't have all the answers;

  • We need help from people who have experience and knowledge and can offer legal advice to families in need.

  • We need people to help us spread awareness, to write posts that can warn people of this problem we are faced with.

  • We will need help raising funds

If you would like to help but want to remain anonymous, contact [email protected]

If you want to stay anonymous, we can post for you. Simply send me a markdown copy and we will post it under the @familyprotection account.

We are currently working on a way to reward people who write for the @familyprotection account.

Please help in anyway you can, together we can spread awarness, together we can offer help and support to families in need, together we can help put an end to the suffering so many loving families are going through all over the world.

Believe in family protection,
Support family protection,
Be a part of Family Protection.



I have donated my time to the @familyprotection project by writing this post, after upvoting the family protection post you are welcome to tip the writer (me) by upvoting this comment.

Thank you.

You are doing great work mate, was great listening to you and @canadian-cocobut yesterday on the whaletank! You can always count on me as support for this great project!
Wish you all the best and thanks so much for setting up this project!

Well done Mark... Linda mentioned to me that @FamilyProtection was starting up.

I think it's Great You Both are raising awareness & actually doing something to resolve the issues !!

Cheers !!

It's my pleasure, @markwhittam. Keep up the good work! @ironshield

I really hope the hapless people whose families are being attacked by CPS are able to get help from you, and from any quarter, at all.

TX Fathers for Equal Rights, and Dads Against Discrimination helped me long ago. My ex tried to use CPS against me to gain custody, and lost her parental rights.

I am a very lonely statistic!


Hello Mark, Linda
You have my 100% vote and support.
Keep up the great work.

Linda is a very good person, I always looked forward to her articles on vaccines. I will be happy to donate 20 SBD if it will help. I homeschooled my kids in the 90's and no stranger to harassment from CPS. I wrote some articles about CPS involvement in child sex trafficking... the case of the "suicides" of Nancy Schaefer and her husband.

Thank-you! I am glad that you are onboard with this project, and yes, any donation you make will be very much welcomed!

You're one of my first follows here on Steemit. Your posts on vaccines are superb- thorough and well written! I'm happy to help do I send the SBD to you directly or to @familyprotection?

Thank-you! The funds were received.

Thank you... If there's any other way I can help just let me know.

Directly to the @familyprotection account please.

I haven't had to deal with CPS with my children but I was a foster kid and the system does not care about the well being of children. All it cares about is keeping the status quo. A friend of mine ex-husband used CPS to threaten and harass during custody. I don't have any experience with this body but I will support you all anyway I can. I don't think family court or CPS are based on constitutional law....So many good people that aren't cooking crank in their house are abused by the government.

What a wonderful thing you are doing. I have to admit I am a non-vaxx and a homeschool parent and there are times that I worry and feel I have to be vigilante although I believe I am doing everything right, right now. I have heard so many stories and I am part of a couple of non-vaxx groups and they tell you how to act and respond, but sometimes you just don't think about it.

This is such a wonderful thing you are doing and what you are doing will certainly make a difference.

I love this, I know several families that have had their rights abused by CPA and I will see if I can share a story or two from them in the near future. For now I have up voted and re steemd! Keep up the good work.

@familyprotection this is the kind of project that should have collaborative peer networks worldwide.
Everywhere I look I see governments indoctrinating and/or kidnapping children.

Upvoted, followed and resteemed! I will assist if I can! Keep up the great work!

Good luck with such a hard endeavor. @cleverbot social inequality starts with the family.

Always here as a great supporter of #familyprotection my friend! My vote is really very little, but still happy to contribute to this amazing project.
Sent a small donation in your wallet.

If you think you are a good person but learn there is systemic violence against children and do nothing, well, you're not very good.

Until all children are safe, no children are safe. A society that let's its orphans fall into the hands of abusers is no more civilized than cave people.

But ours is worse, consider the story of Devani.

I'm glad to see that you found your way here to @familyprotection

Thanks for joining forces with us!

Great things are not done alone. If not us, then who? I support Your idea of helping these families. This is a good and necessary thing. In life a lot of injustice. Not everyone can resist it. But everyone should know that help will come. If I can be useful, I am always ready to take part in this action.

action #kindness from @madlenfox

best of luck and thank you for this endeavor, @familyprotection @markwhittam @canadian-coconut...

It seems to me, the only protecting that is going on within the governments child protection services is the checks that the families are getting for taking on children and treating them horribly. I have a friend whose daughter died in the care of CPS. May God bless your future endeavors.

Great post and what a wonderful organization!

I don't think I have anything to offer, so the best I can do is re-steem for greater visibility. Good luck and much success!

I wrote this fiction story, based Very Briefly on our own life experiences, ......about CPS and family rights and love

Titled: Tiny House, Infinite Love

I am donating SBD I get to @familyprotection. I hope it will be enough to help!!

This post has received a 35.69 % upvote from @upgoater thanks to: @sacred-agent.

I'm happy to see this coming together. @ironshield

Thanks @familyprotection your dreams and your efforts are very bright with good intentions and your sincerity to do good your business will be successful, I am sure that if your business is accompanied with your good intentions and your sincerity, your efforts and aspirations will get much support people, you deserve an appreciation for what you have earned. continue....

very interesting to tell something about the family, whether we can come too. thank you @teukukhaidir

Good work. I'll resteem.

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interesting, very useful. i like your posts. I am from Indonesia warm greetings from me

I was touched by this post and I promise to re-write it for my community in Steemit. I will write in English and Bahasa Indonesia. I think many Steemians will support the project proposed by Mark @markwhittam and Linda @canadian-coconut.

I can contribute in this project by writing about #familyprotection in Steemit because I have no much money yet. All the best for both of you.
Regard from Aceh Province, Indonesia.

This is great to have out here on steemit. I will be supporting you. CPS is always something that we used to keep an eye out for in the States.

This is great to have out here on steemit. I will be supporting you. CPS is always something that we used to keep an eye out for in the States.

I have given my opportunity to the @familyprotection venture by composing this post, in the wake of upvoting the family insurance present you are welcome on tip the essayist (me) by upvoting this remark.

Much obliged to you.

This is a great initiative @familyprotection
I want to be a part of this

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