Tuesday of legend And stories "Learn to love what you have"

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Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Tuesday, the day in which my blog becomes mystical and magical, it is time to pause and enjoy a reading with the charm of a legend, natural or supernatural facts of life, magical episodes that our grandparents told us, or that loving reading that our parents gave us before sleeping. I invite you to travel through time and enjoy a beautiful legend as we did in our childhood.



Life is a true mystery, you never know what awaits you, Not everyone has to live in the same way. The truth is that we go around the world avoiding obstacles and choosing roads, paths that lead to happiness, we do many things in search of this satisfactory feeling, we invest time in money looking for happiness and many times we have them very close to us and we do not we take for granted, happiness can be with you, you just have to be able to see it.

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Today's story will take us to a magical and incredible place Cuba! A beautiful place full of mysticism and history. This story is inspired by the story of the "Lottery" is about a person who spends his life thinking that it would be time to be a millionaire, but does nothing to be, rather than spend the little money in the game, a beautiful story with a great teaching.


Many years ago in the city of Viñales- Cuba a couple was established, with some savings they were able to buy a few hectares of land and a small ranch to live in, the couple lacked university degrees, farmers by trade.


A very hardworking couple, from an early age they were dedicated to till their land, they prepared the land to guarantee a successful harvest, in this profession there is no margin of error, the harvest is annual, an error could be catastrophic, since they had to wait for everything one year until the next harvest.

Something that never happened because of the great knowledge that they had about the administration of the garden, it was time to harvest, the cereal harvest was successful, the price received by kilograms was more than satisfactory, after paying all the commitments, they left a good sum of money that would serve to live without problems throughout the year. The man in charge of managing the money was the man of the house.

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This man had some illusion and certainty, at some point in their lives they would be millionaires, for this reason every day he spent money from his savings on a "lottery" ticket, to be honest, he had never won anything in his life, not even He was close to achieving it, as the popular saying says: Hope in the last thing that is lost! for this reason every day he spent money in the game.


Like every afternoon and after finishing work, he took money and went to the agency of the pool, this time he chose a different number than the one he played every day, the night before he dreamed that with that number of the lottery he became the creditor of the first prize.



Such was his conviction that when he returned home he commented with his wife what happened.


  • My love, I have excellent news to tell you!

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  • Tell me old. What happened? His wife asked


-Last night while I was sleeping I had a very real dream, I dreamed that I changed my betting number, the one that I play all my life for another that won me the first prize.

  • Good old man! What did you do?


-I just returned from the agency and played all the money we had saved, with what we earn we will be millionaire, you will not have to work more in the garden and I will only do it for fun, because with the money earned, I would not have the need to work.


-What good news! If you really win the pool, I promise we will change all our furniture, these old furniture I set fire in the middle of the patio.


The very happy wife prepared a table under a tree and very happy they shared some mates, neither of them thought about the money wagered, what would happen if the number played did not come out? They would run out of money and some months were left until the next harvest.

The next morning the husband told his wife that they would take that day off at work and that he would travel to the city of Cuba to receive the news of the first prize and if he won, he would call the concierge of the best hotel, to travel to the city and spend a night full of luxury.

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As planned, the man traveled to the city convinced that they would be millionaires that day, arrived at the center of the official pool minutes before the raffle began, settled at a table and ordered a cold drink, which he planned to pay with everything the money he would earn.


The raffle started and when singing the first prize the man jumped out of joy, the singing girl named his lucky number, very excited he put his hand in his pocket and took the lottery ticket, to his surprise it did not correspond to the one that had played, you work from the number you used to play.

He could not believe his bad luck, it was so much his anguish that he had a heart attack, the people who were in the place, called an emergency and interned him in a hospital in the city, the concierge of the hospital communicated with the wife, said that he called on behalf of her husband and that please come to the city, at no time did not mention the situation of the husband, did not want to worry in advance .

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The woman faithful to her word, took all the old furniture and set them on fire, she changed and traveled to the city, when she arrived it seemed to her that there was an error in the address, she traveled with the intention of finding the most luxurious hotel in the city. In her place there was an old hospital, she finally found out that her husband was interned there.


The man was hospitalized for several months, luckily there had been no sequelae of the heart attack, he could integrate to work quickly, just for the harvest season.

The marriage never talked about what happened with the last play of the pool, this year was very lucky, the field had produced twice as much cereal as other seasons, they won a lot of money, they reached to buy new furniture for the home, from there Never again was a penny invested in the juice.

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Marriage learned to love what they had!


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"Learn to love what you have"

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