Don't Be Comfortable

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It can be really easy to get comfortable in our day-to-day life. Once we find a basic routine (and often times we really just 'fall' into whatever routine works first which is a very random and undeliberate creation) it can be very hard to get out of it.

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I mentioned in one of my first posts on Steemit that when we want to do something new, we are not only learning a new skill or habit but also un-learning the old one. Un-learning an old habit is significantly harder than learning a new one and one of the primary overlooked reasons for failure in this area.

Once we get comfortable in our routine, our mind begins to relax to a certain extent. This happens because we no longer feel the need to be alert and on the lookout for new events that could impact us. After all we do this most, if not every day, right? You think you know exactly what to expect.

It is in these moments when our mind is relaxed that hold the highest probability of something unexpected happening

Obviously, this is not because a light bulb goes off somewhere and then the world decides to fuck with you (although it can sometimes feel that way). It's simply because we became comfortable. We stopped being alert for new opportunities and new potential risks and opened the door for basically anything that wasn't currently apart of our day to throw us off. We succumbed to the dangerous thought pattern that everything will just stay the same as it is now until the day you die.

Nothing will ever stay the same, at least not for very long.

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When we become comfortable, it is very much a false sense. It is our habitually pattern creating mind becoming suckered in to a black and white way of thinking; that this is the way that things are and they are here to stay.

There are 2 reasons why you might fall into this dangerous headspace:

  1. You want things to stay the same
  2. You feel as if you are stuck and have a lack of options

Firstly, if you are simply happy with how things are going and you want everything to stay the same, I say tough luck. The world is constantly changing and evolving, and your life will be changed sooner than you think. You can enjoy where you are now, but don't ever become comfortable with where you are. You are simply setting yourself up for failure when things inevitably change.

Secondly, you always have more options than you tend to believe. If you become comfortable because you feel you have no choice, you immediately cut off any hope of catching an opportunity to improve your life as you will no longer be looking for it.

I'll say it again - The moments where we feel most comfortable hold the highest probability of something unexpected happening.

Always be prepared for change.

Thank you for reading!

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@jeremyc this is a great post. I am of the belief that life needs to be UNcomfortable on a consistent basis to grow and truly progress in ones own personality. upvoted,resteemed,and commented

Thanks mate and I 100% agree! Appreciate the support :)

great article! I have been working toward being comfortable being uncomfortable :)

Thank you! Well done keep persisting :)

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Nice dude, this is great! Thanks for accepting the small changes I suggested, I was a bit slow off the mark, but if you keep up with this quality you'll be an easy application for curie.

Being comfortable is literally the most uncomfortable feeling for me. If I'm not improving on yesterday I actually feel terrible. I'm not scared of change or chaos, in fact, a twisted part of me embraces the craziness, but confusingly, I'm often overwhelmed by too much change at once. It's all very complex.

That's great mate, you're one of the few that avoids comfort!

No problem about the changes, i'll just keep doing what I do and if you think anything makes the cut then all good haha