Be The Truest Most Authentic Version Of Yourself

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In my last post here on Steemit, "Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol And Will Never Drink Again", I discussed how much alcohol limited me over the years.

One of the biggest ways was in how I never felt like I was truly being myself.

I was either limited by the cult(ure)/matrix/society in not expressing myself... and when I wasn't doing that, the alcohol was reducing my self confidence and also limiting me from feeling confident enough to be the most authentic version of myself.

Some people who have followed me for years might say, "You express yourself more than most people I know!"

And, that might be the case. But in many ways I was limiting myself dramatically. Those who have been following me have likely noticed the changes over the last few months as I quit smoking, became a raw vegan/fruitarian and stopped drinking while I was at home.

I began to come out of my shell a bit. I felt confident in just being me. I felt like, "This is how I feel and I don't care what you think about me, I'm going to say it goddamit!"

And now that I have fully stopped drinking I have reached a new level of confidence. I am finally becoming comfortable in my own skin.

I recently walked the depressing streets of Las Vegas while I discussed how important it is that all of us be the truest and most authentic version of ourselves. We are all special. And the machine/matrix/cult(ure) doesn't want you to express that. It wants us all to be the same... to be bots in the machine.

Here's my take on why we all need to express ourselves to the world and why it's never been more important:

Follow me here on Steemit as I do my daily "walk n talks", sometimes with anarcho-dogs, sometimes without, from various locations on Earth.

Next I'll discuss the person we all need to get to know the most... ourselves.

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Woohoo ... there you go man! Glad to see that you received some help thanks to @jeffberwick and @dollarvigilante !

Now, I'm curious if Jeff will show off his voting power on this comment as well ...


thanks man its hard for me to ask for help but i need it . I never did it before but personal circumstances forced me to do it right now. You know i got family and i believe i can find another job fast even if there is 10% of unemployment.
@dollarvigilante already upvoted my comment, thanks Jeff!


It's amazing how the community can sometimes respond :O


I didn't expect it at all Thank you guys


Mate you came to the right place, this needs more upvotes! Let's help our fella!


Everyone helps here.

very cool for making the change.. this way you can reach more people.. great move

I hear your message. I have no room for any arguments.
Sometimes you meet your master, you listen, you understand their place and point.
There is much wisdom here; so it's great to hear; it's life affirming and it makes me brave.

'to thine own self be true' - Shakespeare


above all else

Jeff, i like this channel as much as the dollarvigilante channel!

Btw. you should take a day off, you look a bit tired!?

You're the man, Jeff

Great post. Love the way u inspires people and how honest and open u are :0) I agree 100%
I also want to thank u for being the one that got me here to steemit :0) I saw a video once and checked this out and got stuck. Best thing ever. This is a great place to be and to meet awsome people.

There are so many things that we don't really know about ourselves and many more that we have been conditioned to believe. It is very important to listen to our bodys and understand how it works. It is amazing to see how much wisdom is inside of us on how our lives could change when we follow our inner messages. Great article; keep up the good work.

Alcohol is poison.


Yes, hence the old adage you get in films where one guy is at the bar and asks his buddy "what's your poison?".
In any event, a bit of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that.
The problem with drinking is that it's more-ish.
The more you consume the more you want.
If you can train yourself to have a glass of wine with a nice steak and not go crazy, then it's quite safe and very enjoyable.


It's the more-ish I had problems with...

Totally agree with you here @jeffberwick ! We all have our own path in life. Nobody can judge that one path is better then the other. We are all pieces of one huge shattered mirror and all we have to do is be true to ourselves.

This way will will see our ourgoing vibration reflecting in the world and the people around us! What you put out is what you get back!!

Thanks Jeff for another great post! What are your thoughts on the Tezos ICO? Will it be a better platform than Ethereum for smart contracts? Your loyal followers here on Steemit want to know. :-)

Don't shorten the videos! I like when you just talk and talk. :) Seen this on You Tube.


Yes he can sure talk, ive been wondering if he is just wandering around stoned and rambling. Good stuff though.

stay positive


Truth is set y freee.

Semen of the demon ...

Upvoted and Resteemed! Finding our authentic selves is the most interesting game.

Hey, your at the RIO :)

I suffered in the past because I tried so hard to hide my personality, when the time came, life pushed me to the ground, but Now I don't give a F*** about people and I'm myself, I do what I love and try to be better every day !

How could you not like this...being your authentic true self is all anyone could ask for...I absolutely love when people call me outspoken or too passionate but I look at it like they think that because they aren't speaking up enough and have limited their passions in their own lives. Thanks for the blog posting.


yes, people hiding thier true selves are BORING!!!! The world will be much more interesting when everyone breaks this matrix mind conditioning to conform. Congrats on living free.

Well said Jeff. Keep up the good work.

Makes perfect sense

you're awesome and you know it @jeffberwick !!
always bringing awesomeness to the World with your inspiring words! keep up bro! 💪
resteemed & upvoted

I think being who you really are may be one of the hardest things to accomplish in life, and also by far the most rewarding.

Congratulations on your breakthrough and on all the positive changes you have been making lately - all of us have an infinite potential for growth and its great seeing you kicking ass like this!

I wonder if Jerry has learned to sit while you are away from home.

It's funny how casual drinking is in our society. Typically when you go to a restaurant, people will order an alcoholic drink. I have nothing against alcohol in moderation, in fact, I love wine and beer on occasions. I stopped drinking for about a year just to focus on my health. Whenever I would go out to bars with friends, there was so much pressure to have a drink. It's totally possible to not drink and still be sociable and have a good time out with people. Good for you for taking a step towards what you want, Jeff!

Love it @jeffberwick , constant messages about "being you" like @craig-grant does too is great for social media, because all social media sites and apps have been a major hub for fake bullshit. Keep it coming!

It's a real pleasure to see you become a role model!

Thank you are very Genius Man.

Really liked your post been listening for a while but never replied as I felt I was just a little new steemian, but truly enjoy your posts thanks.

After reading and resteeming both your posts i just want to day congrats !!! It takes alot to find yourself and then put yourself out there ! Truth is hard to find sometimes. It gets lost in the world and all we see and digest daily. Stand strong and keep your head up jeff ! Ijust recently made the same choice and the clarity is incredidible.

You indeed became a better version of yourself .congrats on quitting drinking !

Your analogy of the cult/ culture sums it all up, for me the hardest part of waking up some years ago was still being surrounded by the culture, can be a lonely place until you become comfortable with your new reality.

At the end, everyone lives in their own perspective of life, so ups and downs are what makes you appreciate everything!

Great p0st @jeffberwick and glad you stuck around with this platform and
also glad you regained your confidence but from my experience, with the ppl in my circle including myself, it's the other way around. We gain confidence when we indulge in "drugs"(alcohol) and 0r "medicine"(herb).
These substances help 0r assist individuals who have insecurity issues and whatever else the case may be!
I drink alcohol but am not a heavy drinker, I puff on the magic-dragon but do not over-puff!
0ver-indulging may have played a vital role in the way you were feeling about yourself. 0ver-indulging can make you start to feel the need for change. It's your body telling you to SLOW DOWN!!! lol
Let me know how you feel on this view, I'll be glad to hear ;)

By the way, I can be confident sober as well. I have no problem quitting these habits! When I'm not doing these habits I still enjoy life. I love getting out for walks to enjoy the sun, I love keeping fit by doing the basics such as Push-ups, sit-ups, reading keeping the mind busy, etc...

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for everything. Because of all you have been posting and I have also become a fruitarian. I first caught on when you interviewed Josh for the first time. I began digging into the info he provided and watch your transformation. I am getting much better. I was at the end of my line and did not know why I was going to make it. Now that you hooking me up with Dr. Morse, I have ordered some of his cures and I am well on my way to enjoying my life again. Thanks for everything!


Im doing the same now too because of jeff. Fruit Rocks!!! Im going to be posting my healing\detox journey on here soon.


Awesome, me too. i need to get a little better first. Still having some issue from detox. Good luck!

Have really been enjoying your walk and talks.. great content and excellent insight into life overall. Have always enjoyed DV and the new @jeffberwick posts are great. Thanks so much!

Vegas is a Matrix hotspot! Mexico has better scenes

extraordinary,,. That change still comes when the will is there .. keep friends.

I agree. I think there is a huge push lately to be authentic and true to yourself. I think society as a whole is being more and more authentic which will make it easier and easier for people to do so. I think I am authentic, but when I feel uncomfortable I just get very quiet and don't really speak much.

Jeff, do you think it will last or is it just a phase?

Resteemed. Hey @jeffberwick have you tried to get guys like Doug Casey and Paul Rosenberg on Steemit?

Awesome. I'm a recovering alcoholic and know all the ins and outs of how this all works. Best thing I ever did was quit. I give my testimony wherever I can to help people see it can happen to anyone. Glad to see your life is better now @jeffberwick . Many Blessings to you sir.

Great point of view, I just can tell from my own experience, that liberating yourself from any bad habit releases a bunch of energy and uncovered potential. I am currently working on an article to present my point of view on the matrix we are living in. It is always a pleasure and enrichment for me to watch your videos.

I kicked the dirty smoking habit a while back and eat alot better the older I get. Great content you provide on here. Thanks for sharing @jeffberwick


I'm doing the same right making yourself the best you can be.


Agree. If you don't start with yourself then you will never find peace. I noticed I started liking myself a little more each day when I made these small changes in my life! :)

very true sir @jeffberwick.
you really inspire me alot.

There are many true things about you—true things you use to build an identity. Parent. Introvert. Victim. Student. Extrovert. Entrepreneur. Single.

These truths can identify you, your successes and failures, your expectations and disappointments, your secret dreams and hidden shames. But what if your true identity isn't found in any of these smaller truths, but in the grand truth of who God says you are? In other words, lots of things are true about you.

The goal is always to work hard to where you want to get , thanks for being a great role model

Welcome to Vegas and good luck in the tournament. I wish I was playing this year but I didn't think I would still be in Vegas at this point. I'm sure with your new discipline with not drinking and smoking you will do better this year. All the best.

Bridget just told me you were in Vegas so I have to watch the video, good luck in the tournament. hopefully you will win and be able to big up steemit ;)

Vegas, baby!

Good luck at the tables tonight!!!

Instead of saying "I'm going all in". Say "I'm going with a 100% upvote!"

Hey Jeff. I laughed at the anecdote about the cars sitting at the traffic light. I often think of that exact situation, and as I can drive through red lights when i know it's safe (mostly when no one is around though).

Although i was unsure how i felt about your blog when you first appeared on steem, I was a little turned off by some of your more absolute statements, I've come to see you as a really interesting dude and appreciate you sharing your insights. It's clear that you have followed your heart and trusted in what you have learned.

I've come to a lot of the same conclusions about amercian culture and "the machine", in my own life, and definitely live with the mentality of creating your own reality. I'm curious if you have any advice on how to become an expat?


I can relate to jeffs "absolute" statements. When your passionate about things you have to believe. The key is being open minded to new information that might prove you wrong, and i believe that is the kind of guy he is.

I really enjoy your "walk & talk" videos. I too quit drinking some years ago and then moved on to a plant based diet. Funny but the most resistance to my new choices have come from family....."can't you have just one glass of wine with me?" When I have explained to them many times that "no I can't, my alcohol off switch is broken...there is no just one for me"....

Ha I wish there was a love button option. I was having just the most down bummer day and now I feel better.
Jeff are you going to do a video on creating your own reality? You kind of mentioned a couple things in there, but I think it would make for a great walk n talk .

Luv the videos - Keep them coming!! :-)

Cool post! Upvoted!


Thanks for the inspiration Jeff! Drinking alcohol SUCKS!

One of your best videos for me, it helped me a lot thank you. (Not saying that for reward)

Thank you for sharing your experience, really changing habits shape us, modify us. I'm a bit shy and it disturbs me with an excellent future, I do not know, maybe my fear harms me.
Either we change our bad habits or bad habits control us, change our emotions and control our lives. Not allowing ourselves to be influenced or addicted to things that do not add value.
Congratulations on your attitude of wanting to change and transform your life. It is a beautiful example to follow.

Very inspirational, I've slowed down on the drinking but still admit I like to enjoy a cold one after a long day but I give you credit, your videos are very inspirational. Always resteem them.


If there was somehow you could avoid having those long days maybe you could quit too. To much stress in the world and we all put it on ourselves for no reason sometimes.

I think cut off smoking is gd too. ^_^

Choose to be truthful with yourself 😊

Actually @Jeffberwick this topic of being your most authentic self, having confidence and not caring what other people think is fairly discussed in the PUA community. As the matter of fact I was introduced to you and your work trough Sasha Daygame aka Alex who's a friend of yours. The PUA community really changed my life and was a gateway for getting me out of the matix. While my path was a long one (I started learning about this way back in 2009), every single step I took made me better person, by deprogramming my mind out of "social conditioning. Maybe you should talk to Alex about these thing more, cause he is a master at social freedom in my mind.

the first step is love yourself... then love your neighbor as you love yourself which brings to mind empathy... being yourself, self confidence, avoid servitude atnd belief in your inert abilities... positivity.

Thanks for this insight @jeffberwick

I love your white beards...reminds me of mine...

Good for y .Been sober for 16 years myself. I DO NOT BELIVE SOBRIETY IS WILLPOWER.

Love your walk and talks, love to hear how you have broken free from the matrix and speak as freely as you do. I do the same only to get shunned or looked at weird, but it;s awesome badass motherfuckers like you that give us all the hope we need when trying not to drown in this sea of sheep...

Thank you so much for everything that you do boss, you're the mentor and leader society needs in order to lead us to the truth, so that we in turn can lead others and so on. You truly are a pioneer in this third industrial revolution

Excellent post!! thank you for sharing + follow up

Life gets so much better once you just focus on yourself and what you want to do and accomplish in life, not worrying about what other people think. Like you said, that only limits yourself from becoming the best possible you. Great post man, you earned a follower.

are you a vigilante?

Hi Jeff my name is Al I watched a bunch of your youtube videos and I agree with every one of them, you are doing an excellent job educating people. As far as not drinking anymore that is also a great thing along with not eating meat. Jeff I also stopped drinking and stopped eating meat. Keep up the great work.

If you know yourself you know the world

I love those posts. I love those thoughts. Jeff I love you. Please check out my latest personal-development post. I hope you like it. Looking forward to more food for thought about ourselves!

Such a great, and positive message in this video. Thanks Jeff, and keep your "walk and talk"

Even at all the gas stations everyone around me is buying and scratching all these tickets. Booze, smoking and gambling are all addictive. In addition gambling is only legal when the state controls it. If we wanted to have a friendly game of poker or some pull tabs for the football games in our basements it would be illegal.. My point is the state has deemed gambling, drugs, pedophilia, guns, prepping and many other things are bad, unless the govt itself is running it.

Good job man! Wish some people in my family could do the same. I love your videos btw. We need a straight up voice in this community 👍🏼✌🏼💸💸

thumbs up Jeff, you're one of the reasons I joined here. You've been quite passionate about this and I dig that.

Man, those are true words!! I've been sober 15 years, and your words just resonate with me!! Absolutely the truth!! Never thought about it in those terms, but the way you articulated it grabbed me. And I realize how true they are!! Thank you Jeff. I'm so very happy to understand myself even better today!

Awesome stuff as usual bro, I've read alot of comments of people starting self improvement stuff because of your vids!

Great video.
I totally agree with getting out there and just doing it. Whatever "your doing it " is.
I joined steemit only a few days ago, and it's because of Jeff talking about it.

If you look at my first post you will see that I quit a full-time job of 15yrs with the Ambulance service, to travel.
I now work, when I want to, and I can live with very little money.

Life is too short!

It is scary to walk out of a full-time job you have done for while, but it's also exhilarating to start to do the things in life you really want to do.

You can do this to!

The 9-5 plan for 40yrs is not the only way to live. There is more to life than just the paycheque.


Right on dude!!! That is awesome what you are doing. Life is good!

@jeffberwick First off I wanted to say thank you! Your content is always entertaining, informative, and honest! Congratulations on kicking the bad habit. I quit smoking 1.5 years ago and it was pretty liberating. I've yet to kick the lite drinking of bourbon......and probably won't for sometime LOL! Nonetheless, congratulations. Followed and upvoted!

Excellent post Jeff. One of your most insightful. Kudos.

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I agree Vegas is depressing . Good to see you discovering your authentic self.
Now I got to know -how are you filming yourself- selfie stick? It's driving me crazy.

Wow you quit smoking, drinking and became a vegan around the same time. Seems like it would take a lot of willpower

Walking in 110 degrees. Your not drinking is giving you endurance. You developed your presence at that table along with your poker face. Carry on.

great man, thanks for sharing

Being the the most true version of yourself is very good so you don't need to keep things you like hidden and you feel more free.

Yes! This is what I was waiting for....GREAT stuff man. Inspiring...everyone has to find their own path, but seeing this is a great way to start my own path, so thank you

Good on you Jeff, it's not an easy thing. Leastways it's easy to start, but it can be difficult to continue. I am six years down the line, no drinking, smoking etc. Best thing I did. I didn't do give it all up for my health, well not my physical health, I was just fed up with the FUD that drinking and smoking was creating in me. Once I stopped, and boy it was hard at the time, things started to change. From meditation to better food, to a clearer version of my own reality, things have sure changed! Onwards and forwards :)

How many weird encounters are you having with friends etc when you don't want a social drink? Found old friends look at me like I've grown an extra head. Or the opposite where they think you were secretly keeping an alcoholic habit from them - you know that the only reason to not drink right ;)

Not drinking is like being an atheist, for some reason everyone insists you explain why.

You da man Jeff! Resteemed. ;)

Good post!

Yes it is time to stop worrying about what others will think because we are all worrying about the same crap anyways. If you are just as scared as me, than maybe there is nothing to be scared of, so just be yourself. Life is much better when you are true to yourself.

For me it was easier to quit than it is to stay away from it. I have to think of it as poison and tell myself it's all part of the flouridated water/chemtrail/gmo depopulation agenda, then i don't want it anymore...hahahahaha

Very good post...I hope you make more :)

I have been a Anachist for about ten years, and didn't even know it, till I started to listen and read your material/blogs, and Mark Passios work. The 2008 crash was my wake up call, and prompted me to do extensive research, and in a short time, go from being a total debt slave and credit junkie. Today I am totally free of the Matrix, in every which way and have also found my true authentic self. Nice to know all of you on the same path. Thanks

Felicitaciones, por dejar atras esa vida ciega que quizas te trajo muchisimos problema, el dejar el alcohol requiere de mucha fuerza de voluntad, conosco hogares destruidos por el alto consumo de estas bebidas.... eres un valiente al reconocer que estabas sumergido en un mundo de mentira,saludos..